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What do customers say about Foxy Arboriculture?

As of Jan 17, 2024, 143 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Foxy Arboriculture's customer reviews analysis

Foxy Tree Specialists appear to hold an excellent reputation based on the array of positive reviews from customers. The key elements influencing the company's high standing include their professional conduct, punctuality, and the thoroughness of their tree services. Their team is often praised for going beyond the primary task to offer additional value, such as clearing unrelated garden waste or performing neighborly notifications ahead of potentially disruptive work. The company's pricing is consistently described as reasonable or offering the best value, indicating cost effectiveness is part of their appeal. The references to quick and efficient work with successful outcomes suggest that Foxy Tree Specialists have managed to strike a balance between swiftness and quality, contributing to an overall positive customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for Foxy Tree Specialists are numerous and notably consistent. Clients express a high level of satisfaction with the professionalism displayed by the team, which spans from communication to the execution of services. Punctuality and efficiency are repeatedly mentioned, with customers appreciating the respect for their time and the swift delivery of services. The quality of work is also highlighted, with specific mentions of skillful pruning and careful tree treatment. The ability of the team to provide helpful advice and ensure safety during their operations is seen as a significant plus. The attention paid to cleanliness and tidiness post-job completion is another recurring positive theme, as is the notion of Foxy Tree Specialists providing excellent value for the services rendered.

Concerns and Threads

Review data does not yield substantive negative aspects of customer feedback for Foxy Tree Specialists. This absence may indicate either a well-managed business with high standards for customer service and operational efficiency or a lack of representation from unsatisfied customers in the provided dataset. Since no specific negative experiences have been reported, it is not possible to identify areas of consistent concern or aspects of the service that may require improvement. This absence of criticism in the feedback should be considered in the context of the possibility that not all experiences have been captured in the reviews presented.

Frequently asked questions about Foxy Arboriculture

What types of tree services does Foxy Tree Specialists provide?

Foxy Tree Specialists offer a range of tree services, including pruning, trimming, pollarding, and safely managing tree health by removing dead branches. They appear to handle projects both big and small, catering to a variety of tree-related needs.

Are Foxy Tree Specialists recognized for timely and efficient service?

Yes, customers consistently praise Foxy Tree Specialists for their punctuality and efficiency. Reviews note that the team arrives on time and completes their work quickly without compromising the quality of their service.

Do Foxy Tree Specialists ensure cleanliness after completing a job?

Feedback strongly suggests that Foxy Tree Specialists are committed to leaving a work site clean and tidy. They are commended for their thorough clean-up after completing tree services, often leaving the garden or grounds in better condition than upon arrival.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Foxy Arboriculture

Foxy Arboriculture
Jeannie Dell
6 days ago
I can't recommend this company highly enough! From the initial contact to the completed job they were excellent. They pruned the large cherry tree in my front garden and as a little bonus shredded my Christmas tree too! Brilliant!
Foxy Arboriculture
5 months ago
We used Foxy recently and were extremely impressed. We had a row of huge leylandii trees that they took 40% off the top and trimmed the front and sides. The service was superb from start to finish and everyone we dealt with was friendly, polite and helpful. They were very professional and even knocked on the neighbours doors in the morning to inform them of the work being done. Added to which, they were by far the best value quote we received. I would highly recommend Foxy and will definitely be using them again.
Foxy Arboriculture
Lee Harrison-Carey
a month ago
Excellent work and a reasonable price. Arrived on time and did a great job cutting my magnolia back to size. Left no mess and were thoroughly professional throughout.
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About Foxy Arboriculture

Tree Services

Foxy arboriculture was founded by arborist, Michael Riddy, who has over 12 years experience specializing in all aspects of tree surgery and forestry. Our family run company is based in South East London. Our service area covers South East/South West London/Bromley, West Dartford & Croydon. We are a family run company who carry out domestic and contract work. Our staff have extensive experience working on large trees and can tackle any job with ease – NPTC qualified, insured, hardworking, friendly and always considerate. We hold CHAS and Alcumus Safe Contractor certificates and are members of The Arboricultural Association.