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Published on
January 7, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Muscleworks Gym?

Muscleworks Gym presents a predominantly positive reputation stemming from customer experiences that are centered around its extensive range of equipment, friendly staff, and the motivating gym atmosphere. The gym's environment is described as old school and caters well to those passionate about bodybuilding, with an evident emphasis on weightlifting facilities. However, there are some concerns regarding the gym's comfort level, specifically mentioning an overly hot and muggy cardio area, which may be challenging for members with breathing issues. Communal changing rooms and shower spaces, while clean, may not suit all preferences. Despite these points, recurring positive themes include the gym's spacious layout, strategic equipment placement, and overall inviting and inspiring atmosphere that encourages members to train effectively. Customers appreciate the value offered, noting that the gym is a great find, particularly for bodybuilders, and is comfortable for a diverse range of fitness levels and genders.

Positive Feedback

Muscleworks Gym has garnered numerous commendations for providing a comprehensive array of workout stations and strength training equipment that cater to an array of fitness enthusiasts, particularly those focused on weightlifting and bodybuilding. Patrons commend the gym’s vintage, 'proper old school' vibe, inclusive of iconic bodybuilding images and a robust selection of iron. Staff members are consistently noted for their friendliness and willingness to assist, creating a welcoming environment for new and existing members. The gym's atmosphere is frequently described as motivating and friendly, with a particular nod to the energy and collaborative spirit that supports individual training sessions. Additionally, accessibility is praised, with mentions of the gym's 24/7 availability and good value for the price, providing a space for hard work and dedication around the clock.

Concerns and Threads

Notwithstanding Muscleworks Gym’s impressive traits, there are specific aspects that may detract from the overall customer experience. Some patrons have noted the cardio floor’s temperature to be uncomfortably hot and muggy, which could be particularly problematic for those with respiratory concerns. Moreover, while the changing rooms and showers are acknowledged as being clean, their communal nature may not be preferred by all gym-goers. There is a minor inconvenience mentioned associated with locker usage, as they require a charge, albeit staff have been reported to occasionally aid members without change. These drawbacks, although relatively few, can affect the satisfaction levels of a subset of customers who have specific requirements for their gym environment.

Frequently asked questions about Muscleworks Gym

Does Muscleworks Gym cater to all fitness levels?

Yes, Muscleworks Gym supports a multitude of fitness levels, from beginners to advanced bodybuilders. The gym environment is described as inspiring, with a diverse range of members and personal trainers available for guidance.

Are the facilities at Muscleworks Gym suitable for those with breathing issues?

Some reviews indicate that the cardio area can be overly warm and muggy, which may pose a challenge for individuals with respiratory issues. It is advisable for those with such concerns to evaluate the gym’s environment personally.

What are the locker and shower facilities like at Muscleworks Gym?

Lockers at Muscleworks Gym require a 20p charge, but the staff may assist if you don’t have change. The changing rooms and shower spaces are communal and clean, though this may not appeal to everyone’s privacy preferences.

What are customers saying about Muscleworks Gym

Muscleworks Gym
Jonny Frank
5 days ago
We took a day pass here and it was amazing. So many fantastic machines packed in over a lot of space. The guys at the desk were friendly and we even bought a couple of belts there. If we’re back in easy London we’ll definitely pop back.
Muscleworks Gym
J Jackson (Rikku)
5 months ago
It's a pretty good gym. The original Muscleworks. Visited for a change of scenery for my deload day with my brother. Proper, proper old school with plenty of pig-iron - spanning two floors, upper on the ground with legs on the first floor - with machines that are probably as old or older than I am. Didn't have to wait for anything, which is always a nice touch! Members seem to have a fair bit of ego, but that doesn't bother me too much. All in all, I'd go back, but the cardio floor is just way too hot & muggy for someone like me who has breathing issues.
Muscleworks Gym
Gandhari Badia Fonseca
a day ago
One of the best gyms I've ever trained in, with all the machines you could need and the best motivating and friendly atmosphere. I'm sure I'll be back and always recommend!
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