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As of Jan 12, 2024, 103 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Elder's customer reviews analysis

Elder's company reputation reflects a split in customer experiences. While there are testimonials praising the company for its supportive stance towards carers, and admirable responsiveness in arranging live-in care, there are also severe criticisms. Key positives include coverage of travel and food expenses, flexibility in placements, and the ability to accommodate carer preferences regarding client characteristics. Conversely, some reviews highlight issues with carer expertise, especially concerning the use of specialist equipment, suggesting a mismatch between client needs and services provided. Complaints also reference poor handling of situations when clients fall ill, inadequate management communication, and a perception of prioritizing profit over quality care. Such dichotomy indicates inconsistent service quality from Elder, which seems to fluctuate based on individual circumstances and potentially internal management or policy challenges.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Elder centers on its supportive nature and attention to the well-being of its carers. Carers mention being provided with the right placements, and commend the agency for offering financial benefits including adequate pay and coverage of travel and food costs. The availability of continuous training and an efficient communication system are also well-regarded. Additionally, the flexibility in choosing long- or short-term placements allows carers to maintain work-life balance. The feedback suggests that Elder succeeds in creating a favorable environment for its employees, which can translate to better care for clients.

Concerns and Threads

Critical feedback for Elder highlights several shortcomings. There have been reports of misinformation regarding carers’ expertise with specialist equipment, leading to situations where vital care needs are unmet. This raises questions about the screening and training of Elder's workforce. Other notable concerns include allegations of financial exploitation and a lack of managerial support during critical times, such as when a client falls ill. Some customers feel that the agency fee is unjustifiably high, describing the operation as profit-centric rather than care-focused. Poor communication from management further compounds these issues, suggesting overall inconsistency in service and perceived negligence of client well-being.

Frequently asked questions about Elder


How does Elder ensure that carers have the necessary expertise for specific client needs?


Elder claims to provide continuous training opportunities for its carers through their training website, although customer experiences suggest that this may not always translate into carers being properly vetted or trained for specialist equipment. Prospective clients are advised to discuss specific care requirements in detail with Elder representatives and seek confirmation of carers' expertise.


What kind of support can carers expect when working with Elder?


Carers can expect support from Elder in various aspects of their job roles. This includes the provision of right placements, adequate pay, reimbursement for travel, continuous training, and efficient communication systems. The company offers both email and phone support to address any queries or issues that may arise.


What happens if an Elder carer cannot provide care due to a client's illness?


Some reviews indicate that Elder may not provide reliable support in situations of client illness, with instances cited where care was withdrawn without adequate notice. However, there are also accounts where Elder has arranged care on short notice. It is crucial for potential clients to discuss contingency plans and the handling of emergency situations with the agency prior to engaging their services.


Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Elder

John Ashford
5 months ago
This agency is a K19 scam. Our family member used this agency for over 3 years ( knowledge of specialist equipment was required ) account manager and carers gave misleading information to get the booking stating that the carers had the relevant knowledge and experience to use the equipment ( vital ) 90% of the carers that came to the house refused to do the work that was vital and all the complaints made to this agency regarding unethical practice was endorsed and coverd up. For 3 years we were mislead into believing that we were getting a professional service, but in actual fact our family member was financially abused by paying for a service that was not fit for purpose.
Eve Clarke
a year ago
Elder is an excellent care employer. They try their best to offer the right placements to their carers. They are very supportive in all aspects of the job role. Elder pay is adequate. They also pay fares to and from the placements. Refresher courses can be done via their training website. This allows carers to keep up to date with all the training provided and to update their knowledge accordingly with any changes. Elder staff efficient and are on the end of the phone and can also be contacted by emails with all queries / issues the carers may wish to raise or discuss.
Karen Loa
a year ago
Elder is really the best care company to work for! They care about your well-being and are always available via email or phone call. They have amazing clients and the pay is great. Additionally, food and travel expenses are covered. This company has taken the time to understand the types of environment that carers need in order to thrive. For example, you can filter whether you want to work with a client that is prejudiced or has pets. Lastly, working with elder allows you to still live your life as you have the option to pick long-term placements or short-term placements.
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