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What do customers say about Elia Greek Restaurant?

As of Mar 27, 2024, 1556 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Elia Greek Restaurant's customer reviews analysis

Elia Greek Restaurant in Glasgow is enjoying a largely positive reception as indicated by the latest customer reviews. Consumers have praised various aspects of their dining experience, including the food quality, variety, and authentic Greek flavors. The reviews frequently underline the delightful vegetarian options, which are both abundant and well-executed, offering a broad spectrum to choose from. The service receives commendation for its friendliness, promptness, and attentiveness, contributing to an overall excellent customer service experience. Price points are mentioned as reasonable with customers feeling that they received good value for the quality of dining they enjoyed. There is a recurring appreciation for the warm Greek hospitality, and the restaurant's ambiance, which augments the dining pleasure. However, it is noteworthy that some concerns were raised, particularly with specific dish components and serving sizes.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from customer feedback consistently highlight Elia Greek Restaurant's delicious and authentic Greek cuisine. Patrons expressed enjoyment of the diverse menu offerings, especially noting the selection and quality of both the vegetarian options and the meat dishes, ranging from Dolma to souvlaki. The Meze for Two is remarked upon as a highlight, providing an opportunity to sample a variety of dishes at an attractive price point. Additionally, the authentic Greek atmosphere and the added touches such as complimentary bread, olives, and oil enhance the dining experience. Friendly and efficient service is a prevalent theme in the reviews, suggesting the staff's dedication to a pleasant customer experience. The central location and convenient proximity to other attractions like the Christmas Market also contribute to the restaurant's appeal.

Concerns and Threads

While Elia Greek Restaurant boasts numerous positive reviews, some areas for improvement have been flagged by patrons. Key negative feedback centers on specific aspects of food preparation and service elements. For example, a deviation from menu descriptions, such as the substitution of dried tomatoes for fresh ones in Dakos, has led to less than satisfactory dishes for some customers. Additionally, the proportion of certain dishes, particularly in the case of the hummus and tzatziki starters where the bread provided was insufficient for the amount served, was a point of contention. There are also notes on individual preferences regarding taste and seasoning, such as the meatballs being too salty for a customer's liking. These critiques, while relatively minor, do provide insight into areas where Elia Greek Restaurant could refine their offerings and service.

Frequently asked questions about Elia Greek Restaurant

Does Elia Greek Restaurant offer options for vegetarians?

Yes, Elia Greek Restaurant provides a variety of vegetarian dishes that are both plentiful and well-regarded by patrons. Reviews note the impressive array of veg-friendly options on the menu.

Is it necessary to book a table in advance at Elia Greek Restaurant?

While the restaurant can accommodate walk-ins, booking in advance is recommended due to the positive reputation which can lead to busier dining hours, especially for special occasions or during peak times like Sunday lunches.

Is the pricing at Elia Greek Restaurant considered reasonable?

Based on customer feedback, the pricing is seen as reasonable given the quality and quantity of the food served. Reviewers mention good value for money when dining at the restaurant.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Elia Greek Restaurant

Elia Greek Restaurant
Urban Grrl
a month ago
I booked a table for a birthday dinner at 7pm on a Sunday. We had 5 starters and 4 mains. A bottle of Prosecco to share, two cocktails and a pint. The food is delicious and the table service is excellent. Total bill was £153 excluding a tip. Very good value for quality dining.
Elia Greek Restaurant
Alisoun Kaya
3 months ago
We dined here today for lunch and we’re so glad that we picked Elia! Location is very central and is opposite the Christmas Market on George Square. We had a friendly greeting and were seated straight away even though the restaurant was busy. We opted for the Meze for Two which consisted of starters, mains, desert and coffee all for £58. The dishes were all chefs choice apart from the desert which we could choose. We enjoyed every single dish and got to try things that we may never have ordered. Great service from the waiting staff too. Overall very happy with our visit and will come back.
Elia Greek Restaurant
Will Entrekin
4 months ago
One of my favourite dining establishments and maybe the best Greek in Glasgow. Terrific food, reasonable prices, and excellent service. Worth booking.
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