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As of Jan 10, 2024, 282 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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George Dimov, Cpa's customer reviews analysis

George Dimov CPA garners a reputation for thorough and professional tax services, particularly for clients with complex tax situations. Customers often praise the firm for its expertise in dealing with diverse income streams, such as rental income across state lines, tax-advantaged entity structures, investments, and self-employment. The team's responsiveness and capability to manage detailed tax filings without prompting audits are repeatedly highlighted, indicating a high level of trust and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, areas such as organizational skills, efficiency, and accuracy have been pinpointed for improvement based on reports of multiple revisions and mismanagement of documents. Despite these hiccups, the firm's commitment to personalized service, expert consultation, and active problem resolution sustains its positive renown.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of George Dimov CPA as gleaned from the reviews include a high degree of professionalism, extensive tax knowledge, and a responsive and detail-oriented approach to customer service. The company's capability to handle intricate tax situations involving crypto and investment income, multi-state operations, and overdue filings, showcases their adaptability and expertise. Moreover, clients have confidence in their tax strategy and appreciate the peace of mind provided, especially in ensuring no trigger for audits. Clients also commend the personalized and patient approach during consultations, where the advisors elucidate complex tax concepts with clarity and provide tailored strategies to optimize tax positions.

Concerns and Threads

Notwithstanding the positive feedback, George Dimov CPA has received notable criticism focusing on the operational aspects of their service. Several reviews point out the need for stronger organizational skills, expressing dissatisfaction due to repetitive back-and-forth exchanges, errors in drafts, and loss of documents or information. These inefficiencies have led to a perception of inadequate careful preparation at times. Moreover, their pricing and alignment with customer value is questioned by a reviewer who associates the service fees with ’crazy NY prices’ and describes an unsatisfactory experience with what they perceive as underqualified staff for the fee charged.

Frequently asked questions about George Dimov, Cpa

Does George Dimov CPA have experience with handling tax issues for clients with diverse or complex income sources?

Yes, George Dimov CPA is recognized for their expertise in managing complex tax issues, including rental income from different states, tax-advantaged entity structures, crypto, investments, and self-employment income.

Can I expect George Dimov CPA to be responsive and provide personalized service?

According to customer feedback, George Dimov CPA is known for being responsive and offering personal attention to detail. They prioritize client engagement, tailor their advice to individual needs, and provide thorough consultation sessions.

Have there been any concerns raised about the accuracy and organizational skills of George Dimov CPA?

Some reviews have cited concerns regarding the firm's organizational efficiency. Clients have faced issues with document management, accuracy, and the need for multiple revisions before achieving the correct tax return.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for George Dimov, Cpa

George Dimov, Cpa
Kelley Tutwiler
2 months ago
The Dimov team did an excellent job with my tax filing. I had a special request for my tax filing as mark-to-market accounting status, and the team worked diligently have this done correctly. I also had rental income in a different state, as well as no copy of the prior year's return. The team worked around all of these nuances, and filed my taxes just in time. The group is very professional with excellent communication as well. Will be back for the years to come.
George Dimov, Cpa
Ben Chester
5 months ago
Dimov Tax has been an absolute game changer for me and I couldn't be happier with their service. They are responsive and extremely knowledgeable on how to build tax advantaged entity structures and legally minimizing taxes and audit risk. It has been a breath of fresh air having a team I can rely on with confidence that taxes are being taken care of properly without needing to second guess if we're truly taking the best approach. They are through and professional and exactly what I needed for my business. I could not recommend them more highly for anyone navigating complex taxes wanting peace of mind that they have a sound tax strategy in place. Investing in Dimov is one of the best business decisions I've made.
George Dimov, Cpa
Sylvia Chen
4 months ago
The Dimov team did a great job of preparing my complex tax return. I appreciated their expertise on complex tax topics, such as foreign and rental income. They do need some improvement in general organizational skills, efficiency, and accuracy. My return went back and forth many times before it was finally correct, there were errors during review, and documents/information were lost along the way. More careful preparation is needed.
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About George Dimov, Cpa


George Dimov CPA has 12 years of accounting & taxation experience. Industries audited/worked include individual taxation, corporate taxation, M&A consulting, technology, buy & sell-side finance, biotech, retail analysis, real estate accounting, and manufacturing.Education includes a Bachelor’s in Business as well as a Master’s in Accountancy. He holds two separate CPA licenses and is registered Federally as a Tax Preparer for all 50 states. The firm of George Dimov CPA is a registered audit firm.We provide assistance in English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, and Spanish.