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O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street
O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street

O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 28, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street?

An analysis of recent customer reviews for O2 Shop Birmingham - New Street reveals mixed sentiments that impact the store's reputation. On the one hand, customers have praised the friendly and helpful nature of some staff members, particularly highlighting individuals like Rick, Shabaz, and Abid for their exemplary service. Positive experiences include smooth transactions, assistance with best deal selections, and professional resolution of account issues. Cited instances of excellent service contribute to a customer perception that O2 is a viable choice for their telecommunication needs. In contrast, there are significant concerns about potential unethical practices, including allegations of fraudulent behavior relating to unauthorized continuing charges post-cancellation, and deceptive contract renewals. Moreover, some customers report negative interactions with certain staff members, referencing poor customer service, sexist remarks by a manager, and an overall dismissive attitude towards customer issues. These incidents of apparent misconduct and customer dissatisfaction are detrimental to the store's reputation and may deter potential customers.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for O2 Shop Birmingham - New Street often highlights individual staff members who provided exceptional service. Rick, for instance, is commended for facilitating a seamless transaction and helping a customer purchase a new iPhone with a friendly demeanor. Shabaz is recognized for extending a warm welcome and customized offers to a newcomer to O2, and Abid is applauded for his prompt and professional resolution of an account-related problem, which left a client feeling happy and relieved. Furthermore, the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff are frequently noted, creating a warm environment and leaving some customers with a positive impression that selecting O2 was the right choice. The cleanliness and tidiness of the store are also contributing factors to an agreeable customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

However, there are noteworthy negative aspects in customer feedback that raise concerns. Reports of unethical behavior include allegations of fraudulent actions by continuing payments after cancellation and deceptive practices regarding contract renewals. Staff conduct has been criticized, with instances of rude and sexist remarks by a manager, dismissive customer service from staff, and non-compliance with advised customer service policies regarding product activations. These issues appear to be linked to staff attitudes and management policies that have generated dissatisfaction and accusations of lying to customers. Furthermore, the store's demand for ID collection for online orders, not mentioned in the email communication, has been labeled as 'immoral' and has added to the frustration of some customers.

Frequently asked questions about O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street

Can I trust the customer service at O2 Shop Birmingham - New Street?

Customer service experiences at O2 Shop Birmingham - New Street vary. While some customers report outstanding service from certain staff members, others have faced issues with staff behavior and service policy compliance. It's advisable to approach with awareness and, if possible, verify any information or deals you receive.

Are there any issues with contract or payment methods at this store?

Some customers have reported problems with contract renewals and cancellations, including unauthorized continual charges. It is recommended to thoroughly review all paperwork, understand the contract terms, and monitor your bank statements closely after any changes to your service.

Is the in-store experience at O2 Shop Birmingham - New Street generally positive?

Many customers have had positive in-store experiences, praising the store for its cleanliness and staff members for their helpfulness. However, others have had negative experiences due to staff attitudes and unethical practices. It might depend on the individual encounter and the specific staff members involved at the time of the visit.

What are customers saying about O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street

O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street
Sameer Sajjad
a month ago
I have got the new iPhone 15 pro max from them. Amazing customer service by Rick Everything was smooth and he was super friendly and helped me get the best deal. 10/10
O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street
Lisa Touw
a week ago
I was told to buy a sim card as I purchased a new phone, but EE is my provider. As directed by the store manager I phoned and cancelled the sim aa month later....or so I thought. But 02 continued to take the payment, even after three phone calls and a ref. no to say it had been cancelled. I had to cancel via my bank. They even set up another payment via card after the old one was cancelled. Fraudulent behavior.....totally unacceptable.
O2 Shop Birmingham-New Street
Eric So
a year ago
I am an O2 customer and found my phone battery was less than 15%. I tried to charge in Joos of Bull Ring yet it was very slow. Then I walked into O2, the staff give me warm welcome, checked my needs, showed the wireless charger; another staff took the initiative to found a suitable cable for my phone and it started charging quickly. The shop is clean, tidy, warm, and the staff are friendly and helpful. It makes me feel choosing O2 is the right choice.
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