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Published on
March 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Fountain Medical Clinic?

Evaluating the Fountain Medical Clinic based on the provided customer reviews indicates a predominantly positive reputation, particularly in the domain of weight loss treatments. Patients commend the clinic for its professional and friendly staff, personalized treatment plans, and supportive environment. A recurring theme is the celebratory and encouraging attitude of the staff toward patients' weight loss achievements, along with a focus on health rather than just physical appearance. Reviewers appreciate tailored approaches that consider individual nutrition, exercise preferences, and lifestyle with an emphasis on privacy and dignity. However, there is a concern due to a lack of recent communication since 2020, which might suggest potential challenges with patient follow-up or availability during the pandemic period.

Positive Feedback

The primary strengths of Fountain Medical Clinic, as reflected in the recent reviews, include a highly professional staff that establishes a warm rapport with patients. The bespoke weight loss programs are also praised for accommodating individual needs and fostering a holistic approach to health and wellness. The sensitivity to patients' privacy during weigh-ins and the value placed on health improvements (e.g., joint health, energy levels, immune system) alongside weight loss is another aspect worth noting. The friendly and long-term engagement mentioned by repeat patients indicates a trust in the clinic's methods and outcomes, underscoring its reliability for effective weight loss management.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there are a few concerns. The most notable negative aspect is from a patient who reports an inability to contact the clinic since 2020. This implies potential issues with communication and continuity of care that could deter prospective clients, especially during times of crisis such as a pandemic. Additionally, while not explicitly noted as a negative in the reviews, the absence of any critical comments regarding the actual medical process or outcomes could hint at a possible self-selection bias in the feedback available.

Frequently asked questions about Fountain Medical Clinic

What kind of weight loss services does Fountain Medical Clinic offer?

Fountain Medical Clinic offers personalized weight loss programs that include nutritional guidance, exercise regimens, and individual support. They focus on helping clients lose weight in a healthy way, considering their personal schedules, dietary restrictions, and exercise abilities.

How does the staff at Fountain Medical Clinic support patients' weight loss journeys?

The staff at Fountain Medical Clinic has been described as professional, celebratory, and encouraging. They provide personalized treatment plans and maintain a private and supportive environment where individual health improvements are acknowledged and praised.

Are there any concerns I should be aware of before choosing Fountain Medical Clinic?

Some patients have experienced difficulties contacting the clinic, especially during unprecedented times like the pandemic. It is advisable to ensure the clinic's availability and responsiveness to patient communications before enrolling in their program.

What are customers saying about Fountain Medical Clinic

Fountain Medical Clinic
P Tisdale
3 years ago
I really like the staff and their professionalism. The staff has been warm every since I was introduced to the clinic at their old location. The doctor and the staff are really celebratory when you lose weight and encouraging throughout the process. Although I haven't been able to contact anyone at the clinic since 2020, I pray God everyone is healthy and safe during the pandemic. ~Pat~ Jan 19, 2021
Fountain Medical Clinic
Roxanna Cleary
2 months ago
Not only is this clinic very professional but they listen to your needs and respond with a plan that is designed just for you. Including nutrition, exercise and information that are beneficial to you as an individual. The staff aren’t just professionals but are caring and answer any questions you may have about your specific treatment. Their customer service is excellent. Anyone needing help getting back to a healthier you should try Fountain Medical Clinic.
Fountain Medical Clinic
Andrew Grossberg
5 years ago
Unlike other #weightloss clinics in Los Angeles, Fountain Medical works with you to be healthier instead of just skinnier. They work with your schedule, dietary restrictions and exercise capabilities. You are never weighed in front of anyone or shamed; it's private. Also they will let you know if you lost inches, have more energy, if you didn't lose weight but have gotten healthier. If you are an #actor a #model or someone looking for positive #motivation with your #health journey, this is the right place. Weight loss helps with joints, cholesterol and the body's immune system. It's not all about looking good naked. There are surgeons, spray tanning and photoshop for that. Everyone is very friendly and supportive!
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