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What do customers say about Dallas Janitorial Services?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 59 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

an outstanding service

highly impressed with the results

very pleased

true value to your business

a great job cleaning

so detailed

all personable and dedicated

a joy to work with

the BEST cleaning services

very thorough

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April 25, 2024
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April 25, 2024

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Dallas Janitorial Services's customer reviews analysis

Dallas Janitorial Services appears to have an exceptional reputation based on the consistently positive customer reviews. Customers have praised various aspects of their service, particularly highlighting their professionalism, promptness, and quality of cleaning. A recurring theme in the feedback is the personalized and accommodating nature of the service, offering flexibility in scheduling and demonstrating dedication to client satisfaction. High customer appreciation is evident for the expertise and courteous nature of both the cleaning staff and management teams. Furthermore, the proactive approach of management in ensuring service quality and customer happiness is frequently mentioned, thus suggesting that Dallas Janitorial Services has successfully created a trust-based relationship with its clientele.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Dallas Janitorial Services center around outstanding cleaning quality, professionalism, and excellent customer service. The deep cleaning of offices and specialized areas such as shop bathrooms has been met with high satisfaction, with customers noting the freshness and thoroughness of the work. The responsiveness of the company to service requests is lauded, indicating an efficient and client-focused approach. The staff, particularly noted by name in several reviews, are commended for their hard work, adaptability to challenging conditions, and integrity. This individual recognition reflects positively on the company's overall service culture. Additionally, Dallas Janitorial Services is acclaimed for its communication and follow-up practices, ensuring that clients are content with the services provided.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not explicitly mention any significant negative aspects of Dallas Janitorial Services. However, it can be inferred that initial scheduling challenges were faced by a customer, implying a potential area where service coordination could be improved. While these issues seem to have been resolved satisfactorily, it hints at the importance of establishing an effective scheduling process right from the start of service engagement. Other than this solitary mention, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and no other common negative trends can be discerned from the available feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Dallas Janitorial Services

How flexible is Dallas Janitorial Services with cleaning schedules?

Dallas Janitorial Services has been reported to work closely with clients to establish a cleaning schedule that suits their needs, even when initial scheduling challenges arise. They tailor their services to accommodate the number of people in the office and other client-specific requirements.

Does Dallas Janitorial Services provide emergency cleaning services, such as for COVID-19 disinfection?

Yes, Dallas Janitorial Services is equipped to handle urgent cleaning needs, including COVID-19 disinfection. They have been responsive and thorough in ensuring workspaces are safe by disinfecting all surfaces and commonly touched items.

What type of follow-up can be expected from Dallas Janitorial Services after cleaning services are provided?

Customers of Dallas Janitorial Services can expect proactive follow-up from the management team. The company checks in to ensure satisfaction with the services rendered, reflecting their commitment to quality and ongoing client happiness.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dallas Janitorial Services

Dallas Janitorial Services
Jonathan Seager
6 months ago
Jeff, Maria, and their team did an outstanding service. They provided us with a deep clean and floor scrub. When we walked into the office this morning. It smelt and felt fresh. Thank you so much for your hard work. We truly appreciate it!
Dallas Janitorial Services
Eric Edwards
6 months ago
I called Dallas Janitorial Services to get a deep clean of our shop bathroom. The response was quick and courteous. Maria came out to do the deep clean and we were highly impressed with the results. She worked hard in our unairconditioned shop environment and got the job done quickly and exceedingly well. Can't say enough good things about Maria and the people at Dallas Janitorial Services.
Dallas Janitorial Services
Derek Preece
6 years ago
I've had the pleasure to work with Dallas Janitorial Services for the last 2 years. I thoroughly enjoy working with them. They conduct business in a very prompt and professional manner. They are extremely easy to work with and unfailing integrity drives their decisions. Very pleased.
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About Dallas Janitorial Services

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Dallas Janitorial Services is a commercial cleaning and janitorial services company cleaning the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex since 2006. What makes us different? -100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If it’s not right, we’ll fix it. -Customized Services: Pick the cleaning services you need. -Personal Attention: Get the right team for your site. -Reduced Turnover: We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Less onboarding, recruitment and training means bigger savings for you. Services We Offer: Commercial Cleaning Services, Janitorial Services, Disinfectant Services, Porter Services, Commercial Floor Cleaning, Commercial Restroom Cleaning, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Window Washing Request a quote today!