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As of Mar 22, 2024, 221 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Floors Direct's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the overall company reputation of Floors Direct based on recent customer reviews reveals a mixed picture of their performance and service. Customers have praised the company for its selection of flooring materials, friendly and helpful staff, competitive prices, and the quality of the products. Positive feedback often cites good in-store service, a responsive online presence, and efficient delivery processes. However, some reviews point towards significant service failures including issues with product consistency, delivery reliability, and after-sales support. Instances of customers receiving damaged goods or incorrect products without satisfactory resolution have resulted in a sense of frustration and accusations of poor customer care, undermining the company's reputation. A notable aspect of discontent centers around the returns policy, which has inconvenienced customers by requiring them to arrange for product returns at their own expense. Overall customer experience appears to oscillate between satisfactory and disappointing, with the latter cases urging potential enhancements in quality control and customer service protocols.

Positive Feedback

Floors Direct has garnered commendations in areas of service and product offerings. Many customers speak highly of the flooring shop's ability to assist in product choice and the impressive range of options available. The Light Arch Oak LVT Herringbone, for example, has been highlighted as aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. Customers have also appreciated the helpful, non-aggressive sales approach by staff, as well as the availability of free samples that aid in decision-making. The product quality is acknowledged as good, with some customers expressing satisfaction in getting value for their money. The ease of parking has been mentioned as a logistical plus for in-store customers. Positive testimonials also praise the company's customer service in-store, reliable and prompt delivery, and capable professional flooring installation services offered by Floors Direct.

Concerns and Threads

Despite positive feedback in certain domains, Floors Direct has encountered criticisms that could impact its reputation adversely. A major point of contention revolves around customer service post-sale, notably when issues with product quality or delivery arise. Customers have reported various grievances including receiving incorrect or damaged products, which the company allegedly addressed with reluctance or inefficiency. The necessity for customers to shoulder the logistical and financial burden of returns adds to the dissatisfaction. Delivery schedules not being met and goods arriving damaged have further contributed to the negative experiences, as well as difficulties in securing refunds, with one customer having to recourse to a payment service dispute. These incidents have, in some cases, escalated to customers contemplating legal action and advising others not to patronize Floors Direct, suggesting an urgency for the company to improve its customer support and quality assurance processes.

Frequently asked questions about Floors Direct

What should I do if I receive a damaged or incorrect product from Floors Direct?

In the event of receiving damaged or incorrect goods from Floors Direct, customers are encouraged to contact the customer service team as soon as possible to report the issue. According to the reviews, while some customers faced challenges, it's prudent to document the concern with photographs and detailed descriptions to facilitate swift resolution.

Does Floors Direct offer installation services for the flooring purchased?

Yes, Floors Direct offers professional flooring installation services. Reviews indicate that customers have been satisfied with the efficiency and quality of the installation process carried out by the company's flooring professionals.

How does the quality of Floors Direct's flooring compare to the pricing?

Customers have reported that Floors Direct offers a good selection of quality flooring materials that align well with the prices. They're described as competitive in pricing, with many customers feeling they received good value for their investment. However, some reviews point out quality issues, suggesting variability, which merits careful selection.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Floors Direct

Floors Direct
Janet Ewen
a week ago
Beware ordering from this company. Ordered the same wood we'd ordered from them previously only to find when it arrived, it was completely different. Wouldn't refund us unless we organised a courier back to them. My husband ended up driving it to them as was cheaper. No offer of compensation or apology. Really poor service all round. No doubt they will respond to this review as I've seen on previous reviews with a reason or excuse...
Floors Direct
Oliver Dove
3 months ago
Really good flooring shop.. They helped us choose what we needed for new kitchen..Light Arch Oak LVT Herringbone looks great and competitively priced too.
Floors Direct
Wilson Chan
a year ago
Good service and really helpful. Very competitively priced. However have to make choice carefully because of many products come from Main-Land China. Excluding MIC should be fine.
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Floors Direct is a nationwide flooring supplier dedicated in delivering high quality, reliable and affordably cheap Laminate Flooring on Sale, LVT flooring, vinyl click flooring and wood flooring direct to your doorstep. We have a showroom based in Birmingham open to trade and public where you can click and collect your flooring on the same-day when ordered before 12pm subject to availability. Visit our showroom or place an order online to get the best deals on your flooring