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Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston
Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston

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What do customers say about Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston?

As of Mar 06, 2024, 1766 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston's customer reviews analysis

Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston appears to maintain a positive reputation as a steakhouse with consistent mentions of excellent service and high-quality food across reviews. Customer experiences at this establishment are generally marked by a series of commendations for the courteous and attentive staff, especially noting individuals like Marcin, Leandra, and Janice for their professionalism and the personal touches they add to the guests' dining experiences. The cuisine, particularly steaks such as the 'Bife Costilla' and the sirloin, is frequently described as delicious and among the best patrons have consumed, which indicates a high standard of culinary execution. Yet, it is important to note some concerns about portion sizes being smaller than expected and changes in menu offerings over the years, such as the removal of included sides. Recognition is also given to the establishment's atmosphere, celebratory arrangements for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, and the added value through concoctions like unique cocktails and the El barrio card. However, a slight drawback mentioned is the stickiness of tables, suggesting a potential area for improvement in maintenance. Overall, the predominance of positive feedback underscores a solid customer satisfaction trend, contributing to the appealing image of Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects discerned from customer feedback for Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston are consistent and frequently centered around the quality of both service and food. Patrons describe the staff as warm, friendly, and proficient in their roles, leading to highly personalized service experiences. The staff's capability to maintain attentive service despite busy nights enhances the overall dining experience. The food, particularly their signature steak dishes like 'Bife Costilla' and the other various cuts of meat, receives high praise for its taste and preparation. Special admiration is directed towards the gastronomical delight of the starters and desserts, with specific mentions of the calamari, Manchego Cheesecake, and the empanadas as standout items. Additional elements such as the ambience of the venue, care shown during special occasions, and innovative offerings like unique cocktails contribute to the establishment's favorable image. These factors collectively solidify Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston's stature as a top-tier destination for steak connoisseurs and those looking for a memorable dining outing.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are some isolated remarks highlighting potential areas of improvement. Although the food is met with high praises in flavor and quality, critiques arise regarding the portion sizes, which some customers perceive as small relative to expectations, particularly the steak's accompaniments. A notable amount of attention is drawn to menu changes over the years, such as the exclusion of previously included items like steak sauce and fries which could affect value perception among some patrons. Cost reflection is also a subject of concern, with some customers noting the increased prices over the years. Mention of the tables being a little sticky, albeit a rare comment, suggests room for refinement in the establishment's cleanliness protocols. These critiques, albeit limited in frequency, indicate specific customer experiences that, if addressed, could further enhance the overall satisfaction for future patrons.

Frequently asked questions about Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston

Is Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely. Based on customer testimonials, Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston is well-regarded for making special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries memorable with attentive service, celebratory gestures such as complimentary prosecco, birthday candles, and singing.

Does Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston offer options for diners with dietary restrictions?

While not explicitly mentioned in the reviews, establishments of this caliber often cater to various dietary needs. It is recommended to contact the restaurant directly for specific dietary requests.

What are the standout dishes at Fiesta del Asado - Edgbaston?

The standout dishes, according to customer reviews, include the 'Bife Costilla', sirloin steak, starters like calamari, and desserts such as the Manchego Cheesecake and the apple empanada.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston

Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston
Stacey Fernyhough
a week ago
Delicious food & drinks. The service was absolutely brilliant. Especially our server Marcin, very professional, friendly and attentive. Can’t wait to visit again!
Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston
chieh ni
4 months ago
We went here to celebrate my birthday yesterday, the first time here and the food was amazing. I had the black sausage starter, stirloin steak, and churros dessert. Everything was good, just the portion is slightly small for my partner... but we both really enjoyed it and will come again.
Fiesta Del Asado - Edgbaston
Krizia Dayao
2 weeks ago
This is one of my favourite steak restaurants! We've been going here since 2017, and every single time we have always ordered the 'Bife Costilla'. Literally, that's all we ever eat here because it's so good! It's interesting how the Bife Costilla has changed over the years. The price has definitely gone up these last few years, but the size and weight has increased as well. There was a time when it came with steak sauce and fries, but now this isn't included in the price (probably because there's 1kg of meat already on the plate!) However, the quality and tenderness of the meat has always remained the same and this is why we always come back! Of course, great service from the staff as always! We have also seen some staff start from waitresses to becoming managers over the years, and although we are strangers to them, it's nice to see how they progress! Great place, amazing service, and outstanding food! Kid-friendliness: They have a nice selection on the kid's menu that's affordable!
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Argentinian barbecue dishes served in a smart dining room with dark wood tables and exposed bricks.