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Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 27, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training?

The Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training service, spearheaded by Ewan, has garnered a strong reputation based on recent customer reviews. Clients consistently report rapid improvement in their dogs' behaviors through Ewan's various training techniques, which appear to be both effective and fast-acting. Key elements contributing to the positive reputation include Ewan's quick responsiveness to urgent requests, his ability to instill confidence in both dogs and their owners, and the versatility of his methods in addressing a broad spectrum of issues from lead pulling to anxiety and possessive behaviors. Customers express gratitude for the significant changes observed even after just one session. A recurring theme is the appreciation of the practical tips and hands-on demonstrations provided by Ewan, which clients find empowering as they continue the training themselves.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently praise Ewan for his immediate results, noting that problematic behaviors such as pulling on the lead, overstimulation, and nervousness are swiftly addressed and mitigated. Ewan is commended for his techniques that calm dogs and establish a sense of leadership for the owners, resulting in more enjoyable walks. Clients observe their pets' increased responsiveness and confidence, a testament to Ewan's effectiveness. His flexibility in traveling to clients and the personalized attention he provides, including walking methods and feeding rituals, contribute significantly to client satisfaction. Ewan's ability to work with different breeds and ages, promptly handle urgent cases, and provide tips for continuous improvement are highlighted as especially valuable facets of the service.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided do not explicitly mention any negative aspects, it is implied that the success of Ewan’s training methods may require a commitment to practice and consistency from the dog owners. The need for ongoing practice mentioned by several clients could be seen as challenging for those unable to dedicate the time or effort required. Although clients are generally happy with the immediate changes, there might be concerns about the long-term maintenance of the training and the potential need for follow-up sessions. Any challenges in results' persistence, user difficulty in maintaining training techniques, or requirements for further professional assistance could be areas of improvement.

Frequently asked questions about Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training

How fast can I expect to see results with Ewan's training methods?

Based on customer feedback, many clients observe immediate improvements during the first training session with Ewan. He employs techniques that tend to show rapid results, especially in correcting walking behaviors and managing anxiety.

What kinds of dog behaviors can Ewan address in his training sessions?

Ewan is equipped to manage a variety of dog behaviors including pulling on the lead, overstimulation, nervousness, possessive behaviors, and issues with confidence. He provides tailored training to address the specific needs of your dog.

Will I receive guidance on how to continue training after Ewan’s session?

Yes, Ewan is known for providing hands-on demonstrations and practical tips that owners can use to continue training and reinforcing desired behaviors in their dogs beyond the initial session.

What are customers saying about Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training

Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training
a month ago
We have a new puppy at 8 weeks who needed some urgent training, I found Ewan on a search on Google, within 10 mins we did a feeding ritual, he was walking better and have toilet training technique! Great training, thank you!
Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training
Sertac Dirik
2 months ago
We had a very positive experience with Ewan. Our rescue pup hadn’t been walked with their previous owner and had a tendency to be overstimulated and tug very heavily on his harness. Ewan’s methods had our dog relaxed immediately, walking calmly by us instead of dragging us through the streets. We are very grateful for him sharing with us his special techniques - I would highly recommend using Ewan as your dog behaviourist!
Dog Behaviourist & Owner Training
Lizzie Evans
2 months ago
We adopted an 18 month old French Bulldog who was always pulling on the lead and very reactive to other dogs. We were really anxious to take him out because we didn't know how he would react. Ewan arrived and almost immediately our dog was walking to heel, was pulling much less on the lead and really responsive to where we were walking. Practice makes perfect and we're now looking forward to practicing Ewan's techniques and being able to take our dog on walks. Highly recommend, travelled across London on a Monday night to help us too! Thank you Ewan!
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