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House Of Dear Hair Salon
House Of Dear Hair Salon

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Published on
March 18, 2024
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March 18, 2024

What do customers think about House Of Dear Hair Salon?

House of Dear Hair Salon has established a strong reputation based on the reviews analyzed. The salon is praised for its expertise in various styling techniques, including vivid hair coloring, curly cuts, hair pressing, and historical-themed updos. Clients frequently acknowledge the skills and professionalism of individual stylists such as Tobie, Mimi, Mr. Lafuente, Buddy Head, and Ashley Bell, noting their ability to deliver personalized and transformative experiences. The salon's environment is described as unique and welcoming, with mentions of a friendly front desk and the provision of refreshments upping the ante on customer care. Despite a plethora of positive comments, thorough scrutiny for any significant negative patterns is required for a fair assessment.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for House of Dear Hair Salon is overwhelmingly positive. Skillful work by stylists such as Ashley Bell, who is noted for excellence in both hair and makeup, contributes greatly to client satisfaction. Customers highlight the salon's ability to keep up with style trends and provide excellent recommendations for cuts and colors. The salon is also commended for its convenient and transparent pricing system, as well as the inclusive services such as shampoo and blowout. Stylist Tobie's work with vivid hair colors, Mimi's expertise in curly cuts, and Buddy Head's ability to execute a 1920s themed updo are all positively noted. Customers appreciate the accommodating service, like accepting last-minute appointments and the pleasant setup of the salon. The friendly and familiar interactions with stylists, especially when returning to the salon after years, create a sense of loyalty and trust between the client and the service provider.

Concerns and Threads

While the data source provided does not offer explicit negative feedback, it is important for House of Dear Hair Salon to remain vigilant about potential areas for improvement. Possible hidden issues could include maintaining their service quality during peak times, managing client expectations for those inspired by their experience, and ensuring consistency in experience across all stylists. It would also be prudent for the salon to continuously train its staff in the latest techniques to maintain the high standards mentioned by clients. Furthermore, ensuring that first-time visitors' experiences align with those of long-term clients could be key to maintaining the salon's sterling reputation.

Frequently asked questions about House Of Dear Hair Salon

Do stylists at House of Dear specialize in specific hair styling techniques?

Yes, stylists at House of Dear Hair Salon have specializations, such as vivid hair coloring, curly cuts, and historical-themed styles like 1920’s updos. Clients are encouraged to select a stylist whose expertise matches their desired service.

Can I book a last-minute appointment at House of Dear?

House of Dear has been known to accommodate last-minute requests based on availability. However, it is always best to book in advance to ensure an appointment with your preferred stylist.

Does House of Dear have a transparent pricing system?

Yes, clients have noted that the pricing system at House of Dear is transparent. The price includes additional services like shampoo and blowout, which clients can see on the app before their visit.

What are customers saying about House Of Dear Hair Salon

House Of Dear Hair Salon
Amanda G
a week ago
From start to finish, my experience at House of Dear was superb. Everyone I spoke to directly or in passing was so friendly and pleasant. I hadn’t had any color in my hair for over 10 years and was upfront about the concern with my thinning hair. Tobie was so reassuring and I just knew I could trust her with my hair. I’ve been a fan of her beautiful work for awhile and I still can’t believe how incredible my hair turned out!! Thank you so much Tobie! Excited for the next colors to try out 🤩 Specialties: Vivid hair color Stylist: Tobie Zimmerman
House Of Dear Hair Salon
Diyaa Shah
5 days ago
It was my first time ever getting a curly cut. I wanted to add some shape and dimension to my hair and my stylist, Mimi, did exactly that! The transformation was amazing and I love it. It was a great first time experience and would definitely go back.
House Of Dear Hair Salon
Christina E
3 months ago
I was in an extreme pinch and needed my hair pressed. I called this salon, and the receptionist was pleasant and unbothered by my last-minute request. She told me to be there in 30 min. I couldn't be happier. When I arrived, I was impressed with the salons set up... It's very unique, I've never seen anything like it! Mr. Lafuente was who I was paired with, and let me tell you... his hands are magic! It didn't take him hours and after finding out how experienced he is I will make House of Dear my special place! Thank you for being so patient, welcoming, and understanding !
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