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What do customers say about Ecobel Med Spa?

As of Apr 08, 2024, 309 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 8, 2024
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April 8, 2024

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Ecobel Med Spa's customer reviews analysis

Ecobel Med Spa appears to garner a strong reputation, as evidenced by an array of positive customer testimonials. Clients frequently praise the professional and personalized services received, particularly highlighting the expertise and care provided by staff members such as Kayla, Ashley N, Ashley K, and Eboni. The spa is commended for its welcoming atmosphere, and the front desk staff are noted for their friendliness and ability to make clients feel like family. A significant number of reviewers commend the natural and pleasing results of their treatments, especially lip fillers, and a number of customers express intent to return or become members, emphasizing satisfaction and loyalty. However, there are instances of dissatisfaction regarding the outcome of some procedures, with one client experiencing uneven lip fillers resulting in distress and inconvenience due to geographical limitations for corrective procedures. These situations, while less frequent, point to the importance of managing expectations and aftercare, especially for out-of-state clients.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Ecobel Med Spa centers on several key aspects. Numerous reviews focus on the individual attention and customized care provided by specialists like Kayla and Eboni, who are celebrated for creating effective treatment plans, giving useful skincare advice, and delivering desired aesthetic results. Clients find the atmosphere of the spa to be welcoming and professional, with staff members such as Katelyn and Christa enhancing the experience through their warmth and engaging approach. The repeated commendations for natural-looking results, particularly with lip fillers, suggest a high level of skill and attentiveness from practitioners like Ashley N. The readiness of customers to return and the decision of some to become members are strong indicators of customer satisfaction and a positive endorsement of the spa's services.

Concerns and Threads

While Ecobel Med Spa generally receives positive reviews, there are some reports of negative experiences that merit consideration. One client recounted an issue with an uneven lip filler result, which was particularly distressing due to the inability to return for corrective treatment because of living out of state. This incident underscores the potential challenges in expectation management and highlights a gap in post-treatment support for non-local clients. This underscores the need for robust follow-up protocols and effective communication about what clients should anticipate post-treatment, particularly when it comes to potential complications and their resolution.

Frequently asked questions about Ecobel Med Spa

What kind of pre-appointment consultation can I expect at Ecobel Med Spa?

Ecobel Med Spa provides personalized consultations where specialists like Kayla or Eboni will discuss your skin concerns, create a treatment plan tailored to your needs, and offer advice for an at-home skincare routine.

How does Ecobel Med Spa handle post-treatment concerns or complications?

The team at Ecobel Med Spa, including practitioners such as Eboni, deals with post-treatment concerns by acknowledging client feedback, offering corrective solutions, and recommending future procedures when appropriate. However, it's advisable for out-of-state clients to discuss follow-up care and contingency plans in case of any issues after treatment.

How are the results from treatments such as lip fillers at Ecobel Med Spa?

Many clients report natural and satisfying results from treatments like lip fillers performed by specialists such as Ashley N and Eboni. Clients appreciate the professional and gentle approach, which results in compliments and a desire for continued services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Ecobel Med Spa

Ecobel Med Spa
Adriana Abufele
4 weeks ago
I had a facial done with Kayla and I cannot recommend her and this place highly enough! I was having some skin concerns and Kayla created a perfect treatment plan for me. Plus she went above and beyond by helping me figure out the best skincare routine for me. It was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to go back next month!
Ecobel Med Spa
Brynlee Hunter
2 months ago
I have been coming to Ecobel Med Spa for over a year and I absolutely love the staff and atmosphere. The two receptionist Katelyn and Christa have always made me feel like family here at this med spa. They both are so friendly, welcoming and patient. If I could give this med spa 10 stars I definitely would. I have had two lip fillers done by Ashley N and she was very professional, gentle and a perfectionist. I love how Ashley N gives your lips a very natural look but also very full. I get compliments on my lips all the time thanks to Ashley N. Today I have decided to officially become a member here at Ecobel Med Spa after receiving chin and cheek fillers from Ashley K and I can’t wait to experience all the amazing work these sweet ladies do. Ashley K was very kind, patient and she answered all my questions which made me feel very comfortable. Thank you Ecobel Med Spa for your Top Tier service.
Ecobel Med Spa
Elaine Baker
3 days ago
I love Ecobel! They are so professional, and they are helping me so much! They really know what to do they help my aging skin look beautiful. Thank you Ecobel. I will be back next week!
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