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What do customers say about Hawksmoor Manchester?

As of Mar 14, 2024, 3612 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

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Hawksmoor Manchester's customer reviews analysis

Hawksmoor Manchester holds a strong reputation as evidenced by multiple reviews that highlight the exceptional quality of both its food and service. Customers consistently praise the steak as the best they have had, with particular mentions of it being cooked to perfection with outstanding flavor and seasoning. Starters and sides also receive acclaim, especially the pork ribs, bone marrow, and chips. The overall dining experience is further enhanced by the high level of service, described as attentive and knowledgeable, without being overly intrusive. The staff are frequently commended by name, indicating a personal connection with diners. However, some areas for improvement are noted, including the desire for an expanded cocktail menu and the occasional lapse in food presentation or dietary safety. Despite these minor critiques, the overarching customer experience is reflected as outstanding and worth the expense, suggesting a restaurant that excels in delivering a premium dining occasion.

Positive Feedback

The majority of feedback for Hawksmoor Manchester is overwhelmingly positive. Several key aspects stand out consistently across reviews. The quality of the steak is frequently highlighted, with patrons describing it as the best they've experienced. The meticulous attention to cooking quality and flavor seems to resonate well with diners. Starters such as pork ribs, bone marrow, and scallops, and sides like chips, brie mash, and Yorkshire pudding, are mentioned as remarkable. The service quality significantly contributes to the positive experience, with staff members often mentioned by name, suggesting they provide memorable and personalized service. The ambiance and additional offerings, such as drinks, and the recognition of special occasions like anniversaries, add an extra layer of satisfaction to the overall dining experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews for Hawksmoor Manchester are predominantly positive, there are isolated critiques that suggest some areas for improvement. One notable criticism is the cocktail menu's limited selection, which, while satisfactory, leaves some customers wanting more variety. Additionally, food presentation for the steak, described as somewhat plain, could be enhanced to match the high expectations set by the taste. There is a singular mention of a post-meal restroom visit bringing hygiene into question, though this appears to be an isolated incident. The occasional overdone Yorkshire pudding was cited as a slight disappointment in an otherwise enjoyable meal. These critiques, though relatively minor, provide valuable insights into areas where even a highly regarded establishment could strive for perfection.

Frequently asked questions about Hawksmoor Manchester

Is Hawksmoor Manchester suitable for special occasions?

Yes, Hawksmoor Manchester is frequently mentioned as an excellent destination for special occasions such as anniversaries and Valentine's Day, with attentive service and special acknowledgments of celebratory events.

Can patrons expect a variety of menu options at Hawksmoor Manchester?

Customers can anticipate a range of starters, sides, and main courses at Hawksmoor Manchester, primarily focused on steak and other meats prepared to a high standard. However, some guests hope for a broader selection of cocktails.

Is the dining experience at Hawksmoor Manchester worth the price?

Many reviews consider the dining experience at Hawksmoor Manchester well worth the price, citing high-quality food and exceptional service as pivotal factors that justify the expense.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hawksmoor Manchester

Hawksmoor Manchester
Leon Das
a month ago
The best steak I’ve had. We had a selection each cut was cooked perfectly, so much flavour and seasoning and then melts in the mouth when eaten. The starters were great the pork ribs superb and the bone marrow was something a bit different. The service was good. Not bothered too much but very attentive and was there whenever we needed. The ginger beee drink we had was really good as well highly recommend.
Hawksmoor Manchester
a month ago
Just posting my review now (this was from a few weeks ago). This place is absolutely amazing, I had heard great things about this restaurant but my expectations were over met for sure. The service was brilliant. The food was so flavourful and to be honest I’ve never had a better meal than it. The chips were to die for. The only note I could make is that the cocktail menu is too small, I would love to see more of a selection in the future.
Hawksmoor Manchester
3 months ago
Popped in for lunch with my better half today. We are quite well versed in dining out, it's a shared passion. We were served by a gentleman called Danny and he was thoroughly well versed in the menu, attentive and I actually thanked him for the experience before we left. Food was exquisite, Diane sauce on the fillet with bone marrow and the brie mash... Those scallops too! Images to follow. One shall return. James
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