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As of Apr 30, 2024, 311 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

great communicator

haircut of my dreams

gorgeous blond shade

curly hair queen

amazing beach wave/curls

super satisfying treatment

perfectly done

hands of a magician

amazing job

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Hairroin Salon's customer reviews analysis

The customer feedback for Hairroin Salon suggests a positive reputation with a strong emphasis on personalized service, expertise in hair styling, and stylist-client communication. Stylists like Francesca and Laura are frequently mentioned for their exceptional skills, particularly with color transformation, cuts for curly hair, and understanding client needs. Francesca has garnered praise for her proficiency with curly hair and communicative approach, which seems to build trust and rapport with her clients. Clients appreciate stylists working to understand their previous dissatisfaction and rectify it with desired results. Additionally, the pricing strategy, including instances of charging less for limited services, aligns with providing value and building customer loyalty. Meanwhile, Hairroin's customer experience is enhanced by stylist professionalism, a friendly atmosphere, and attention to detail, as evidenced by the focus on pre-cut consultations and the coveted head massage.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from the customer feedback include the salon's exceptional communication with clients and their capacity to deliver transformative results aligned with the client's vision. Francesca in particular has been identified for both her talent with hair and interpersonal skills, denoted as the 'curly hair queen' and celebrated for her head massages. Several reviews note stylists only charging for the services needed, highlighting the salon's fairness and understanding of value. The positive atmosphere of the salon is another recurring theme, with clients enjoying the 'studio’s vibe' and feeling comfortable, beautiful, and joyous post-appointment. The professional yet fun interactions with stylists, particularly Joey's expertise with blonde makeovers, contribute to Hairroin's commendable client service experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the majority of the reviews being overwhelmingly positive, a careful analysis indicates an absence of explicitly negative experiences in the feedback provided. However, the need for clients to visit Hairroin to correct previous hair mishaps suggests that there are some lapses in service or miscommunications in the wider hairstyling industry that Hairroin stylists are rectifying. This can be inferred as indirect praise for the salon's corrective services, yet also flags an industry-wide issue that Hairroin is able to effectively address.

Frequently asked questions about Hairroin Salon

Does Hairroin Salon have stylists who specialize in cutting and styling curly hair?

Yes, Hairroin Salon has stylists specialized in handling curly hair. Francesca, in particular, is recommended by clients for her expertise with curly hair.

Can I trust the stylists at Hairroin Salon with a significant hair color transformation?

Absolutely. Reviews suggest that the stylists, such as Joey for blonde makeovers, are highly skilled in hair color transformations and provide satisfactory results.

Is Hairroin Salon considered affordable, and do they ensure value for my investment?

The reviews highlight fairness in the salon's pricing and customers feeling that their services are a good investment, with instances of stylists offering discounts or only charging for the services needed.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hairroin Salon

Hairroin Salon
Shelby Sulak
5 months ago
FRANCESCA! She is a great communicator, (keeps u informed every step of the way) & a great listener who truly tries to figure out what you want. I felt so safe & comfortable in her hands. She also knows getting your hair done in LA can be pricey for some of us, so she makes sure it’s a good investment by being considerate and striving to do her best. On top of excellent results, she is also an excellent human. Her kindness, consideration and talent are one of a kind. She’s a true gem. Services: Haircut, Hair coloring, Balayage
Hairroin Salon
Ruth Jiang
2 days ago
Laura was fantastic! I came to Hairroin the same day I got a previous haircut as I wasn’t fully happy with the results. I explained the situation to her and she immediately knew what I had wanted and gave me the haircut of my dreams. I really appreciate that even though I had gone in for a haircut, she only charged me for a fringe trim after understanding my situation. I think I found my new favorite hair salon ❤️
Hairroin Salon
Alexia Berrou
a day ago
My first time with Joey and at this salon was great. He transformed my brunette hair into a gorgeous blond shade, and I couldn't be happier! Joey's both fun and professional. Love the color, love the cut… if you’re looking for a blond makeover, give him a try!
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About Hairroin Salon

Hairroin Salon is a unique and spacious hair salon located in the bustling and trendy neighborhood of Los Feliz. We feature top stylists and services including color, highlights/balayage, cuts, perms, extensions, Keratin treatments, & more. Hairroin is devoted to providing personalized attention to the fashion forward and service-oriented client via absolute mastery of hair art and all its intricacies. We are a welcoming and inclusive space, and we look forward to working with you soon!