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What do customers say about Dr. J. Timothy Harlan?

As of Feb 14, 2024, 39 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 14, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dr. J. Timothy Harlan's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the recent reviews for Dr. J Timothy Harlan and Phoenix Foot & Ankle Associates, PC demonstrates a predominantly positive company reputation. The reviews focus on several aspects that contribute to the overall customer experience, which include the quality of medical care, staff professionalism, and the candid communication style of Dr. Harlan. A strong recurring theme in the positive feedback is Dr. Harlan's thoroughness and ability to provide clear and honest advice. Many patients feel confident in his surgical capabilities and are pleased with both the outcomes of their procedures and the level of care provided. The scheduling efficiency and timely office appointments are also praised, signaling respect for the patient's time. Conversely, a singular negative review criticizes the cleanliness of the facility, the wait times, and the perceived insensitivity and dismissiveness of Dr. Harlan, suggesting a need for improved customer service and facility management in specific instances.

Positive Feedback

In regard to positive feedback, customers repeatedly commend Dr. Harlan for his medical expertise, particularly in surgery and treatment of complex foot and ankle issues. The successful outcomes and recovery experiences shared by patients reflect a high level of satisfaction with his work. Moreover, Dr. Harlan's straightforwardness in communication is appreciated for helping patients make informed health decisions. The staff's professionalism and amiability contribute significantly to patient comfort and trust, enhancing the overall quality of service. The efficiency observed in appointment scheduling and adherence to timeliness further underscore the practice's respect for patients' schedules. Remarks about the cleanliness of the facility and the overall professionalism from the majority of reviewers further endorse the clinic's dedication to patient care.

Concerns and Threads

Notwithstanding the prevailing positive reviews, a negative aspect highlighted by a dissatisfied patient pertains to the uncleanliness of the waiting area and extended wait times, which can lead to a poor first impression and immediate discomfort. Furthermore, this particular review expresses a feeling of neglect and disdain from Dr. Harlan, describing an encounter that was perceived as belittling and inconsiderate of the patient's needs. This experience stands in stark contrast to the supportive and patient-centric care reported by other reviewers and implies inconsistency in Dr. Harlan's patient interactions, as well as potential gaps in service delivery and facility upkeep that could adversely affect the practice's reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Dr. J. Timothy Harlan

What can I expect in terms of wait times and appointment scheduling with Dr. Harlan?

While some patients report punctual and efficient scheduling, there has been at least one instance of extended wait time beyond the scheduled appointment. It is advisable to confirm your appointment in advance and communicate with the office staff concerning wait times.

Does Dr. Harlan provide clear explanations and treatment options for foot and ankle issues?

Yes, Dr. Harlan is noted for his thoroughness in explaining conditions and treatment options, enabling patients to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. His candid communication is a key aspect mentioned by many patients.

Can I trust the medical care provided by Dr. Harlan and his team?

Based on the majority of the reviews, patients express a high degree of satisfaction and trust in Dr. Harlan's surgical expertise and medical care. Positive experiences with both non-surgical and surgical treatments have been shared by many patients.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dr. J. Timothy Harlan

Dr. J. Timothy Harlan
Anita Parke
a month ago
From the initial appointment to surgery to the post op appointments, Dr. Harlan and his team have been great. It’s still early days but so far I am very happy with the result.
Dr. J. Timothy Harlan
10 months ago
If you need a good podiatrist, go absolutely anywhere else. I sat and waited in the most disgusting and sketchy waiting room for over an hour after my scheduled appointment with Timothy Harlan, (which had been scheduled months in advance) for a cortisol injection, JUST to be educated on an opinion of cortisol injections. He took x-rays of my foot first then proceeded to tell me "You can live with the pain until you choose to get surgery." Timothy Harlan is the absolute worst podiatrist I've encountered. He's incredibly inconsiderate of his patients needs and will belittle you. He will also attempt to scam your insurance.
Dr. J. Timothy Harlan
Sarah Burke
3 years ago
My initial consultation with Dr. Harlan was great. They were extremely efficient, taking the x-ray before the appointment even started. Dr. Harlan was very thorough and explained my options completely so that I could make a well informed decision regarding my issue. I feel confident in his ability and will be having a procedure to treat my issue that has caused me considerable pain. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing podiatric issues.
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