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February 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation?

Evaluating the body of reviews for Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation, it is evident that the company fosters a strong reputation for its landscaping and irrigation services. A pattern emerges showing the company's ability to provide quality work, timely completions, and effective communication. Clients have praised the professionalism of both the design teams and the onsite crews, including project managers who are noted for their responsiveness and attentiveness to client feedback and project execution. The detail-oriented approach, from the design sketch phase to the final breakdown of tasks and costs, establishes transparent customer relations and appears to contribute to customer satisfaction. However, it must be noted that there is a particular instance where the after-service support and warranty fulfillment did not meet expectations, indicating some inconsistency that can impact the overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation primarily centers on the professionalism and high-quality service provided by the staff. Designers, project managers, and crews receive commendations for their expertise, responsiveness, and willingness to accommodate client requests. Positive experiences are reinforced by the company's attention to detail and comprehensive itemization of tasks and costs, promoting trust and clarity. The execution of complex projects, including landscaping renovations, irrigation system repairs, and more, is noted as being timely, often finishing within expected timelines, including for additional tasks. Customer experiences are notably enhanced by the friendly and communicative nature of the staff, with particular praise for employees who go 'the extra mile' to ensure client satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Negative customer feedback for Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation, while less frequent, raises concerns about consistency in service quality particularly in aftercare and follow-up responsibilities. One review vividly details the frustration following a small, yet important, sod installation project and the lack of response once issues arose post-service. The concerns were related to the sod remaining dormant and the customer's unsuccessful attempts to contact both the initial point of contact and the company for a resolution. This indicates potential gaps in the company's after-service customer support and highlights the importance of reliable warranty fulfillment. Such instances can tarnish the reputation and trust that the company otherwise strives to build through their exemplary execution of landscape and irrigation projects.

Frequently asked questions about Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation

How does Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation ensure project costs and tasks are clear to clients?

Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation provides detailed itemization of tasks and costs beforehand, offering transparent communication through sketches and cost estimates, which helps clients understand the scope and expenses associated with their projects.

What kind of follow-up support can customers expect from Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation?

While many customers report positive experiences with timely and clear communication, instances have been noted where follow-up support was lacking, particularly concerning warranty issues. It's recommended to discuss follow-up procedures and warranty terms in detail before engaging in services.

Does Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation have a dedicated team for project management and execution?

Yes, Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation employs dedicated project managers who oversee the projects from start to finish, ensuring client feedback is incorporated and communicated effectively with both design and installation teams.

What are customers saying about Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation

Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation
joe simone
6 months ago
This is a review of the Canton Crew! I included before and after pics. Everyone I spoke with is professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely nice people. From Taylor to Hector to Steve and their Amazing Crew that worked in 95* with no complaints! Quality work at a great price. Thank you from Helen and Joe! Service: Sod installation
Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation
Andrew Castillo
4 months ago
I have nothing but positive things to say about Rod, Joseph and the Oasis Crew. We had them come do some major landscaping/backyard renovation after a recent pool removal. This included: Tree/shrub removals, grading entire yard, placing down sod, creating a firepit area, installing irrigation system, and creating a path. Some of the major positive things I will note are: 1. Rod came by to review our yard, after discussing he gave us great designs to decide from. He was flexible in taking feedback from us. We decided to opt out of one part of the design which he quickly provided a new sketch for. 2. Every work/task was itemized for us to review. 3. When they came onsite Joseph (project manager) was communicative throughout the entire process. Since we were having things removed from the yard he ensured they removed what we wanted them to. 4. We came to a point in the project where we wanted additional Sod to cover up more land. Rod and Joseph were quick to generate a cost estimate for the additional work, and we were able to add the additional sod during the same project. 5. Very Timely. They finished the job in a week including the additional work, well within my expectations. I look forward to working with them again in the future! Services: Walkway landscaping, Irrigation system repair & maintenance, Landscape installations, Grading & resloping, Yard landscaping, Yard grading, Mulching, Sod installation, Landscaping maintenance, Landscape design, Yard drainage, Yard work
Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation
Nipa Baig
6 months ago
Oasis completed a full renovation of our backyard after we had an awful experience with the installation of our pool. We even failed our pool inspection due to grading/drainage issues. We were very angry and distrusting, but Oasis was our savior. They were professional and responsive and did an amazing job. It was a joy working with Valerie, Joseph, and Kevin. We also used Oasis for maintenance and were disappointed with the service. The quality was not at the same level as their landscaping.
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Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation was founded in 1989 and since then has grown into a leading, award-winning Atlanta landscaping company. We provide landscape design and maintenance services as well as irrigation for both residential and commercial clients.Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation is known for fine workmanship and professional service in the design, installation, and maintenance of residential and commercial irrigation systems, hardscapes, & retaining walls, water features, drainage solutions, outdoor lighting and more.