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As of Apr 12, 2024, 425 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 12, 2024
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April 12, 2024

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Hair In The City's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Hair In The City is reflected positively throughout recent customer reviews. Clients consistently praise the salon for the expertise of their stylists, particularly mentioning Grace and Louise for their exceptional work on hair styling and colouring. Clients feel fulfilled by the personal attention given to understanding and executing their desired looks, which underscores the salon's commitment to customer satisfaction. The atmosphere of the salon is frequently described as welcoming, fun, and compatible with an upbeat city life. The reviews also emphasize the ability of the hairstyles to endure through events, and the value added by the salon's environment and amenities, such as a fancy coffee machine. It is evident that Hair In The City has fostered a loyal customer base through attentive service, adept skill, and a friendly ambience.

Positive Feedback

Hair In The City has forged an exemplary reputation as evidenced by its many satisfied clients. Key positive aspects of customer feedback highlight the stylist's proficiency in delivering a variety of styles and colour transformations while maintaining hair health. Customers are not only pleased with the end result but are also enthusiastic about the process, often citing stylists' communication skills, careful listening, and supportive guidance through both minor adjustments and significant changes. The salon garners appreciation for its lively yet relaxed atmosphere, which contributes to a complete and enjoyable salon experience. Its central location enhances convenience for customers seeking to integrate their appointments into broader city activities. Amenities like a high-quality coffee machine supplement the overall customer experience, showcasing the salon's attention to detail beyond hair services.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the feedback for Hair In The City is overwhelmingly positive, the reviews provided do not present significant negative aspects. Due to the positive nature of the data available, it is not feasible to objectively highlight key negative aspects of customer feedback without additional negative reviews or testimonials. It is noteworthy that high client satisfaction can at times overshadow minor issues that clients might experience but choose not to disclose, or the negative experiences may not be adequately represented in the current dataset.

Frequently asked questions about Hair In The City

Do the stylists at Hair In The City have experience with various hair colours and hair types?

Yes, the stylists at Hair In The City, especially those mentioned in reviews such as Grace and Louise, are noted for their expertise with a variety of hair colours and types, including challenging transformations while maintaining healthy hair.

Can I trust the salon to understand and execute the specific look I want?

Clients report that stylists at Hair In The City are excellent listeners and communicators, working closely with clients to ensure they understand and deliver the desired outcome satisfactorily.

Is Hair In The City a comfortable environment for someone who gets anxious about haircuts?

Feedback suggests that the salon offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, with stylists like Louise who are adept at putting clients at ease, making it suitable for those who typically feel anxious about getting their hair cut.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hair In The City

Hair In The City
Emma Ingram
2 months ago
Grace did my hair up for a wedding last Friday and she did the most amazing job!! She was super efficient which was much appreciated (as I was tight for time on the day.. absolutely no fault of hers!) It looked beautiful and I got so many compliments on it. More importantly it stayed put after many drinks and a night of dancing so I think sign of an impressive hair up! The girls in the salon said you were the goat of hair ups and I think it’s fair to say I’d agree from my experience 🤣 Thank you so much Grace xx
Hair In The City
L Young
4 months ago
I keep coming back to Hair in the City because they are hands down the absolute best (and I've tried a LOT of other places!) I've lost count of the times I've left with a huge smile on my face and hair I absolutely love. Everyone that works in the salon is lovely but Louise really is amazing, she listens to what you want and always knows exactly what to do. I haven’t had brassy hair since I found her. A miracle! Perfect every time. It’s a relaxed, fun, cool and modern happy place where you instantly feel at home. Very central so great when you also want to shop in the city centre, fairly priced (you won’t be ripped off) AND they have a fancy coffee machine! AMAZING! 🤩
Hair In The City
Anita Kane
4 months ago
From a walk in appointment, a few years ago to the present day. I have found the perfect hairdresser in Louise. I have always been 100% satisfied with my hair cut/colour. For a hairdressers in the heart of the City, there's no aloofness. You are made to feel welcome and relaxed. Its clear, clients needs are important and encouraging the next generation of hairdressers to adopt the same attitudes to customer care is key to this business.
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