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What do customers say about District Dog Training?

As of Apr 27, 2024, 196 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

tailored his instructions

breed specific celebration

set up for him to win

incredible patient

really enjoyed

absolutely worth it

enjoys his structured daycare

knowledgeable and patient

The perfect setting

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District Dog Training's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the recent testimonials for District Dogs Training reveals a generally positive reputation among its clientele. The training program provided by Avi, in particular, appears to be highly regarded for its personalized approach. Avi’s expertise with breed-specific behavior and the tailored homework and training tips he provides have contributed significantly to the overall positive customer experience. Moreover, the facility is consistently described as clean and accessible, enhancing the comfort and convenience for clients. Events like the breed-specific 'Speed noodle Spree' are also mentioned as enjoyable, although the space was noted to be somewhat limited for larger breeds. The Structured Daycare service is acclaimed for its conducive setup, which assists dogs, particularly those struggling with city life or who are typically anxious, in adapting and enjoying their time. Interestingly, a recurring theme is the appreciation for the communication from staff, whether through follow-up emails, report cards, or photos, suggesting effective customer engagement.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of District Dogs Training from customer feedback are numerous and impactful. Clients are expressing a strong sense of satisfaction with the individualized instruction provided by trainers, especially Avi, who receives specific commendation for his patience and understanding of different canine temperaments. The personalized attention not only caters to the unique needs of each dog but also supports owners in developing a deeper bond and better handling skills with their pets. The company’s Structured Daycare program is lauded for its effectiveness in improving dogs’ confidence and social manners, with numerous reports of dogs returning happy and tired from their stay. The cleanliness and accessibility of the facility contribute to a pleasant and hassle-free experience for clients. Additionally, the staff’s passion, patience, and professionalism are repeatedly highlighted, leaving a strong impression of a caring and responsive team. The value added through the services, despite the mentioned costs, is perceived as worth the investment by the customers.

Concerns and Threads

While much of the customer feedback for District Dogs Training is positive, there are some areas of concern to note. Although not directly criticism of the training or daycare services, one client mentioned that the space available during the 'Speed noodle Spree' event felt somewhat cramped for larger dog breeds like Greyhounds. This indicates that the facility's size might be a limiting factor in accommodating certain activities, especially involving larger dogs. Another point of critique, albeit indirectly, involves the absence of certain services; for example, one customer mentioned having to seek grooming services such as haircuts elsewhere, as they are not offered at one of the Park View locations. This suggests that clients might appreciate a more comprehensive range of services under one roof. It seems pricing also surfaces as a concern for some; the Structured Daycare is deemed expensive, even though the same client conveys it's worth the cost. These areas highlight opportunities where District Dogs Training could potentially refine their offerings or facilities.

Frequently asked questions about District Dog Training

Does District Dogs Training offer services that are specialized for specific dog breeds or behaviors?

Yes, District Dogs Training offers personalized training where instructors like Avi tailor their approach to each dog’s specific needs and behaviors, considering breed characteristics.

Can I expect updates on my dog's progress during their time in daycare or training?

Absolutely, District Dogs Training values communication with clients. They provide follow-up emails, photos, report cards, and videos, ensuring owners are kept informed about their dog’s progress and well-being.

Is the Structured Daycare worth the cost, and what benefits does it offer?

Despite being pricier, clients report that the Structured Daycare is worth the investment, citing improvements in their dogs’ confidence and social skills, with dogs returning home content and well-exercised.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for District Dog Training

District Dog Training
Kerri Redding
2 months ago
We enrolled in Puppy Basics Level I with Avi. There were four puppies in the class- which is full! Avi was attentive and tailored his instructions to each specific puppy and their behaviors. Avi was very knowledgeable about specific breed behavior and communicated clearly with class follow-up emails. The facility is clean, easily accessible (with parking), bright and well equipped. We really enjoyed our Puppy Basics class! This is a great place to get started with your obedience training in a friendly and low pressure environment.
District Dog Training
Asha Singh
11 months ago
We visited for the "Speed noodle Spree", a breed specific celebration for Greyhound types. The event was fun and the space was clean and comfortable. It was a bit small for Greyhound types, but it's in the middle of the city so to be expected. We never went inside the facility, just the side yard area.
District Dog Training
Tangela Runion
a month ago
I am so thankful to have found a program like Structured Daycare for my dog. He can be a bit of a handful at times but this program is set up for him to win. The love and passion and patience the staff at Parkview show is unmatched and much appreciated.
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