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Published on
March 25, 2024
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March 25, 2024

What do customers think about Fraser Hart?

The reputation of Fraser Hart as evidenced by the customer reviews appears to be mixed, with a clear divide in the experiences reported by customers. On one side, many customers praise the exceptional service received from staff members, such as Lesley, Henry, Matty, Adam, and Andrew, who are described as warm, genuine, helpful, and knowledgeable. These employees have been credited with providing an engaging experience, guiding customers through purchase decisions, and offering a high level of customer service during important transactions such as selecting wedding bands or servicing engagement rings. On the other hand, multiple reviews convey significant dissatisfaction related to product quality and customer service issues. Customers have reported incidents of jewelry, particularly diamond rings, losing stones shortly after purchase, and not receiving adequate after-sales service when attempting to address these faults. Additionally, rude staff interactions, miscommunications, and inflexibility are mentioned, indicating inconsistencies in the customer service quality that can substantially impact the overall brand reputation.

Positive Feedback

Fraser Hart receives notable commendation for the performance of certain staff members who have positively impacted the customer experience. Employees like Lesley, Henry, Matty, Adam, and Runa are frequently mentioned for their exceptional service, patience, and expertise, particularly during key life moments such as wedding preparations. The staff are credited with fostering a welcoming atmosphere, from offering drinks to visitors, to ensuring that customers are well-informed and comfortable with their purchases. These positive interactions have resulted in several customers feeling valued, confident in their buying choices, and inclined to recommend Fraser Hart as well as return for future purchases. The diversity and range of stock are also appreciated, suggesting that the company accommodates a variety of preferences and needs.

Concerns and Threads

Despite positive experiences, several customers report critical issues that negatively affect Fraser Hart's reputation. Concerns regarding jewelry quality are prevalent, with incidents of stones falling out of rings soon after purchase, pointing towards potential deficiencies in craftsmanship or product durability. Additionally, customers express frustration with the perceived lack of reasonable after-sales support, including refusal to provide discounts or solutions when defects were presented, and one instance of having to resort to legal action to obtain a refund. In some cases, the staff's inability to answer questions or provide service in a courteous manner has contributed to adverse customer experiences. Such inconsistencies highlight areas where Fraser Hart could improve quality control and customer service to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Fraser Hart

What type of after-sales services does Fraser Hart provide for jewelry repairs or issues?

Fraser Hart offers maintenance and repair services for jewelry. However, customers' experiences with these services have been mixed. It is recommended to inquire directly with the store for specific after-sales policies and warranty provisions.

Do customers need to make an appointment for a consultation at Fraser Hart?

While the reviews do not explicitly state the need for appointments, customers have had positive experiences with staff during walk-ins. For a dedicated consultation, especially for significant purchases like wedding bands or engagement rings, booking an appointment might ensure personalized service.

Can discounts be negotiated at Fraser Hart, especially in case of product issues?

The reviews indicate that Fraser Hart may not always offer discounts even in the event of product issues. The store’s staff are reported to have refused a discount following a reported defect, so discount policies may vary and it's advisable to discuss directly with the store.

What are customers saying about Fraser Hart

Fraser Hart
Raf I
2 weeks ago
I had the most delightiul experience at Fraser Heart today while searching for wedding bands. Lesley provided exceptional service, guiding me through the selection process with patience and expertise. Her warm demeanour and attention to detail made me feel truly valued as a customer, l left feeling confident in my choice and excited for our upcoming wedding. Thank you, Lesley, and the Fraser Heart team, for making this milestone moment so memorable. Highly recommend! Date of experience: 06
Fraser Hart
emma brierley
5 months ago
Really disappointed with the jewellery we bought. We purchased all our wedding rings from Fraser Hart Trafford centre. Within the first month the diamond fell out of my engagement ring. We took the ring back and the ring was replaced due to a faulty claw on the ring. We then had to have my wedding ring resized as it was too big. Not long after a diamond fell out (déjà vu) we were quoted over £800 for this to be fixed and was told it was due to tough wear and asked what I did for a job? (I work in and office). We decided it would be cheaper to buy another ring. I've had both rings for just coming up to 4 years now and the diamond has fallen out of my engagement ring again!! This should not have happened all claws are intact as you can see from the picture. So now we are back to square one. A ring that is less than 4 years should not be falling apart and the fact it has happened before makes me think that it is the ring style. I will never be buying anything from you again and certainly would not be recommending your stored to anyone.
Fraser Hart
Alison Booth
6 months ago
I placed an order for a watch putting a deposit down, the lady took wrong email address, didn’t get my details so I had to chase them up all week to see if the watch would be here because it was a present. Got call to say it had arrived so went to get it. The staff could not answer simple questions about the watch and were quite rude. When inspecting the watch I noticed a scratch on the clasp, I pointed this out but was told there was nothing they could do apart from order another one. I reiterated it was a present and needed it then. I asked if they could at least give a discount but they refused point blank.I therefore told them I would like my deposit back. I am really disappointed after reading reviews how wonderful this “family run business “ was they can obviously afford to turn down a £1600 sale. The best thing was there was the same watch in the window which was never even mentioned! I will take my custom elsewhere
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