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Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone

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Published on
February 13, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone?

The comprehensive reviews for Center for Foot and Ankle Excellence indicate a largely positive reputation, with many customers reporting satisfaction with the level of care and expertise provided by Dr. D'Ortone and his staff. Patients frequently highlighted the thoroughness of examinations and the attentiveness of service. The knowledge and ability of Dr. D'Ortone to diagnose and treat issues beyond the immediate complaints were notably appreciated. However, a few reviews reveal certain dissatisfaction, particularly referencing the physical condition of the office environment and a case where treatment did not meet the patient's expectations financially or medically.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Center for Foot and Ankle Excellence are evident in the recurring themes of professionalism, attentiveness, and thorough care provided by the staff and Dr. D'Ortone. Several patients praised the clinic for the comprehensive examinations that extended beyond the immediate issue, suggesting a holistic approach to podiatric health. The staff's patience and the willingness to explain conditions and treatments in detail also emerged as significant factors in creating an overall satisfying customer experience. The quick service and friendly atmosphere were other positive trends, contributing to the center's commendable reputation.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the majority of positive feedback, there are notable negative experiences voiced by patients. One pressing concern is the suboptimal physical condition of the office, described as 'old and outdated,' which might impede the patient's perception of professionalism. Additionally, the open-door policy during appointments is a privacy concern that may make some patients uncomfortable. The fiscal aspect also came under scrutiny, with one patient recounting financial burden due to a seemingly ineffective and costly treatment plan, leading to a critique of the center as being financially impractical for some.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone

What can I expect during my first visit to Center for Foot and Ankle Excellence?

During your initial visit, you can expect a thorough physical examination that may include your legs and hips, addressing the primary reason for your visit as well as detecting any other potential issues. Dr. D'Ortone and his staff prioritize a comprehensive approach to your foot health.

How is the staff at Center for Foot and Ankle Excellence?

The staff at the center are repeatedly described as patient, very concerned, attentive, professional, and friendly. The team's priority appears to be ensuring patient comfort and understanding of treatments and conditions.

Are there any concerns about the physical environment of the Center for Foot and Ankle Excellence?

Some patients have expressed concerns about the office being old and outdated. If a modern facility is important to you, this is a factor to consider when choosing your podiatry provider.

What are customers saying about Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone

Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone
Robert Braun
2 months ago
This was my first visit with Dr. D'Ortone, and I was quite impressed! He is very knowledgeable and engaging, and he went out of his way to make sure that I would be treated not only for the reasons that had motivated my visit, but also for several other issues that he found when he performed a very thorough physical examination--not just of my feet, but my legs all the way up to my hips. Good work, Doc !!!
Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone
Dina Harvey
a week ago
Great experience. The staff were very patient, concerned and attentive to my needs and questions. The Dr. listened and explained my condition and answered all my questions.
Dr. Kenneth J. D'Ortone
Mitch P
2 months ago
The people there are nice, the doctor did a great job helping me and explaining what I needed to do to relieve my foot pain. BUT… the office is old and outdated, the doors to all of the patient rooms were left open the entire appointment, and there are no online payments.
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Patients have been relying on excellent care from The Center of Foot & Ankle Excellence for decades. In fact, Dr. Kenneth J. D’Ortone and his staff have become fixtures in the Philadelphia, PA community-taking care of patients at the same location for 25 years.Dr. D’Ortone has built his excellent reputation as a neighborhood podiatrist by developing relationships with his patients, educating and partnering with them to achieve long-term solutions for their feet, heels, and ankle complications.Patients receive excellent podiatric care including heel pain solutions, laser treatments, on site x-ray, vascular assessment with HVCC and, when necessary, forefront surgery and other surgical solutions. In addition, Dr.