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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Minicabs.Co.Uk?

Minicabs.co.uk appears to generally have a strong reputation based on the provided customer reviews, with a particular emphasis on excellent service, punctuality, and driver professionalism. Customers praise the company for their drivers' courteous behavior, willingness to provide additional help such as playing nursery rhymes or handling luggage, and driving skills. The ability to accommodate last-minute requests and fare prices also contribute positively to their reputation. However, there are sprinklings of negative feedback that highlight areas for potential improvement. This involves instances where drivers have not adhered to specific pickup instructions or acted disrespectfully by taking personal calls during the journey, affecting the perception of safety and customer respect.

Positive Feedback

An overwhelming majority of the customer feedback for Minicabs.co.uk emphasizes several key positive attributes. Customers repeatedly praise the punctuality and professionalism of the service. Timely arrivals, skilled navigation through traffic, and courteous communication are high points in customer satisfaction. Additionally, the drivers' willingness to go the extra mile, such as assisting with luggage and creating a pleasant environment for children, spotlights the excellent customer service. The bookings process is depicted as efficient, with quick and easy methods to book via phone or email, and customers appreciate the prompt confirmations and updates through SMS. Lastly, cost-effectiveness compared to competitors stands out as an advantageous aspect of the company's services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the largely positive reviews, Minicabs.co.uk faces some criticism which puts their consistent service quality into question. Negative experiences include drivers neglecting to follow provided instructions, leading to inconvenient pickup locations and communication difficulties when attempting to resolve these issues. Moreover, drivers engaging in personal phone calls during trips, even with hands-free devices, is noted as a significant safety concern and is seen as disrespectful towards the customer. These incidents, though comparatively few, suggest the need for more stringent adherence to customer service protocols and respect for passenger preferences to ensure a uniformly positive customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Minicabs.Co.Uk


Can Minicabs.co.uk accommodate last-minute booking requests?


Yes, according to reviews, Minicabs.co.uk can accommodate last-minute booking requests, with customers reporting successful immediate bookings and prompt arrivals of drivers.


How does the booking and confirmation process work with Minicabs.co.uk?


Customers can book a ride via phone or email, with reports of responsive service and quick confirmations. Updates and driver details are sent through SMS for convenience and reliability.


Have there been any reports of drivers not following pickup instructions?


While rare, there have been instances of drivers not following the specific pickup instructions, leading to miscommunication and inconvenience. Minicabs.co.uk may need to improve in ensuring drivers adhere strictly to provided directions.


What are customers saying about Minicabs.Co.Uk

Jooollene Jooollene
2 weeks ago
Exceptional Taxi Service I recently had the pleasure of using this taxi service, and I must commend the outstanding service provided by the taxi driver. From the moment I entered the cab, their professionalism and friendliness were evident. The driver was punctual, ensuring I reached my destination on time. Their driving skills were impeccable, making the journey smooth and comfortable. Additionally, they went above and beyond by assisting with my luggage. What impressed me the most was the driver's courtesy and genuine interest in ensuring I had a positive experience. It's rare to find such dedicated professionals who take pride in their service. I highly recommend this taxi service, and I'll definitely be a returning customer. Thank you to the driver for making my trip enjoyable and stress-free!
Grace Walker
a week ago
It's funny you are asking for feedback now. I have used this company for years and I have never been asked for feedback. Today was not a good experience for me. The driver spoke on a personal call from the moment I got in the car at Harrow right up to my leaving the car at Chelsea. This is bad manners towards the customer. He made a few driving mistakes along the route because he was distracted talking. Although it was a hands free call I did not feel safe. Although I will continue using the company I will specifically say I do not want this driver. He was pleasant enough but you must have respect for your customers.
a month ago
Excellent service as always, never encountered any problems - always my go to! We were dispatched a driver really quickly this morning and he arrived promptly, no issues looking for him, i was talking to my lil girl about nursery rhymes as she was poorly and he decided to play some on his car for us - the smile on her face was priceless! What a fantastic little touch which the driver did not have to do! The man deserves a raise! Thank you
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At Minicabs we know that we offer the very best London minicab service – a claim that’s backed up by a huge number of our passengers, who consistently use us due to our promptness, politeness and great value for money. We’ve been operating for a number of years now, and in this time we’ve honed our skills and business to create a great taxi company. What’s more, we’ve built up our number of taxis to ensure that we can cater to everyone’s needs, throughout the area we cover. We intend on improving in the future as well, by adding new facets to the Minicabs such as the fantastic app we have just introduced for Apple and Android users.You can call us on 0208 204 4444 or email us via bookings@minicabs.co.uk or alternatively you can use App