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Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling
Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling

Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling Reviews Summary

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What do customers say about Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling?

As of Feb 15, 2024, 7 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the reviews provided for Dr. Melissa Estavillo reveals a strong positive consensus regarding her professionalism, caring approach, and the quality of care she provides. Multiple clients praise her attentive listening, helpful guidance, and the absence of judgment or unwarranted guilt in her therapeutic practice. Notably, continuation of care through follow-ups is mentioned, suggesting a commitment to ongoing patient support. A recurrent theme is her effectiveness in assisting clients through challenging times, which implies that her methods and advice are not only valued but also result in tangible progress. Conversely, one aspect negatively impacting Dr. Estavillo's company reputation, from an economic perspective, is the mention of a fee increase that potentially makes her services less accessible to some clients. Nevertheless, high referrals and satisfaction among those who can afford her services indicate a generally outstanding reputation in her field.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for Dr. Melissa Estavillo underscore her exceptional therapeutic skills, as reflected in her attentive listening and providing actionable steps towards improvement. Her approach is noted as non-judgmental, fostering an environment free of undue guilt, which is appreciated by clients. The practice of regular patient follow-up by mail, even years after therapy, demonstrates a deep-seated dedication to her clients' continued well-being. Additionally, high referral rates from other professionals to Dr. Estavillo suggest a strong trust in her competencies and a prevailing perception that she provides a superior standard of care. This level of professionalism and empathy contributes to a high level of customer satisfaction and a strong positive company image.

Concerns and Threads

The majority of the reviews are highly favorable; however, one aspect of negative feedback concerning Dr. Melissa Estavillo's services is financial accessibility. A client expressed regret at no longer being able to afford sessions due to a significant price increase to $200 per session. This indicates that while the quality of service is undoubtedly high, the cost may be a barrier for some existing or potential clients. It emphasizes the importance of considering the economic diversity of clients in setting prices while maintaining top-tier service quality. This single but significant concern about affordability could influence the decision-making of prospective patients with budgetary constraints.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling

What therapeutic approaches does Dr. Melissa Estavillo use in her sessions?

Dr. Melissa Estavillo is noted for her attentive listening and providing actionable steps toward clients' success. Her approach is characterized as empathetic, non-judgmental, and professional.

Does Dr. Estavillo provide any form of follow-up care after therapy?

Yes, Dr. Melissa Estavillo is known to maintain contact through follow-ups via mail even years after the therapy sessions have ended, indicating a commitment to her clients' ongoing well-being.

Is the cost of therapy with Dr. Estavillo manageable for all clients?

The cost of sessions with Dr. Melissa Estavillo has been mentioned as a concern for some clients due to an increase in session prices to $200. This may be a barrier for potential or ongoing clients with limited budgets.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling

Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling
Sam Gray
6 years ago
Dr Melissa Estavillo (Melissa) is one of the most amazing and special people, and Doctors. Her complete attention (listening) to providing attainable steps to success, without any unearned guilt and no judgement. This is my first review on Google ever and Dr Estavillo deserve 10 stars. She helped me through an amazingly difficult time and is instrumental in the progress. She is an amazing doctor, who truly cares. It has been a few years since I've been in and I still receive follow ups via mail. She changed my life, the road is not easy. However she will do all she can to make you succeed. My Suggestion: **Be prepared and blunt / wishy washy is not useful and does not facilitate growth. Thank you for all you do Doctor Estavillo!
Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling
Guadalupe Espinoza
5 years ago
The Dr. Estavillo is amazing after going to 2 different ones I found her and she is the best. Unfortunately with the raise of the sessions to $200, I will not be seeing her anymore. Customer service is great and usually that is what I base on. However, price is very important aswell. Thank you.
Dr. Melissa Estavillo, Psy.D - Biltmore Psychology & Counseling
Hive Healing House
4 years ago
I have referred my patients to Dr. Melissa Estavillo for years with great success. Dr. Melissa is compassionate and professional. If you are looking for excellent care and experienced practitioners, Biltmore Psychology is for you!
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