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As of Apr 09, 2024, 59 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Imobile's customer reviews analysis

Analysis of recent customer feedback for iMobile - Leeds reveals a mixed overall company reputation, with both commendations and concerns raised by patrons. On the positive side, reviewers highlight the staff's friendliness, efficient service, and fair pricing, particularly praising the promptness in handling repairs, even for older phone models. Customers also appreciate the extra services, such as free add-ons (screen protectors and cases) during repairs, overall approachability, and the willingness of the company to provide helpful advice without charge when they couldn't fix the issue. Conversely, negative experiences reported by multiple reviewers focus on instances of perceived deception and overcharging, such as selling non-functional or incorrect replacement parts and charging excessively for items like SD cards. Instances of charging for services not rendered and a lack of transparency and professionalism are also called out, contributing to a perception of untrustworthy business practices.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer reviews for iMobile - Leeds commend the business for its friendly, welcoming staff and the engaging customer service provided. Clients express high satisfaction with the efficient service delivery, citing quick turnaround times for repairs, with some customers pleasantly surprised by the availability of parts for older phone models. The cost-effectiveness of their services in comparison to competitors, particularly against official phone company repair prices, also emerges as a positive aspect. Customers appreciate the combination of repair services with complimentary extras, such as screen protectors and cases, enhancing the value proposition. The willingness of the staff to offer practical advice without charge and to assist other tech shops in need further reinforces the company's commitment to customer care and community presence.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, negative aspects of customer feedback for iMobile - Leeds center around experiences of mismanagement and potential deceit. Some customers report feeling scammed, mentioning the sale of incorrect or non-functional parts and overpriced items like SD cards. There are also accounts of customers being charged for services that were either not needed or not properly executed, such as paying for diagnostic checks without resolution, and using salvaged parts in repairs. Transparency issues are evident, with customers not receiving receipts, experiencing uncommunicated charges, or facing broken promises, such as not being contacted when parts arrive. These incidents have eroded trust for certain patrons, leading to a sentiment that the business might be taking advantage of customers who are not well-informed about tech prices and services.

Frequently asked questions about Imobile

What is iMobile - Leeds's reputation for phone repairs?

The reputation for phone repairs at iMobile - Leeds is mixed. While many customers report positive experiences with friendly staff, efficient and reasonably priced repairs, there are also reports of dissatisfaction due to experiences with incorrect parts being used, overcharge, and perceived scams.

Do iMobile - Leeds offer any additional services with repairs?

Yes, some customers have mentioned receiving additional services such as free screen protectors and cases with their phone repairs. However, it is advisable to confirm what's included at the time of repair.

If I have an older phone model, can I expect iMobile - Leeds to have the necessary parts for repair?

Customers have noted that iMobile - Leeds successfully provided parts for older phone models, but it's always best to confirm the availability of specific parts for your phone model before visiting.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Imobile

Courtney Stables
2 months ago
I bought 3 phone cases today Iphone XR, 8plus and A14 samsung The iphone 8 plus screen wasn’t even in it and the XR screen was replaced with a 6 And the A14 was the only one actually in it Didnt get a receipt so cant return but it really upset me
Lubna B
6 months ago
Friendly staff, efficient service and reasonably priced. Did a great job repairing my cracked phone screen. I was surprised that they even had my screen in stock as my phone's android and a few years old. Recommend if you need your phone repaired.
Fabian Cullaigh
10 months ago
Great service! Went in to get my charger port fixed, they cleaned it up gave me a screen protector and a case all for such a good price! The lady who served me was so friendly and chatty as well, as were everyone else in the shop! Will definitely be recommending to my friends for phone repairs! Thanks guys :)
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At iMobile Leeds, we understand the integral role your mobile device plays in your life. When your iPhone is in need of repair, you want a trustworthy and reliable partner to get it back in optimal condition. Look no further - we are your premier choice for iPhone repair in Leeds. While our expertise lies in iPhone repairs, we're not limited to Apple devices. At iMobile, we provide comprehensive phone repair services for various mobile brands and models. Our services encompass screen replacements, battery replacements, software troubleshooting, and more. No matter the issue, you can trust us to deliver quick and reliable solutions. Come visit us for a complete, one-stop-shop experience and see your device transformed into its former glory.