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As of Feb 10, 2024, 642 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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First Mortgage's customer reviews analysis

First Mortgage appears to command a positive reputation based on a series of consistent and favorable customer reviews. Customers have praised the company for its tailored services, professionalism, and personability, citing long-term relationships spanning a decade that reflect reliability and trust in the firm's offerings. The responsiveness and proactive approach of agents like Ryan Kane, Jan, and team members Lesley and Chloe in handling mortgage and remortgage processes have been particularly lauded. The company's ability to keep clients apprised of better rates and options in a fluctuating market underpins its commitment to customer satisfaction. Recurring themes within the feedback include commendable communication, thorough explanations, and patience during the complex mortgage processes, presenting the company as an empathetic and customer-centric one.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for First Mortgage centers around the high level of customer service and personalized care. Agents are frequently commended for clear communication, staying in regular contact, and managing expectations efficiently during the mortgage process. Customer trust is bolstered by the company's transparency and informed guidance through intricate financial decisions. Notable agents such as Jan, Ashleigh, and Darren Cross have been singled out for going the extra mile and providing a comfortable experience. Moreover, customers are appreciative of the free service aspect, which is seen as adding significant value to the overall customer experience, reinforced by the competence and helpfulness of the staff in navigating first-time buys and remortgages alike.

Concerns and Threads

The customer feedback provided does not point towards specific negatives, as the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Without explicit mention of any dissatisfaction or criticism in the presented reviews, it is difficult to provide an accurate overview of negative aspects. Any potential drawbacks or less-than-favorable experiences with First Mortgage have not been documented in the given data set, suggesting either a notably high level of customer satisfaction or a lack of representation of dissatisfied customers in the selected reviews.

Frequently asked questions about First Mortgage

How does First Mortgage cater to first-time buyers?

First Mortgage offers tailored guidance and clear explanations of the mortgage process for first-time buyers, ensuring clients are informed and comfortable every step of the way. With dedicated agents answering questions patiently and navigating complex financial decisions, customers report the service as being very helpful and informative.

Can I trust First Mortgage to find me the best mortgage rates?

Customers have expressed satisfaction with First Mortgage's proactive approach in keeping them updated with the best available rates and deals, indicating that the company can be trusted to pursue the most favorable terms for their clients.

What kind of support can I expect from First Mortgage during the mortgage process?

Based on customer feedback, you can expect comprehensive support from First Mortgage, which includes professional and personable advice, ongoing communication regarding the best products, and a focus on ensuring the process is comfortable and stress-free.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for First Mortgage

First Mortgage
Darren Cooper
2 weeks ago
My wife and I have used First Mortgage for 10 years now and always get fantastic service tailored to our needs. We recently worked with Ryan Kane in 2024 and he has been brilliantly professional, whilst personable and open, discussing our options and requirements during phone conversations. He continued to stay in touch to ensure we have the best suited and affordable products available for our mortgage and covers. We now continue to work with the team until everything is finalised over the next 6 months. Thank you again, Darren and Sarah Cooper
First Mortgage
Keith Gibson
a month ago
Jan was absolutely fantastic to deal with. She made both myself and my wife very comfortable with the whole process, which can be stressful. Nothing was ever a problem and Jan's communication was excellent and we were informed during every step of our re mortgage application. I believe Jan and her colleagues (Ruby) go the extra mile for their clients and both myself and my wife are so grateful for this. I would highly recommend using First mortgage and cannot fault anything.
First Mortgage
Pam Willox
a week ago
Ashleigh and Amy were really helpful and professional. Another agent had renegotiated a new mortgage for me but when rates dropped I had to contact her to look at a better deal. Then later Ashleigh contacted me to say she could get a better deal for me again. I was really happy with that!
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