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What do customers say about Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow?

As of Feb 25, 2024, 199 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 25, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the provided customer feedback for Arnold Clark Autoparts in Glasgow reveals a mixed reception of the business. Customers generally seem to appreciate the staff's knowledge and helpfulness, demonstrating high satisfaction with the customer service, particularly when guidance is required to find the right parts. Repeat mentions of effective service solutions, such as prompt order fulfillment, are positive indications of the company's operational efficiency. However, there are concerning signs of communication and organizational issues, with customers reporting experiences of unavailability of parts that were previously confirmed to be in stock and a lack of timely updates regarding part orders. Such inconsistencies could adversely affect the company's reputation if not addressed. The inconsistency in service experiences suggests that while the company has the potential to offer top-quality service, systemic issues may prevent this potential from being realized consistently.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of customer feedback for Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow highlight the staff's expertise, considerate assistance, and amiability as significant contributing factors to satisfying shopping experiences. Consumers compliment the knowledgeable assistance provided by staff, suggesting a high level of competence in addressing the customers' needs. The convenience of the purchase process, including efficient order handling and a commendable online system that informs stock availability, stands out as well. Additionally, the competitive pricing, along with swift and free delivery services for orders above a certain threshold, are greatly appreciated. Customers receiving good service under warranty conditions imply a reliable post-purchase support system. These elements suggest that the company has established a foundation for favorable customer relationships when operations run smoothly.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative aspects from customer reviews of Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow are centered around logistical challenges and communication breakdowns. Protracted wait times for parts delivery, with inadequate updates and follow-ups, frustrate customers expecting prompt service. Conflicting information regarding parts availability, leading to wasted time and effort for customers traveling to the store under the premise that an item is in stock, indicates a lapse in inventory management. Customer accounts of prolonged waits in-store and unpreparedness despite prior confirmation of part readiness underscore inefficiencies which could deter future patronage. These negative experiences showcase a need for improvement in the company's internal processes to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow

Can I place orders by phone using a credit card at Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow?

Currently, Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow does not accept credit card payments for phone orders. While the staff may offer helpful advice and facilitate the ordering process, payment may need to be completed in-store or through alternative methods.

Does Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow offer warranties on their auto parts?

Yes, Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow provides warranties on certain auto parts. Customers have reported positive experiences when returning items under warranty, indicating that the company honors its commitments to quality and customer service after the sale.

How reliable is the stock availability information for Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow?

While many customers have successfully verified and purchased parts based on the stock information provided by Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow, there have been instances of discrepancies leading to inconvenience. It's advisable to confirm the availability directly with the store close to the time of purchase.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow

Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow
Joseph McGarvey
a month ago
How long does it take arnold clark mazda to get mazda parts??? 2 weeks and counting Could get same parts from car parts company order before 10am same day delivery so whats the issue?????? Not kept informed no phone calls no texts no emails And when we call them lots of oh ah and head scratching no further forward
Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow
Brian Sutton
2 months ago
Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. If they took credit card payment for orders by phone, they would get 5 stars, not 4.
Arnold Clark Autoparts Glasgow
2 months ago
Had a problem with a exhaust I purchased from them. Returned under warranty and received great service from them . Top class
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Our Glasgow HQ is 125,000 square feet of car parts, accessories and consumables, with millions of pounds stock available immediately. We stock aftermarket and OEM parts, and operate over 50 delivery fans throughout the west of Scotland. Trade accounts are welcome, with enhanced payment terms and a rapid delivery service. We have over 200 staff based here, including our e-commerce team and trade call centre.