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January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Nopi?

NOPI's overall company reputation reflects a quality dining experience with some areas for improvement. The establishment garners praise for its vegetarian dishes, diverse and interesting flavor combinations, and fresh ingredients. Recurring positive feedback highlights the attentive service, friendly staff, and the restaurant's ambiance. Customers appreciate the variety offered by the small dish sizes, allowing them to sample multiple menu items. The experience is further enhanced by the restaurant's location, proximity to hotels, and the opportunity to observe food preparation, thanks to an integrated kitchen. However, some customers reported issues related to the pace of service, feeling rushed through their meals, while others perceived inconsistencies in dish quality, with some preparations considered not to match the standard expected for the price point. Mixed feelings about the restaurant's evolution over time also suggest that while the quality remains high, some longtime patrons perceive a slight decline in the meticulousness of service and dish execution.

Positive Feedback

NOPI is frequently commended for its exceptional service and the skillful preparation of dishes. Customers describe the service as 'amazing,' 'attentive but not pushy,' and 'kind,' contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. The food itself is lauded for its freshness, interesting textures, and rich layers of flavor, particularly in vegetarian selections. The ambiance also receives well-deserved recognition; patrons find the atmosphere to be 'great' and conducive to both casual and business dining occasions. Additionally, the visual appeal of dishes and the restaurant's aesthetic layout are celebrated. The presence of an integrated kitchen allows diners to view the chefs at work, adding a unique and engaging aspect to the NOPI experience. The restaurant's location, in a lively shopping district and within walking distance to hotels, positions it favorably for visitors seeking a convenient, high-quality dining option.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative front, a recurrent theme emerges around the dining pace, with some customers feeling the experience was too brisk due to rapid service of dishes. This suggests that for those seeking a leisurely meal, expectations may not always align with the restaurant's service model. Quality consistency is another concern; some guests find certain dishes falling short, potentially tarnishing NOPI's high reputation. The variability in dish satisfaction, such as the reported toughness of lamb rump or blandness of aubergine chreimeh, implies room for improvement in the kitchen's output. While the restaurant maintains favorable reviews, comparisons with previous experiences hint at a perceived decline in the polish of staff and the standout nature of dishes. These inconsistences, in conjunction with the premium pricing structure, leave a subset of customers questioning the overall value relative to the price point, though many still find the costs reasonable for the quality received.

Frequently asked questions about Nopi


What is the suggested dining format at NOPI?


NOPI offers a menu designed for sharing, with small-sized dishes that allow patrons to sample various flavors. Customers are typically recommended to order five or six dishes between two people to enjoy a diverse meal. However, some diners may prefer a slower pacing between courses, which should be communicated to the service staff.


Does NOPI offer good vegetarian options?


Yes, NOPI is praised for its impressive selection of vegetarian dishes, with many customers highlighting the quality and inventiveness of its vegetable-centric menu items. Vegetables are described as the 'heroes' of the menu, providing ample choices for vegetarians.


Is it necessary to make a reservation before dining at NOPI?


Given the popularity of NOPI and recurring feedback about it often being fully booked, it is highly advisable to make a reservation in advance to secure a table and avoid disappointment.


What are customers saying about Nopi

Sander Vreeken
3 weeks ago
The food, particularly the vegetarian dishes, was delightful. Nevertheless, given the price, we expected a higher quality. We've encountered other restaurants in a comparable price range that exceeded our expectations. The recommendation of five or six dishes for two people, served swiftly, left us yearning for a more leisurely dining experience lasting over an hour and a half. To sum it up, the restaurant is decent, but there are superior options in this price range.
kc koncepxion
a month ago
Location: walking distance from our hotel. In a lively and busy shopping strip. Service: amazing service, attentive but not pushy. Great timing. Never a long wait. Food: excellent one of the best meals Ive had. It’s fresh, tasty and very interestingly layered of texture and flavours. Well done. Mushroom was perfect appetizer. Fish was just done right and flavourful. Burrata was excellent. The dessert was by far the best we had!
5 days ago
Absolutely amazing. The food is superb, the atmosphere great and the staff very friendly. Great wine pairing as well. I’d highly recommend a sharing table, this captures the atmosphere quite well
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