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What do customers say about Houston Heights Helpers, Llc?

As of Mar 04, 2024, 177 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Houston Heights Helpers, Llc's customer reviews analysis

The customer feedback for Houston Heights Helpers Handyman and Remodeling LLC appears to paint a portrait of a generally reliable and competent service provider with a few notable exceptions. The majority of reviewers commend the company for their professionalism, transparency, and efficiency. Services such as fan installation, TV mounting, electrical work, and drywall repair were mentioned as being executed reliably and proficiently. Customers appreciate the quick responses, the ability to schedule and accept quotes online, and the attention to keeping the job site clean. Impressively, the company seems to engender repeat business, signaling customer satisfaction. However, there is a critical account detailing a particularly negative experience with a lack of proper project management, communication, and satisfactory resolution, indicating potential inconsistencies in service delivery. This singular but detailed negative review may weigh heavily on prospective clients considering the use of Houston Heights Helpers for substantial projects.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences with Houston Heights Helpers Handyman and Remodeling LLC are centered around their professionalism, quality of work, and comprehensive service offerings. Positive feedback often highlights the company's reliability, citing punctuality and thoroughness on a range of jobs from minor repairs to major home maintenance. The ability to manage everything from scheduling to payments online is praised for its convenience, and detailed estimates are valued for their transparency. Customers note the cleanliness of the job site post-completion and appreciate the free estimates that are itemized, facilitating informed decisions. Additionally, the company's respectful interaction with customers' pets and property is recognized as a considerate aspect of their service.

Concerns and Threads

The negative feedback for Houston Heights Helpers focuses on serious concerns regarding project management and customer service for more extensive projects. A detailed account describes a scenario involving poor communication, lack of proper planning, and subpar execution in a patio project, resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome and a flawed process from beginning to end. This instance illustrates a situation where the company's project management was severely lacking, characterized by unannounced arrivals, inadequate solutions proposed for problems, and a surprising admission of expected failure by a project manager. The review indicates a breakdown in customer communication, an unwelcome surprise in billing, and a general sense of frustration due to the perceived disregard for their time and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Houston Heights Helpers, Llc

What types of services does Houston Heights Helpers provide?

Houston Heights Helpers offers a broad range of handyman and remodeling services including fan installation, TV mounting, electrical work, drywall repair, home maintenance & repairs, general repairs, painting, and flooring repair.

Can I get a quote before starting a project with Houston Heights Helpers?

Yes, Houston Heights Helpers provides free, itemized estimates to prospective customers, allowing them to see a breakdown of the work and costs involved before committing to a project.

Does Houston Heights Helpers offer transparent pricing and clear communication?

While many customers have affirmed the company's transparent pricing and efficient online scheduling system, there are instances of dissatisfaction reported regarding communication and management of project timelines. It is advisable to clearly discuss expectations and communication preferences before commencing any large-scale project.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Houston Heights Helpers, Llc

Houston Heights Helpers, Llc
Jill Amaon
4 months ago
Height Helpers did an amazing job installing floor outlets in my living room! They also installed new outlets in our garage and new outdoor fans. Reliable and efficient professionals! Services: Fan installation, TV mounting, Electrical work, Drywall repair
Houston Heights Helpers, Llc
Eileen Young
5 months ago
What started as a ceiling repair and light replacement, ended up being 2 pipe leaks in the attic, one that completely destroyed a portion of our kitchen ceiling. Ed and Anthony were really great. They were responsive and took the time to show they cared about getting the job done well and quickly. I couldn't be happier with how the repairs turned out.
Houston Heights Helpers, Llc
Kellsie Winkler
2 months ago
Update: we have used HHH 2 more times & have been very satisfied both times! Anthony has come out both of the recent times & does very quality work. Can’t thank you guys enough!! Our home needed some siding and wood replaced so we called Houston Heights Helpers. Ed was very attentive and helpful when he came to do the estimate. I originally had a hard time finding a company that would come out & give us an estimate prior to coming out to fix everything so it was great that they provided a quote after seeing what needed to be done. We received a quote quickly and we’re able to accept & schedule everything online. Jason was our craftsmen & he was amazing! He replaced/painted 2 siding panels, wood trim around windows & around a door. He also added a downspout to our gutters. They did miss an item on the quote so I called and someone came out the next day to complete the work before I paid. We are very pleased with the work & will definitely be calling them for any other repairs we may need to the house. Thanks Houston Heights Helpers!! Services: Home maintenance & repairs, General repairs
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About Houston Heights Helpers, Llc


Houston Heights Helpers is a team of home improvement specialists, we are not salesman. Heights Helpers performs home improvement and repairs using its core values of professionalism, customer service and no-upselling. Our biggest advantage is that we won’t try to sell you anything. We listen to what you want done at your house and we do that! Heights Helpers is setup to do small home repairs and large complex kitchen and bathroom remodels, but we have different teams to do each. Our advantage is that a majority of our jobs are within 5 miles of each other and we have a team of professionals so we can apply the right craftsman for the task at hand.