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Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists
Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists Reviews Summary

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What do customers say about Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists?

As of Feb 15, 2024, 142 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists's customer reviews analysis

KINGSPOINT Foot and Ankle Specialists, led by Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, has garnered a reputation for professionalism, cleanliness, and thoroughness based on recent patient reviews. The overall customer experience with this practice is shown to be positive, marked by appreciative comments for the responsive and welcoming staff, as well as for the thoughtful gestures like accommodating patients who are in pain. Dr. Tehrani himself is repeatedly praised for his caring and attentive nature, his readiness to answer questions, and his ability to diagnose and effectively treat various foot and ankle issues. Recurring themes in the reviews are related to his ability to listen and genuinely engage with his patients, eschewing rushed judgments in favor of a careful and considerate approach to diagnosis and treatment. Despite a high level of busyness in his schedule, Dr. Tehrani appears to retain attention to detail and maintains timely and efficient handling of cases, including more complex Workers' Comp cases.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for KINGSPOINT Foot and Ankle Specialists center around Dr. Tehrani's excellence in patient care, which includes his charm, knowledge, and the expeditious resolution of foot problems. The personal touch provided by the staff, their organization, and the cleanliness of the facilities further contribute to the practice's commendable reputation. Besides the technical expertise, the compassion and commitment Dr. Tehrani demonstrates stand out. Patients report feeling heard, understood, and valued, which enhances their overall experience. The ability of Dr. Tehrani and his team to handle paperwork swiftly and seamlessly, especially for complex administrative cases, is also highly praised. The overall impression is that the practice provides efficient, effective, and enjoyable experiences, cultivating trust and satisfaction among their patients.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback, one isolated negative aspect mentioned is an observation of an assistant who appeared to be upset or in a bad mood, which slightly marred an otherwise pleasant visit. Such instances underline the importance of staff demeanor on patient perception of care. However, it appears as an exception in a sea of positive remarks and does not significantly detract from the overall high standing of the practice.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists

What types of foot and ankle problems can Dr. Tehrani treat?

Dr. Tehrani is experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot and ankle issues, including but not limited to plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, and persistent pains that may have been inadequately addressed by other treatments.

Is KINGSPOINT Foot and Ankle Specialists equipped to handle emergency appointments?

While highly busy, Dr. Tehrani is known to make time for urgent cases when possible, as reflected by a review where a patient with a sprained ankle was accommodated despite the full schedule.

Does Dr. Tehrani accept Workers' Comp cases?

Yes, Dr. Tehrani and his staff are accustomed to managing Workers' Comp cases and are praised for handling associated paperwork efficiently and making the whole process convenient for patients.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists
Jen Villa
9 months ago
Professional, clean and thorough. From start to finish of the visit… it was a pleasant experience. One of the assistants seemed upset/ in a bad mood but other than that, everything seemed to be on point. The receptionist was thoughtful - she noticed I was in pain and suggested to have me roomed so I don’t have to sit and get up again. It’s the little things. Doctor Tehrani has great explanations, kind and seemed to really care. Easy to talk to and ask questions.
Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists
Karen Nalle
8 months ago
I actually like going to the S Central office, as the girls there are lovely and its a great space. Dr Tehrani always fixes my foot problems simply and quickly. He is charming, knowledgeable and fun! He is world class and we are so lucky to have his young talent available to us!!
Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists
Veronica Antico
5 months ago
I personally loved him. He really listens to you. I’ve been treated by Kaiser and after a very bad experience I decided to get another opinion. Very happy I did!
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About Dr. Benjamin Tehrani, Dpm - Kingspoint Foot And Ankle Specialists

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