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Published on
February 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mckenzie & Millar Funeralcare?

McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare's reputation is notably mixed based on the recent customer reviews, with a majority of feedback skewing positively on their professionalism, empathy, and communication. Customers have praised certain members of the staff, such as Gavin, Thomas, and Sandi, for their attentive and compassionate service during a highly sensitive time. These individuals are noted for taking control, keeping families informed, and facilitating a respectful and personalized final farewell. However, there are instances where the company has notably underperformed, particularly with one specific grievance that details a lack of sympathy, support, and inaccuracies during the services. This negative review stands in stark contrast to the others, suggesting an inconsistency in the service quality, which could be isolated to individual experiences or perhaps specific staff members. Recurring positive themes are individualized attention and adherence to special requests. The negative outlier underscores issues with compassion, misinformation, and organization that present areas for potential improvement within the company.

Positive Feedback

Many reviews for McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare highlight the company's sensitivity and proficiency in providing funeral services. Staff members like Gavin, Thomas, and Sandi are repeatedly commended for their professionalism, caring nature, and ability to efficiently guide customers through the challenges of arranging a funeral. The company's capacity to respect and honor last wishes and personalize services to reflect the life of the deceased appears to be an especially valued aspect. These services have not only met but in many cases exceeded client expectations. Their communicative approach in keeping families updated and the execution of services without hassle represent key strengths. Customers have left feeling supported, suggesting the company has succeeded in delivering services that provide some comfort during the grieving process.

Concerns and Threads

However, not all experiences with McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare have been positive. A particularly distressing account focuses on a lack of empathy and a perceived insensitive handling of an exceptionally delicate situation. In this case, customers were left feeling like a nuisance, facing last-minute changes without proper communication, and dealing with a humanist providing inaccurate information. These serious accusations mar the reputation of a generally well-regarded service and highlight the need for consistent customer support, clear communication, and staff training in compassion. This inconsistency in customer experience largely detracts from the otherwise positive narrative and indicates that while the company provides excellent service in many instances, it may still need to address significant shortcomings in customer care.

Frequently asked questions about Mckenzie & Millar Funeralcare

Can McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare accommodate personalized requests for funeral services?

Yes, according to several reviews, McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare is capable of honoring personalized requests and ensuring services are tailored to reflect the deceased's life and the family's wishes.

How does McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare communicate with families during the funeral arrangement process?

Staff members such as Gavin and Thomas are noted for their communicative approach, keeping families informed throughout the process and providing guidance on necessary decisions and changes.

Have there been any negative experiences with McKenzie & Millar Funeralcare's services?

Yes, while most feedback is positive, there is at least one account of a negative experience where the service was described as lacking in empathy and support, with issues of misinformation and insensitivity. This indicates that while many have a positive experience, it is not universal.

What are customers saying about Mckenzie & Millar Funeralcare

Mckenzie & Millar Funeralcare
Brian Wood
4 months ago
Recently with a heavy heart had to use mckenzie and Miller my first introduction was with gavin who totally to control of things and made us feel we were in the right hands. And from that first meeting right through to the funeral he kept me updated and informed about things I needed to do and any information he and his team were putting together. So all as I can say is from myself is so many thanks to gavin and his team at mckenzie and millar
Mckenzie & Millar Funeralcare
Nicole Burden
2 years ago
I used Mackenzie & millar funeral care in October 2021 after my son was unfortunately born sleeping. I was very disappointed in the service provided to us. Absolutely no sympathy from them, total lack of support and false information given to us. No support given to us we felt like a complete nuisance which wasn’t quite the experience we expected given their values as a company. Was given false information on where my son could be burried, and only informed last minute he could not be burried where originally planned, wasn’t informed my overall payment on flowers could be used as a payment plan. If we were informed of this we would have purchased more for our sons funeral. Never once did Sandy say she was sorry for our loss. Just an extra customer ticked off her list for the day. We were given a humanist who spoke inaccurate information at the funeral and overall it was an absolute shambles. Sandy was the lady who dealt with us and I felt she wasn’t compassionate considering a week before meeting her we had to give birth to our dead son. I have to say it was an awful experience and I would not use them again and wouldn’t recommend anyone else to either. We have taken this further with head office and are awaiting a response.
Mckenzie & Millar Funeralcare
Tracey Creedican
3 years ago
We have used McKenzie and Millar a few times now. We would like to thank all staff for their compassion in a very profesional manner to help lay our late mum to rest. Thomas kept us informed at all times of any changes that was taking place. Everything family requested was done in a very caring way. Would highly recommend McKenzie and Millar.
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