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Northern Liberties Veterinary Center
Northern Liberties Veterinary Center

Northern Liberties Veterinary Center Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Northern Liberties Veterinary Center?

The overall company reputation of Northern Liberties Veterinary Center appears to be positive, based on the aggregation of the provided customer reviews. Many customers have praised the level of care, with the staff often described as 'wonderful', 'caring', and 'professional'. The center is commended for its excellent treatment of both pets and their owners, displaying compassion and providing thorough explanations during visits. The affinity of the clinic towards 'bully breeds' and their endearing treatment even towards animals with behavioral challenges signifies a notably inclusive and skilled practice. Loyal customers appreciate the continuity of care over extended periods. However, some reviews point to a concerning discrepancy highlighting a negative experience with insufficient follow-up and perceived nonchalance towards pet owners' concerns, hinting at sporadic lapses in customer service and potential communication issues.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Northern Liberties Veterinary Center is prevalent and highlights several attributes. The staff is consistently praised for being caring, attentive, and compassionate, creating a welcoming experience for both the pets and their owners. There is a recurring sentiment about staff being 'very gentle' with the animals and treating clients 'like family'. Customers trust the center's medical proficiency, noting that their pets are excited to visit, which suggests a good relationship between animals and the veterinary team. The center is also credited for its thorough care, from handling emergency situations to regular check-ups, demonstrating a dedication to pet well-being. Another commendable aspect mentioned is the facility's successful handling of animals that other vets may find challenging.

Concerns and Threads

Whilst the reviews are heavily positive, a small subset surfaces concerns regarding customer experience at Northern Liberties Veterinary Center. There is a notable complaint about inadequate follow-up communication, pointing to a possible area where the center could enhance its customer support, particularly during post-visit or post-surgery periods. One reviewer expresses discontent with perceived apathy from the staff and accuses the clinic of being profit-driven. The isolated report of the receptionist engaging in argumentative behavior and failing to be helpful suggests that there may be an occasional customer service shortfall. These grievances, although limited, indicate opportunities for the center to improve its overall service and communication approaches.

Frequently asked questions about Northern Liberties Veterinary Center

What types of pets does Northern Liberties Veterinary Center treat?

Northern Liberties Veterinary Center typically treats common household pets such as dogs and cats. Reviewers have mentioned both dogs and cats receiving care in their feedback.

Can I expect a follow-up call after my pet’s visit or surgery?

Many reviewers have noted thorough follow-ups as a positive aspect of their experience at the center. However, there have been instances where clients felt follow-up was lacking. You may want to discuss follow-up procedures specifically with the staff to ensure clear communication.

How does the center handle pets with special behavioral needs?

Reviews suggest that Northern Liberties Veterinary Center staff is experienced with handling pets with special behavioral needs, including breeds that are often stigmatized, like bully breeds, and pets uncomfortable with certain types of handling.

What are customers saying about Northern Liberties Veterinary Center

Northern Liberties Veterinary Center
Natalie & Khalid Heba
a month ago
Wonderful staff and excellent care. My dog gets so excited when she realizes we’re headed to the vet! I’ve had past negative experiences with other vets being nervous around bully breeds, but the team at No Libs Vet center is always loving towards them. I’ve been to the other 2 vet centers in the Northern Liberties area, and this one is by far the best and will continue to be my girl’s primary vet.
Northern Liberties Veterinary Center
Kimberly Veitch
2 months ago
No Libs has been my pet's vet practice for over 20 years. I've never been disappointed and they've always helped my animals during the best of times and during the most difficult times. They truly care about each animal they treat, even the difficult ones, like my Rocky boy. Rocky is my bestie but he is extremely passionate about no one touching his face. I highly recommend them!
Northern Liberties Veterinary Center
Juliet Williams
6 months ago
Just saw a review that is so incredibly different from the experiences I always have that I had to check to be sure I was rating the correct Vet Center. The staff and Drs. at Northern Liberties Vet Center are the best! Incredibly caring, VERY thorough. The follow up is so appreciated, especially since I’m a nervous cat mom. Two thumbs up!
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