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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Keens Steakhouse?

Keens Steakhouse boasts a rich heritage and has established a strong reputation as a distinguished steakhouse in New York City. The historic allure and unique memorabilia, such as the collection of churchwarden pipes, contribute significantly to the dining experience, offering an atmosphere filled with character that many customers find irreplaceable. Patrons highlight the quality of the traditional steak and mutton chop offerings as standout items, often expressing a strong desire to revisit for these iconic dishes. Service experiences seem to vary highly, with instances of attentive and knowledgeable waitstaff enhancing the dining experience, while contrasting reports of inconsistent service have also surfaced. This inconsistency in service, alongside some critiques on food preparation and experiences of incorrect orders, present opportunities for improvement in ensuring a uniformly exceptional dining experience across all customer interactions.

Positive Feedback

Keens Steakhouse's commendable attributes are anchored in its historic charm, quality of steaks, notably the mutton chop, and sometimes, exemplary service. Many customers are captivated by the restaurant's ambiance and decor which pay homage to its rich history, yielding a dining experience that's both unique and memorable. Highlights from customer feedback include numerous mentions of the restaurant's celebrated mutton chops and prime steaks, which are consistently celebrated for their flavor and preparation. Additionally, the quality of service received by patrons, such as the attentiveness and recommendations from servers like Muhammed and Mahesh, has stood out as a definitive advantage, auguring well for customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

Concerns and Threads

Negative remarks regarding Keens Steakhouse largely concern inconsistent dining experiences and service missteps. Some customers have noted a disparity in the food quality, with certain dishes like the prime rib receiving mixed reviews about the cook and instances of uneven tenderness. The variability in service is a recurring concern; customers have reported instances of being denied access to the full menu when seated at the bar and receiving incomplete take-home orders, which detract from their overall experience. Moreover, an unfortunate incident involving unprofessional conduct by a member of the waitstaff reflects poorly on the establishment's otherwise storied service tradition and suggests a need for improvement in staff training and customer service protocols.

Frequently asked questions about Keens Steakhouse

What are Keens Steakhouse's most recommended dishes?

Based on customer feedback, the mutton chop and prime steak, especially the Porterhouse steak for two, are highly recommended for their exceptional flavor and quality.

Can patrons order from the regular menu when seated at the bar?

There have been mixed experiences reported. Some guests have been able to order from the regular menu at the bar, while others have been restricted to bar food only. It is suggested to check with the staff beforehand.

Is the restaurant's atmosphere a significant part of the dining experience?

Yes, many customers have noted the unique historical ambiance and distinctive memorabilia of Keens Steakhouse as integral to the overall dining experience, adding to its charm and appeal.

What are customers saying about Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse
Antonio Rybalchenko
a week ago
Prime Porterhouse for two highly recommended. That was very special experience. Unbelievable atmosphere and service. Such a historic place full of special energy. Top 6 interesting facts about restaurant 1. **Established Heritage:** Keens Steakhouse, since 1885, has a century-old history as a prominent NYC dining institution. 2. **Pipe Collection Legacy:** The restaurant boasts a vast collection of over 50,000 churchwarden pipes, with contributions from famous patrons like Teddy Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. 3. **Iconic Mutton Chop:** Keens is celebrated for its signature mutton chop, a colossal double-cut lamb chop with a secret spice blend, enticing steak enthusiasts. 4. **Theatrical Ties:** Initially a gathering place for "The Playwrights' Club," Keens has historical connections with the theater community. 5. **Hidden Gem – The Pub:** The second-floor Pub offers an intimate space adorned with memorabilia, providing a unique experience for those in the know. 6. **Celebrity Haunt:** Keens has been a preferred spot for celebrities, with caricatures adorning its walls, showcasing luminaries from politics, entertainment, and literature.
Keens Steakhouse
Neighbor Dave
4 days ago
It's one of those iconic place you want to drop by for a visit while in the NY. Please make sure to order medium-rare/medium at most because porter house in my taste medium was too dry. Mutton Chop is something you must try at this place. It was far surfacing the flavor of the porter house. Mint jelly was bit weird, but I kind of understand why you need this for the mutton because mutton has this very strong Fatty flavor.
Keens Steakhouse
2 weeks ago
We sat at the bar and still were hoping to order a regular menu as that is possible in most restaurants. We were told only bar food was orderable. Then later, I saw other groups of people ordering the regular menus in the bar. Not sure what changed in 5 minutes. Why others were allowed while we were not? Prime rib was okay: the meat part was tender, but there were too many fat and stringy parts (you can see the picture- almost half of the meat was fat/stringy part). Lobster was okay. A bit too cold, but the horse radish sauce was good. The portion was pretty small. The ginger ale was good. For the two of us, the whole meal together cost about $100. Considering the price, the lobster salad was tiny (not to mention the level of service). Not sure if I would revisit it.
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