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Published on
February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024

What customers think about Menkind

Menkind receives a mixture of feedback that reflects a generally positive reputation for offering unique and interesting gift items, as observed across several reviews. Customers express an appreciation for the shop's wide range of products, indicating that Menkind is a go-to destination for unusual or last-minute gifts, often including items not commonly found in other shops. Furthermore, Menkind is perceived as a modern-day 'Aladdin's Cave' with offerings from popular culture like Star Wars memorabilia and bespoke drinking glasses. The shop's ability to attract customers seeking distinct and novelty products appears to be a key element in its appeal. On the staff front, while there's mention of welcoming and helpful personnel, there is an alarming instance of perceived rudeness and mockery toward a customer which could potentially tarnish the company's image if such incidents are repetitive.


Menkind is lauded for its eclectic assortment of products, which customers find appealing for gift shopping. Shoppers value the store for its distinct selection that diverges from typical retail offerings, providing them with an array of choices for stocking fillers, and unique birthday and Christmas presents. The positive sentiment is reinforced by the fact that Menkind caters to various interests, offering items related to popular cultures, such as Star Wars, which adds to its uniqueness. The customer service experience is often highlighted positively, with staff described as welcoming and helpful, enhancing the overall shopping experience and contributing to the store's positive reputation.


Despite many positives, Menkind faces criticism on certain fronts. One review indicates that while the products pique interest as gifts, their utility may be limited, suggesting they may only be enjoyable for a short duration. This raises questions about the long-term value of the items sold. Additionally, there is a negative customer service incident where staff conduct was perceived as mocking towards a customer, which, if not addressed, could significantly impact the company's reputation for service quality. Moreover, some customers feel that the store's inventory has shifted towards more common items, such as Funko Pop figures, which are readily available elsewhere like on Amazon, implying a loss of the unique shopping niche Menkind once held.

Frequently asked questions about Menkind

What kind of products can I expect to find at Menkind?

Menkind offers a variety of unusual and interesting gift items that range from popular culture memorabilia, such as Star Wars products, to unique drinking glasses and novelty items. Their selection is particularly noted for being distinctive and suitable for unique or last-minute gift purchases.

Are items from Menkind suitable for long-term use?

Menkind's products are often purchased as gifts and may be designed more for novelty and uniqueness rather than long-term utility. Some customers have expressed that the items they bought were primarily enjoyed for a short period.

How does Menkind's customer service measure up?

While there are reports of staff being welcoming and helpful, there has been at least one negative incident where the staff's behavior was perceived as mocking towards a customer. As with any retail experience, customer service encounters can vary; however, Menkind might want to ensure staff training emphasizes respect and professionalism to maintain their positive image.

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Hilary Plimmer
2 months ago
Got a couple of stocking fillers from here today. Not a bad shop if you're looking for something a bit different.
Charlie Sharp
2 months ago
This shop in the Birmingham Bull Ring Centre is like an Aladdins Cave for unusual Birthday & Xmas presents. From Star Wars memorabilia to unusually shaped drinking glasses. There is something for everyone.
Jason I
a month ago
Love this shop. Loads of stuff and great ideas for gifts.
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