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James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery
James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery

James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery?

The reviews for Spire Manchester Hospital indicate a generally positive experience for a majority of patients, particularly noting the quality of care, professionalism, and empathetic demeanor of its staff. Praise has been consistently given for experiences across various departments, including surgical procedures, consultations, and aftercare services. Patients appreciated the thorough and comforting communication from consultants and staff, as well as the attentiveness to post-operative needs and the follow-up care provided. The facility's amenities, such as the accessibility of wheelchairs, comfort of the rooms, and complimentary services like parking and food, have been positively highlighted. Small personal touches, like gifts for pediatric patients, were also fondly mentioned, enhancing the overall patient experience. However, it is not without its criticisms. Issues have been reported regarding administrative matters, particularly communication inefficiencies and processing errors, such as a lack of attention to referral details. Moreover, there are instances of negative interactions with specific consultants who were described as dismissive, leading to dissatisfaction with the level of care and the thoroughness of consultations. These complaints, while less frequent, are considerable and reflect upon the hospital's reputation, indicating room for improvement in patient interaction and administrative protocols.

Positive Feedback

Spire Manchester Hospital has received commendations on multiple fronts. The professionalism and empathy displayed by the medical staff, including notable mentions of Mr. Paul Goldsmith and Mr. Marcus Nixon, have been highly praised by patients. The individualized attention and clear communication from consultants, as well as the patient-friendly language used during consultations, have stood out as exemplary. The staff, from nurses to catering and admin personnel, are recognized for their caring approach and efficiency. The quality of care during and post-surgery, including the management of post-operative pain and the provision of follow-up calls, has been appreciated, ensuring patients felt informed and comfortable throughout their treatment. The hospital's facilities, including the availability of spacious parking, the presence of a reasonably priced restaurant, and the overall presentation of the hospital, contribute to a hospitable and reassuring environment for patients and their families. Lastly, the thoughtful gestures, like providing a teddy bear and certificate for pediatric patients, have made a lingering positive impact.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the commendable aspects, Spire Manchester Hospital has its share of grievances. Certain patients reported interactions with consultants that lacked empathy and gave the impression of being hurried, insufficiently informative, and dismissive. Experiences like these left patients with unresolved questions and a sense of being undervalued. Administrative hurdles have also been highlighted, with patients expressing frustration over referral processing issues and difficulties in reaching the hospital via phone. These administrative deficiencies have been cited as causing inconvenience and delays in receiving care. Furthermore, the hospital's consistencies seem shadowed by reported shortcomings in the communication of delays and aftercare. There is also mention of oversight in patient dietary restrictions, which is a basic and yet crucial aspect of patient care. These points of criticism underscore areas where improvement is needed to enhance patient satisfaction and trust.

Frequently asked questions about James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery

What specialties are available at Spire Manchester Hospital?

Spire Manchester Hospital offers a variety of specialties including thyroidectomy, ENT procedures, orthopedic surgeries like hip replacements, and pediatric care among others. Consult with the hospital directly or check their website for a complete list of available medical services.

How does Spire Manchester Hospital manage post-operative care?

According to patient reviews, post-operative care at Spire Manchester Hospital includes attentive ward nursing care, pain management, and follow-up calls by nurse specialists. The reviews suggest that the hospital takes an individualized approach to ensure recovery is on track and that any patient concerns are addressed promptly.

Are the consultants at Spire Manchester Hospital communicative and easy to understand?

Most reviews of Spire Manchester Hospital emphasize the clear and empathetic communication from its consultants who are reported to put patients at ease and explain conditions and procedures in understandable language. However, there have been isolated instances of patients feeling rushed and not fully informed, which points to a variance in experience depending on the consultant.

What are customers saying about James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery

James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery
2 weeks ago
An excellent experience for my Mum for her Thyroidectomy surgery. The hospital was very well presented, the staff were friendly, helpful and approachable. A small and reasonably priced restaurant was very useful. Large car park with plenty of space. Wheelchairs were available in the entrance foyer which my Mum used. Very comfortable room with TV. Overall an excellent experience with no complaints whatsoever.
James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery
Michael Woodcock
a month ago
Hi, Just want to say how amazing Mr. Paul Goldsmith was yesterday when i attended an appointment with him. He is an absolute credit to your hospital. From putting me so at ease and talking to me in a language i could understand and showing empathy to my concerns he could not have been more helpful. Please ensure you pass on my sincere thanks to him because he is brilliant.Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would also like to say the same big thanks for Marcus Nixon because again he is a credit to your hospital. Very professional, very helpful and a really friendly guy to talk to. Many thanks to all of you. Kind regards, Mike Woodcock.
James Murphy, Chm, Frcs(Plast) - Manchester Plastic Surgery
Suzanne Bell
2 months ago
Recent surgery at Spire Manchester. Consultant care was excellent. He spent considerable time before and after the procedure and I was kept fully informed. Theatre staff were kind and provided reassurance. Ward nursing care was attentive and my post operative pain was well managed. Follow up calls by the nurse specialist were welcomed as this gave me the chance to ask further questions. Thank you to all who looked after me
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