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As of Apr 25, 2024, 745 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Soft fresh tasty sushi

Found it very affordable

Seriously excellent place

Poor selection of sushi sets

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Esushi's customer reviews analysis

The collection of reviews for esushi suggests a generally positive reputation, with several key elements shaping the overall customer experience. Patrons frequently commend the quality and freshness of the sushi, the enjoyable ambiance, and the pleasantness of the staff. The Sake, Tea, and Bento boxes are highlighted as particularly enjoyable, along with the range of chef-recommended dishes like dragon fly and golden roll sushi. However, some reviews indicate areas for improvement, including the need for better vegan options and brighter interior lighting. Concerns were also expressed about the imposition of an automatic service charge and instances of slow service. The restaurant's pricing is described as being on the higher side, which might influence its accessibility for regular dining. The presence of lo-fi jazz music is frequently praised, adding to the overall dining atmosphere. Furthermore, the adherence to new health and safety norms, such as hand sanitizing and mask-wearing, has been noted as reassuring by returning customers.

Positive Feedback

Many customers express satisfaction with esushi, identifying the freshness and quality of the sushi as standout factors. The tasteful presentation and romantic ambiance also receive positive remarks, enhancing the dining experience. The Sake and Tea provided are well-appreciated, as is the variety of menu items, especially the chef's recommended sushi options. The service is generally described as quick and efficient, adding to the positive experience. The affordability and value for the portion sizes offered are also favorably mentioned by some patrons. Guests particularly enjoyed elements such as the soft lo-fi jazz music and the restaurant's ambience, suggesting that esushi creates a pleasing environment for dining out.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive responses, certain aspects of the experience at esushi were met with criticism. A vegan customer noted a lack of suitable options and the taste not meeting expectations, indicating room for improvement in the diversity of the menu. The dim lighting was a point of contention for another customer, who associated it with discomfort. A critique was aimed at the enforced service charge, which some patrons feel should be discretionary rather than mandatory. Instances of slow service, particularly in ordering drinks and the premature removal of dishes, have also been pointed out as detracting from the customer experience. Additionally, some customers suggest that prices may be considered high, affecting frequent patronage. Lastly, a recommendation for allergen notices and queries indicates a need for greater attention to dietary restrictions.

Frequently asked questions about Esushi

Does esushi have vegan options available?

esushi does offer vegan options, but the selection has been described as limited. It may be worthwhile for vegans to inquire about new menu items and suggestions the restaurant may have introduced.

Is there an automatic service charge added to the bill at esushi?

Yes, esushi adds a 10% service charge to the bill automatically. This practice has been noted by some customers and may factor into the overall evaluation of service and pricing.

Is esushi suitable for regular dining in terms of cost?

While some customers find esushi to be affordable and offer good value, others suggest that the prices may be on the higher side, which could affect the restaurant's suitability for frequent visits.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Esushi

Pearl Chux
2 weeks ago
Really enjoyed this experience. Soft fresh tasty sushi. The Sake was delicious! Loved the Tea Good presentation, and service. Romantic ambience
Shraboni Dey
2 months ago
The food was okay. Being a Vegan there weren't many options and taste wise it did not meet my expectations. They should add some more options maybe 🤔. I had vegetable Gyoza in the starter , in main course I had Tofu steak Don along with Miso soup 🍲 and a coke. One time try for vegans.
Unita Unita
4 months ago
I don't know but I think this place need more light. For me it just too dark. Apart from that, food and drink are taste good. They said that they use halal chicken, beef and duck. You can ask their staff for more detail information.
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