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What do customers say about Car Spares Distribution Ltd?

As of Mar 06, 2024, 272 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 6, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Car Spares Distribution Ltd's customer reviews analysis

Overall, Car Spares Distribution Ltd seems to have a mixed reputation among customers. Positive reviews suggest that when the company performs well, customers experience excellent service, receiving helpful advice and commendable assistance from knowledgeable staff who are willing to go the extra mile, as shown in the case of providing a clutch urgently and offering lower prices than competitors. The company's proficiency in providing car parts using a customer's registration details is also noted favorably. However, recurring complaints center around issues of customer service, including reported instances of staff negligence and insufficient knowledge of car regulations, particularly concerning license requirements for number plate creation. These negative experiences suggest inconsistencies in staff training and behavior, which could potentially undermine the company's standing.

Positive Feedback

Customers have positively highlighted Car Spares Distribution Ltd's strong customer service, exemplified by staff who display exceptional dedication, such as procuring parts urgently for travelers, and those who avoid condescending attitudes towards customers. The team's approachability and guidance are frequently mentioned, with many citing the staff's readiness to offer valuable advice. The store's large inventory and competitive pricing also contribute to customer satisfaction, offering a cost-effective alternative to bigger chains. The company's website, which aids in part selection based on car registration, is recognized as a particularly useful tool. These commendable aspects of the business contribute significantly to customer loyalty and suggest a potential for a strong reputation.

Concerns and Threads

Car Spares Distribution Ltd has faced criticism regarding certain aspects of its customer service and managerial effectiveness. Reports of staff members ignoring customers at the service desk and demonstrating a lack of basic legal knowledge can deter future patronage, as seen with the incident involving the production of number plates. Furthermore, the high pricing of individual items and the description of the internal management team as poorly organized with issues in respectful communication indicate systemic problems that could affect employee morale and customer relations. These negative points are noteworthy, signaling an area that requires immediate attention and improvement to ensure consistent positive experiences.

Frequently asked questions about Car Spares Distribution Ltd

Does Car Spares Distribution Ltd offer quick service for urgent requirements?

According to customer feedback, Car Spares Distribution Ltd is capable of providing brisk and efficient service for urgent needs, such as locating specific car parts quickly, suggesting they have an efficient procurement system for emergencies.

Is Car Spares Distribution Ltd more affordable than its competitors?

Some customers report that Car Spares Distribution Ltd offers more competitive pricing than larger chains such as Halfords, though this may vary depending on the product or service in question.

Can I trust the staff at Car Spares Distribution Ltd to have the necessary knowledge for my car needs?

While many customers have affirmed the staff's helpfulness and knowledge in car parts, there have been instances where staff showed lack of familiarity with legal requirements for services such as number plate creation, suggesting that staff expertise may be inconsistent.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Car Spares Distribution Ltd

Car Spares Distribution Ltd
Peter Wallace
2 weeks ago
Thank you Bart and team for going out there way to locate me a clutch that I needed so desperately as I going to Glasgow the next day. Thank you to all the team at carspares. You will be seeing me soon with a big box of chocs
Car Spares Distribution Ltd
Martin Dudley
a week ago
Kept me waiting at the desk for over 5 minutes.... I was literally the only person in the shop, and multiple staff members just walked past me, then charged me nearly 15 quid for one spanner.... Unfortunately I was in a situation that I needed the tool so didn't have much choice.... Won't be going back any time soon...
Car Spares Distribution Ltd
Gagandeep Deol
5 months ago
Tried to get number plates made here. The person behind the counter didn’t have a clue on what was required legally to make up the plates. He advised I needed a printed paper copy of my license certificate and the electronic dvla certificate was not acceptable …. Which it is! Ended up going Halfords round the corner which did accept my digital certificate and actually worked out CHEAPER. Awful customer service with staff who clearly do not know basic car legislation. Very worrying avoid at all costs !
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