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Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics
Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics

Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics Reviews Summary

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What do customers say about Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics?

As of Feb 15, 2024, 250 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the customer feedback for Kat & Co, it is evident that the company maintains a strong reputation for professional, high-quality cosmetic surgical procedures and exceptional patient care. The recurring themes in the reviews underscore a high level of satisfaction with the surgical results and a profound appreciation for the supportive and caring nature of the staff. Patients express trust in Mrs. Kat's expertise and knowledge, often mentioning the clarity of her advice and the confidence she inspires. The post-operative experience is described as positive, with patients highlighting the attentive aftercare and the effectiveness of additional treatments such as Skinade for recovery. The proficiency of Mrs. Kat in delivering personalized and aesthetically pleasing outcomes across a variety of procedures, including breast augmentations, uplifts, tummy tucks, and facelifts, has resulted in a loyal customer base willing to return for future services and actively recommend the clinic to others.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for Kat & Co predominantly highlight Mrs. Kat's surgical expertise, leading to outstanding aesthetic results that greatly enhance patients' confidence and satisfaction. Reviews frequently commend the personalized attention from the initial consultation through to post-operative appointments, creating an atmosphere of trust and care. The patients appreciate the detailed responses to their concerns and the joint decision-making approach to their surgical plans. Additionally, the professional demeanor of the entire staff and the immaculate cleanliness of the clinic environment contribute to an overall excellent patient experience. High praise is also given to the clinic's thorough aftercare and innovative use of treatments like Skinade, which appear to support remarkable healing and minimal scarring. Moreover, positive recovery experiences and the convenience of procedures performed under twilight anesthesia are also celebrated.

Concerns and Threads

The customer feedback provided does not explicitly reveal any significant negative aspects of Kat & Co's services or patient experiences. Each testimonial reflects a high level of satisfaction without indicating any displeasure or adverse outcomes. To compile a meaningful assessment of any potential negatives, further data from a wider range of sources or less satisfied customers would be necessary. Nevertheless, it is critical for prospective patients to conduct thorough research and consultations to ensure that their expectations align with the experiences of past patients and what the clinic can offer.

Frequently asked questions about Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics

What types of procedures does Mrs. Kat specialize in at Kat & Co?

Mrs. Kat specializes in a range of cosmetic surgeries, including breast procedures such as augmentations and uplifts, tummy tucks, facelifts, and back lifts. She has a reputation for providing aesthetically pleasing results with personalized care.

Can I expect a supportive and attentive experience throughout my procedure at Kat & Co?

Absolutely. Reviews consistently highlight the supportive nature of the staff and the attentive care provided before, during, and after procedures. The team at Kat & Co is noted for their professionalism and dedication to patient comfort and satisfaction.

Is the aftercare support at Kat & Co adequate for a good recovery?

Patients report exceptional aftercare support at Kat & Co, with staff members like Nadia being available to address concerns through methods like WhatsApp. The use of additional treatments like Skinade is also praised for its positive impact on healing and recovery.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics

Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics
2 weeks ago
I have recently had a breast procedure with Mrs Kat and cannot praise the team at Kat & Co highly enough. I am beyond pleased with the results. All the staff are very professional, supportive and caring. Charity who looked after me before and post op was amazing. Mrs Kat’s knowledge and advice is exemplary and I knew I could trust myself to her from the first consultation. Thank you all so much for making me feel better about myself. I Recommend you all to anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery
Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics
Coral-Anne Jordan
a month ago
I have already recommended friends to Kat & Co and they have had procedures off the back of me having my breast uplift. I honestly can not recommend them enough, from the first consultation through to post op appointments Mrs Kat has been incredible. I searched for 5 years to find a surgeon I was completely convinced knew what I wanted and understood what I needed to achieve. She has been incredible and my results have been fantastic. I will definitely be returning in the future for any other medical procedures I choose to have but for now: Thank you Mrs Kat for giving me back my confidence ❤️
Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics
Rachel Taylor
2 weeks ago
Kat & Co clinic have gone above and beyond my expectations. A more personal one to one service. The surgery - removal of implants and uplift - itself was outstanding and pain free. After week 1 my bandages were removed, it was a shock to see but I was told to trust the process. Wow it’s incredible how our body’s heal as long as you’ve got the right surgeon and nurses behind you. Week by week the wounds healed and the scars were minimal. I took there advice and had the Skinade package before and after surgery, which I’ve kept on with the collagen and the scar cream. Just amazing! Never did I think I could love my body and feel super confident without my breast implants. It’s all thanks to Dr Kat and her team.
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About Chien C. Kat, Mbbs, Frcs(Edin), Frcs(Plastic) - Kat & Co Aesthetics

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Kat&Co is Birmingham's leading plastic surgery day clinic. Our purpose-built Skin, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is located on Calthorpe Road, within the heart of the Edgbaston Medical Quarter, Birmingham.We offer a range of services including non-surgical and surgical treatments, alongside Edgbaston Smile, our in house cosmetic dentistry, and our Well Woman Clinic. All of our treatments can be performed in our clinic as daycases, and we offer revolutionary twilight anaesthesia for a faster, more comfortable recovery.Our facilities include one operating theatre, one laser treatment room, two skin therapy rooms, two recovery areas and five consultation rooms.