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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Yo! Sushi

Analyzing the latest reviews for YO! Edinburgh Princes St, the overall company reputation appears to be a blend of satisfaction and mild discontent among customers. Recurrent positive notes include the convenient location with views of Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle, and commendable service from friendly staff. The atmosphere and unique dining experience with a conveyor belt system and acceptance of discounts such as Blue light and student discounts are also highlighted as positives, catering to diverse diners including solo eaters. However, there are cited concerns regarding the value proposition, with some customers finding the cuisine 'sub par,' overpriced, or in some cases both. The limited selection on the carousel and quality inconsistencies with dishes being too dry or poorly presented have detracted from the dining experience. Cleanliness issues specifically mentioned are dirty toilets, which signal a lapse in hygiene standards that could deter future patronage.


Positive customer feedback for YO! Edinburgh Princes St often emphasizes the restaurant's prime location with impressive views and its speedy and friendly service. Most customers seem to appreciate the atmosphere and unique dining experience provided by the conveyor belt system, which adds an element of novelty to the meal. The staff is repeatedly commended for their friendliness and attentiveness, contributing to a welcoming environment. Moreover, the variety of discounts available to certain groups such as students and Blue light cardholders are positively received. The new menu items, particularly dumplings and kimchi salad, have been described as delicious by customers. The flexibility and comfort for solo diners have also been praised, bolstering the restaurant's inclusive ambiance.


Negative aspects highlighted in the customer feedback for YO! Edinburgh Princes St center chiefly on the perceived value for money and food quality. Some customers consider the restaurant's offerings to be overpriced relative to the portion size and taste, finding greater value at nearby competitors. The limited selection and presentation of available dishes on the carousel are perceived as lackluster, and in some cases, prepared food like Teriyaki beef bowls were described as dry and lukewarm, detracting from the dining experience. Additionally, critical complaints about cleanliness have arisen, particularly in reference to the restaurant’s toilets. Accessibility issues have also been noted, with out-of-order escalators and uncertainty regarding the availability of an elevator for wheelchair access. Furthermore, an experience involving poor customer service was mentioned, souring the overall impression for those individuals.

Frequently asked questions about Yo! Sushi

Does YO! Edinburgh Princes St have a good selection of vegetarian options?

Yes, customers have noted that YO! Edinburgh Princes St offers a variety of vegetarian options, from small plates to full meals, providing a decent range of choices for vegetarians.

Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible?

There have been concerns raised about wheelchair accessibility, as the restaurant is located upstairs and there may be issues with the escalator being out of order. Potential customers are advised to check with the restaurant directly regarding current accessibility accommodations.

Are there any discounts available at YO! Edinburgh Princes St?

Yes, YO! Edinburgh Princes St accepts Blue light and student discounts. Customers are advised to inquire about any current promotions or discounts at the time of their visit.

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Yo! Sushi
7 months ago
We went in just before 9, there was not a lot of sushi on the belt. Ordered from the menu and it was very tasty, but veeeeery expensive for what it was. 400m further there is a different sushi place, can get more and a bit tastier food for the same price. The view to the castle is great!
Yo! Sushi
John Ross
2 months ago
A handy location, with great views along Princes Street. Just find the small front door facing the gardens and castle. Good service from all the staff, but I find YO food generally a little sub par these days. The usual limited selection on the carousel, and my Teriyaki beef bowl was very dry and barely warm. YO just doesn't score so highly on my flavour to cost ratio these days, but it's a friendly place to eat, with speedy service.
Yo! Sushi
a month ago
First solo dining experience in Yo! but it really doesn't matter a dot if you're on your own it's designed for it and I have to say it was amazing not having to consider anyone else when I was looking at the menu đŸ¤£ the new dumplings are amazing, kimchi salad was delicious, all washed down with unlimited miso. Great views of the gallery and princes street if you bag a window seat and there were plenty of spaces. Top choice. Blue light and student discount accepted. Parking: City centre so no car parking available for Yo! Wheelchair accessibility: It's all upstairs and the escalator was out of order and I didn't see an elevator so I don't think it's that accessible but I might be wrong
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