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Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist
Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist

Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist?

Reflecting on the latest customer reviews for Philadelphia Podiatrist, the overall company reputation appears to be exceptionally positive. Patients commend the professionalism and politeness of the receptionist, Chloe, consistently highlighting the efficiency of the check-in process. Medical staff, including Dr. Austin, are repeatedly praised for their caring and attentive approach to patient care. The office's ability to promptly manage appointments suggests a well-organized and patient-oriented practice. Reviews frequently mention the team's devotion to accommodating patients with disabilities, a testament to their commitment to inclusive and thorough care. Dr. Brooks is specifically acknowledged for her expertise and compassionate treatment of diabetic neuropathy, adding to the high professional standards associated with the clinic. Negative feedback is scarcely found within the given reviews, indicating a pattern of satisfaction that contributes to the establishment's esteemed reputation.

Positive Feedback

The Philadelphia Podiatrist team garners significant praise for their patient care, with several key aspects standing out. Receptionist Chloe is noted for her polite and professional demeanor, ensuring the check-in process is smooth. Both Dr. Austin and Dr. Brooks receive accolades for their exceptional service, insightfully addressing patient issues and providing specialized care. The medical assistant, Toran, is lauded for his knowledge and assistance, underscoring the team's hands-on and helpful nature. The staff is also recognized for their patience and supportive treatment towards severely disabled patients, indicating a high level of empathy and patient engagement. The ease of scheduling and swift accommodation for emergency appointments further underscore their commitment to accessibility and responsiveness.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided overwhelmingly favor the services and staff of Philadelphia Podiatrist, a critical analysis points to minor areas for potential improvement. One isolated instance mentions a patient's own 'poor planning' leading to a rushed experience with Dr. Diamond, which, though handled graciously, suggests that appointment duration and patient time management could be an area of focus to ensure both efficiency and thoroughness in care. The absence of explicit negative feedback makes it challenging to identify systemic issues within the practice. However, the singular mention of rushing indicates the importance of meticulous time allocation to maintain the integrity of patient care and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist

How accommodating is Philadelphia Podiatrist with emergency appointments?

Philadelphia Podiatrist is noted for promptly managing emergency appointments, with patients expressing satisfaction at the ability to receive immediate medical attention when required.

Is the staff at Philadelphia Podiatrist equipped to handle patients with disabilities?

Yes, the staff at Philadelphia Podiatrist is frequently commended for their patience and specialized care towards patients with disabilities, ensuring an inclusive and comprehensive experience.

Can I expect personalized care and attention during my visit to Philadelphia Podiatrist?

Absolutely, the medical professionals at Philadelphia Podiatrist, including Dr. Austin and Dr. Brooks, are recognized for their attentive, informative, and thorough approach to patient care.

What are customers saying about Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist

Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist
Chris Kassab
a week ago
AMAZING Care team! Dr. Austin is fantastic. The receptionist Chloe was very polite and professional she made checking in quick and easy! The medical assistant Toran was also very helpful in answering any questions I had while waiting for the dr. From doing my X-rays and figuring out my brace he was very knowledgeable and helpful. All of the staff is very patient since I am severely disabled. They made my experience the best. I will be recommending them to anyone.
Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist
Pedro Valencia
a week ago
I am so glad I made my appointment to see Dr. Austin!! I could not recommend a better team than his! Just from when I spoke to the receptionist I believe her name is Chloe I knew this doctor’s office was going to be great. I have been seen by many different doctors over the years and have never experienced the care they had. I especially want to point out Toren who is part of his team. He listened to all of my concerns and showed great expertise!!
Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist
Dalena Nguyen
a week ago
I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they were able to get me in! The staff were knowledgeable and put me at ease about my foot concerns. Chloe was helpful in the check in/out process and was accommodating to my scheduling needs! Would definitely recommend this office!
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About Dr. Elliot Diamond, Dpm, Omd, Daapm - Philadelphia Podiatrist

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Visit us in Old City at 123 Chestnut St, Suite 208 (Entrance on 2nd Street). Our unique emphasis on non-surgical and preventative treatments for foot, ankle and alignment conditions provides patients with a less invasive approach to alleviating pain. We also offer rehabilitation and pain management for common foot and ankle conditions.Founded by Dr. Elliot Diamond, Podiatric Physician-Acupuncturist, in 1980, we are well known for treating “hard to heal” conditions, pre/post-surgical concerns and sports and work-related injuries with innovative procedures. Another goal of the office is to provide non-surgical options for most podiatric conditions.