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Published on
January 12, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mabuhay Travel?

The evaluations from customers about Mabuhay Travel convey a generally positive sentiment, marred by an isolated negative experience. The agency has received commendation for the professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency of its staff, which seems to be a recurring highlight within the feedback. Agents like Ate Sarah, Isabel Williams, and Chloe King are expressly praised for their exceptional service, willingness to go above and beyond, and aid with booking. Remy is also mentioned favorably for his understanding of client needs and the flexible payment options offered. On the contrary, an incident involving agent Melissa indicates possible inconsistencies in customer care, with complaints regarding a lack of sincerity, an unfriendly approach, technical issues with online booking, and suboptimal service recovery. This singularity, however, seems to be an outlier against the otherwise consistent narrative of positive interactions, suggesting an overall strong company reputation with individual lapses in service delivery.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for Mabuhay Travel are dominated by appreciation for the individual travel agents' excellent customer service. Many reviewers have lauded the agency's staff for being polite, friendly, and highly accommodating, emphasizing the personal touch added to the travel arrangements. The ability to pay for tickets in installments, specifically mentioned in association with a business class booking with Emirates, signifies a flexible approach to customer financial needs. Furthermore, the efficiency of the booking process and effective communication, as exemplified by follow-up calls for e-ticket updates or last-minute bookings, are considered strengths. The proactive actions of the agents, as well as their professionalism and diligence in handling bookings promptly, also contribute positively to the overall satisfaction of clients.

Concerns and Threads

Scrutinizing the negative feedback provided by customers of Mabuhay Travel, the major concern appears to revolve around a specific negative encounter with an agent named Melissa. The customer described the interaction as 'deeply unsatisfactory', citing issues such as perceived insincerity about pricing, an unfriendly demeanor, and a problematic online booking experience, which was compounded by a dismissive attitude when approached for assistance. This incident represents a critical point of failure in customer service, suggesting a need for the agency to address inconsistencies in service quality and improve its online booking system to ensure smoother customer interactions and to uphold their reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Mabuhay Travel

Can Mabuhay Travel bookings be made online and how reliable is the online booking system?

While Mabuhay Travel does offer online bookings, there have been isolated reports of technical difficulties with the booking platform, leading to issues that may require direct contact with an agent. However, these instances seem to be uncommon, and the majority of clients have reported seamless service.

Are all agents at Mabuhay Travel equally accommodating and professional?

Most agents at Mabuhay Travel, such as Ate Sarah, Isabel Williams, Chloe King, and Hazel, are highlighted for their professional service and friendly demeanor. The vast majority of feedback is positive, although there has been a report of an unsatisfactory experience with a specific agent, which suggests variability in service. It is recommended to request agents with positive reviews to ensure a smooth experience.

Is there an option for flexible payment, such as installments for flight tickets at Mabuhay Travel?

Yes, Mabuhay Travel offers flexible payment options, including the ability to pay for tickets in installments. This option has been well-received by customers who find it convenient and supportive of their financial planning for travel.

What are customers saying about Mabuhay Travel

Mabuhay Travel
2 months ago
My initial experience with Mabuhay Travel was deeply unsatisfactory because of the agent, Melissa, she appeared insincere in asserting that their prices were on par with the airlines, seemingly an attempt to upsell. Her unfriendly demeanor and lackluster introduction only added to the disheartening experience. Additionally, she made a dubious claim that no phone assistance would be granted for website bookings. The company's website displayed lower prices but frustratingly, online booking was impossible, leading to higher prices when contacted. Melissa's dismissive response and abrupt cancellation of my partial online booking callously concluded the ordeal. All in all, a woeful experience with her. On a positive note, I must express my heartfelt appreciation for the splendid service provided by Ate Sarah. Her remarkable assistance in booking my travel left me thoroughly impressed. Ate Cindy and Ate Sarah’s unfailing friendliness and genuine empathy were a breath of fresh air, making the experience truly exceptional. What truly set Ate Sarah apart was her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of my booking was in impeccable order. She kept me meticulously informed throughout the booking process, which bestowed a sense of confidence and assurance that is hard to come by. I would wholeheartedly recommend her assistance to anyone seeking a seamless and delightful travel booking experience. To all prospective travellers, I implore you to specifically request the services of these outstanding staff mentioned on the positive reviews here, as doing so will undoubtedly spare you any potential frustration to which I should’ve done the first time.
Mabuhay Travel
Merita Quinlan
2 months ago
Been using Mabuhay Travel Agency for the past years. Staff were very polite, friendly and the service is excellent. Staff Isabel is very accommodating & make sure you are satisfied & happy with service and help to me & my sister. I would give Isabel Williams 5+ . I’m happy with the service, therefore I will always book my flight ✈️ with them. Thank you so much keep up the good work.
Mabuhay Travel
a month ago
My Very Helpful, entertaining and regular travel agent "Remy" the lovely caller that I usually deal with, understood my requests and needs. Nowadays you can request if you can pay your tickets in instalments, you can do! This is why I chose Business Class with Emirates this time so I can really relax with the job I do everyday, A Bus Driver. Mabuhay Travel are very helpful. Salamat and thank you again Remy for the service and 100% future bookings and business!
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