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Published on
January 19, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Jumanji Pets?

Jumanji Pets appears to be a reputable pet store that focuses on ethical practices and customer satisfaction based on the latest customer reviews. The customers consistently mention the knowledgeable and helpful staff, with particular praise for their amicable personalities and willingness to provide detailed care guidance for the pets and products they sell. The store seems to cater to a variety of pet needs, ranging from fish to hamsters, and is noted for its range of high-quality supplies as well as live pets. The reviews imply that ethical breeding of pets is a significant aspect of the company's reputation, as customers cite this as a reason for their loyalty to the store. The company also seems committed to animal welfare, seen in the acceptance of rescued snails and in the store's quarantine policy for fish. A recurring minor critique pertains to the birds being kept in cages and one account of the manager's demeanor, but these do not overshadow the overall positive experience noted by the majority.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects highlighted by customers include Jumanji Pets’ knowledgeable staff who are praised for their friendliness, expertise, and attentiveness. Their ethical breeding practices are a repeated commendation, setting the company apart from competitors and establishing a sense of trustworthiness with customers. A broad selection of quality pet supplies and healthy, well-maintained live pets, especially in the aquatic section, enhance the shopping experience. Customers appreciate the advice and personalized service provided by the staff, strengthening the overall positive impression of the pet shop. The store's practices, such as the quarantine of fish, reflect a commitment to animal welfare that resonates with ethical consumers. The staff's handling of an unusual situation involving rescued snails also demonstrated responsibility and kindness, reinforcing the company’s positive image.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the generally favorable reviews, a few negative aspects were identified. Some customers expressed discomfort at seeing birds in cages, which may concern animal welfare-minded patrons. There was also a specific incident where a customer's need to relinquish rescued snails was met with inconvenience due to the store not being open at the posted time, which raised concerns over operational consistency. Furthermore, one customer's interaction with the store manager was initially perceived as harsh, indicating a potential area for improvement in customer service delivery or communication style. These critiques, while relatively minor and isolated, suggest small areas where Jumanji Pets could enhance its customer experience and operational efficiency.

Frequently asked questions about Jumanji Pets

Does Jumanji Pets sell ethically bred pets?

Yes, Jumanji Pets is noted in customer reviews for providing ethically bred pets, specifically mentioned in the case of hamsters, which is a significant factor in customers choosing to shop there.

Can I expect knowledgeable staff to assist me with my purchase?

Based on customer feedback, the staff at Jumanji Pets are consistently described as knowledgeable and helpful, offering personalized advice and guidance on the care of the animals and products they sell.

What is the policy on accepting animals from customers, such as in the case of rescue situations?

The store accepted rescued snails, as noted in a customer's review, suggesting they may be open to helping with animal emergencies. However, it is recommended to contact the store directly to confirm their current policy and capability to assist in specific situations.

What are customers saying about Jumanji Pets

Jumanji Pets
9 months ago
It's been about a month since I've adopted my Black Moor, a very happy little lad. The lady let me pick which one I wanted which I really liked as I wanted the smallest one! I'm no expert in fish keeping but he seems relaxed but non lethargic! Bare in mind you will be asked how big your tank is and weather or not you've got filters/heaters. Unfortunately, I had no picture of my tank at the time but I assured the lady my tank was of standard size and had a filter as well as air pump and she was happy to sell to me. In the aquarium section they had these GORGEOUS multicoloured guppies which I was super tempted to get however my research had only extended to the keeping of black moors so I decided to stay faithful haha. If you're interested in buying a black more from here, from what I saw there were some larger 10cm ones and some smaller 5cm-ish ones. Sometimes black moors have their backs swooping upwards however I liked how their bodies had more of a streamline egg shape. (if this is relevant to anyone) It was a bit sad to see these adorable birds kept in cages but hey- a pet shop is a pet shop! They had a huge range of pet supplies and I will definitely be visiting again for a restock of supplies and maybe another fish! The people working there definitely know what they're doing! Thanks for the great experience!
Jumanji Pets
Sherron Stokes
6 months ago
This was the first time that I visited this pet shop as it was recommended to me. I went in to purchase a pair of goldfish as I had recently lost my own fish. The young gentleman that helped me was very friendly and knowledgeable regarding the fish that I purchased and made the whole experience a very positive one. I will certainly visit this pet shop again and would recommend for anyone to go there.
Jumanji Pets
Joanne Beechey
2 months ago
I have always had a positive experience when being served here. The workers are keen and present, and nothing is too much trouble. Polite and kind manager, always happy to give you personal and informative advice about the products.all Really good customer service.
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