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As of Apr 16, 2024, 547 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 16, 2024

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Aka Sushi's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the company reputation of AKA SUSHI in Liverpool based on customer reviews reveals a generally positive overall customer experience intertwined with a few areas in need of improvement. The recurring commendations focus on the restaurant’s cleanliness, reasonable pricing, and the freshness of their offerings, particularly the sashimi and special rolls. Customers also appreciate the variety on the menu, ample portion sizes, and the authentic ambiance of AKA SUSHI, highlighted by terms like 'delicious', 'fresh', and 'beautifully presented'. Additionally, the recurring mention of the establishment being a 'go-to' destination for locals attests to its positive reputation. However, the feedback is not without critique, with some customers noting occasional inconsistencies in the sushi preparation, such as concerns over the freshness, seasoning, and temperature of the rice. The presence of a bone in salmon sashimi in one instance points to occasional lapses in meticulous attention to detail in food preparation. Service quality is noted as generally good but has been experienced as 'average' by some diners. These insights reflect a reputation that, overall, favors AKA SUSHI Liverpool, albeit with opportunities for refining the culinary experience to ensure consistent quality across all dishes.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for AKA SUSHI Liverpool emphasizes several key aspects of the dining experience. The cleanliness of the establishment is consistently praised, contributing to the atmosphere and suggesting a well-maintained environment. The food quality, notably sushi and sashimi, is frequently described as fresh and delicious, with the generous portion sizes offering good value for the price. The menu’s variety, including options like bento boxes, sushi, noodles, and unique offerings like the special rolls, cater to a breadth of tastes and are deemed worth trying. The presentation of dishes is noted to be visually appealing, enhancing the overall dining experience. Additionally, customers find the service to be friendly and commend the restaurant's central location. An open kitchen that allows diners to observe the chefs at work adds an authentic touch. The positive impressions extend to the restaurant's beverages, with special mention of the virgin mojito. The efficient takeout service (via Deliveroo) also contributes positively to the diner’s convenience. These aspects combined form a robust foundation for customer satisfaction and reinforce AKA SUSHI's positive reputation within Liverpool.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive reception, AKA SUSHI Liverpool has some areas highlighted by customers as needing improvement. Issues with sushi preparation draw the most criticism, notably concerning the temperature of the rice; sushi is reported to be warm at times, which deviates from traditional expectations. The rice seasoning and sushi roll size also received occasional critique, with some rolls being described as overly large and unwieldy. A more concerning critique comes from instances where the sushi's freshness was questioned, with one report of a large, visible bone found in salmon sashimi, indicating a lapse in the chef’s attention to the meticulous preparation required for sushi. Moreover, while some customers rave about the service, others describe it as only average, suggesting potential inconsistencies. The atmosphere, while generally clean and appreciated, is accompanied by remarks on the higher price point of some dishes. Additionally, the sushi and sashimi platter sometimes gave customers the impression of being recently defrosted rather than fresh. These areas of criticism, though not pervasive, are areas where AKA SUSHI Liverpool could focus on to ensure a consistently high-quality experience for all customers.

Frequently asked questions about Aka Sushi

Are there options for various dietary needs on AKA SUSHI Liverpool's menu?

Yes, AKA SUSHI Liverpool offers a varied menu, including a selection of sushi, bento boxes, noodles, and other dishes that may cater to different dietary preferences. However, for specific dietary requirements, it is advisable to check with the restaurant directly.

Is AKA SUSHI Liverpool kid-friendly?

Yes, AKA SUSHI Liverpool is considered kid-friendly with options that appeal to children. Reviewers have noted that their kids enjoyed their meals, suggesting a menu that is adaptable to younger patrons.

How does AKA SUSHI Liverpool handle food delivery?

AKA SUSHI Liverpool operates a brisk trade through Deliveroo for food delivery services. Though they have adjusted their delivery radius in the past, customers are suggested to check the current delivery options directly on the Deliveroo platform or by contacting the restaurant.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Aka Sushi

Aka Sushi
a z
2 months ago
Not my first time coming here! I love this place a lot, it’s very clean & the food is just the best🌟🍱🍣 I recommend you to try their sushi’s. Worth the price and is not expensive.
Aka Sushi
Dominic NG
4 months ago
A nice Japanese restaurant for fast and quick bites of Japanese foods. Service was good. Bit disappointed with the sushi- warm rice, lack of rice seasoning. However they did allow me to swap out the Tamago from the set platter. The portion of the rolls was massive and tasted quite reasonable. Price is also reasonable.
Aka Sushi
Nur Syafinah Yaacob
4 months ago
The food was nice. Good portion for the price. The cut of the sashimi is really thick compared to other sushi places I've been to. I will definitely come again and try other dishes!
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Bright, casual Japanese eatery turning out specialty sushi rolls & handmade noodles.