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As of Mar 15, 2024, 4232 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Harewood House's customer reviews analysis

Harewood House appears to have a multifaceted reputation based on recent customer reviews. Visitors positively remark on the stunning estate, well-preserved house, attentive staff, and beautiful gardens. Reviews frequently laud the scenic views and the tranquil atmosphere of the gardens, appreciating the history and the maintenance of the property. However, there are concerns about the value for money regarding the entrance fee and available content. The perceived high ticket prices are a recurrent topic, especially when certain attractions, like the full tour of the house or the tropical bird zoo, do not meet expectations. The food quality and facilities' upkeep, specifically at the cafe, have detracted from the overall experience for some patrons. Additionally, there's no concession pricing for elderly visitors, which was a point of contention in one of the reviews.

Positive Feedback

Among the most consistently praised aspects of Harewood House are its beautifully maintained grounds and gardens, which offer picturesque views and tranquil spaces for reflection. The house itself is celebrated for its history, opulent decor, and character, providing an immersive experience into the past. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, including volunteers who share insights into the estate's history, enhance the visit for many patrons. The play area for children and the elimination of bird cages, reflecting a positive change towards animal welfare, are also commended. Lastly, the value of specific offerings, such as the afternoon tea and tour combination, received specific mentions for being a bargain and include commendations for attentive service.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, visitors have experienced notable disappointments, primarily revolving around the pricing and perceived value received. Some guests feel that the ticket prices are steep, particularly given the limited access to certain areas of the house and the lack of discounts for seniors. The closure of facilities, including outdoor huts for refreshments, and the disappearance of attractions, like the tropical birds, have also been sources of dissatisfaction. Culinary experiences have garnered negative feedback due to issues with the food temperature, quality, and the cleanliness of the cafe's dining area. A specific review expressed disappointment with the Christmas decorations, indicating it fell short of previous years' standards and was not in keeping with the property's character.

Frequently asked questions about Harewood House

Are there any discounts available for senior visitors to Harewood House?

Based on customer feedback, there currently appear to be no concession prices specifically for elderly visitors, as standard entry fees apply.

Can the full interior of Harewood House be toured with the purchase of a ticket?

Recent reviews suggest that certain areas of the house may be restricted to visitors. The extent of access can vary, and it's advisable to check the latest visiting information before your trip.

Is there food available on-site, and what are the dining options like?

Harewood House offers dining options including cafes. However, reviews indicate mixed experiences with food quality and cleanliness, suggesting that it might be worthwhile to check for updated information or reviews close to your visit.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Harewood House

Harewood House
Catherine Heywood
2 weeks ago
Really lovely place to visit. The grounds look amazing, but it was too cold, so I'll definitely have to go again when the warmer weather arrives.
Harewood House
Liigah Thrower
2 months ago
We used to love Harewood House with all the outside explorations. This is our 4th visit and we are not coming back again. We paid £22 per adult and £12 per child and looked forward to the tropical birds zoo, farm, playground and house. The house was fun and well decorated but with disappointment, we learned that the birds were gone. So we went to see the farm and it looked tired with few sad-looking goats and rabbits. Our lunch wasn't better. We ordered potato and curry soup, chips, jacket potato and rice with chilly. Out of all that only rice with chilly was hot. Everything else was barely warm. The playground was still well preserved but all the outside huts where we used to get hot drinks and ice cream were closed. Our 88-year-old grandmother and grandfather joined us an hour later for a coffee and they had to pay £22 each to enter. Rather expensive coffee and a disappointing visit. It was shocking that there is no concession price for elderlies.
Harewood House
Fraser McKnespiey
4 months ago
A delightful estate which offers fun for all the family. The house itself has been well preserved with some beautiful decor that has truly stood the test of time. Scattered throughout the property are incredibly insightful and knowledgeable volunteers are at hand to answer any questions (a special mention to the wonderful Peter, who helped us in Princess Mary’s bedroom (21/10/23), a true gem!). The Terrace gardens are miraculously maintained, boasting impressive flower displays overlooking the beautiful countryside. All Saints church is also more than worth the visit, offering a tranquil environment for a moment of reflection in today’s hectic society. The estate’s s gardens also boasted charm and elegance - if you can, try to make your way to the Walled Gardens to see the alpacas! Harewood House is a must visit, more than worthy of the £18 asking price!
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About Harewood House

18th-century stately home with Robert Adam-designed interiors, priceless art and landscaped garden.