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As of Apr 30, 2024, 183 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

amazing hair cut

genuinely excited to style

beautiful results

hair so shiny

truly being the best

still in awe

excellent customer service

very pleased with the results

very unprofessional

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Capelli Salon's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Capelli Salon appears to be particularly strong based on customer feedback, with numerous reviews reflecting high satisfaction with services provided. The salon's stylists, especially Erika and Ana Maria, are frequently praised for their professionalism, talent, and ability to deliver satisfying results, including cuts, colors, and additional treatments like hair masks. Clients note the personal attention given by stylists who are engaged and responsive to their preferences, suggesting a tailored experience. The clean and modern environment contributes positively to the customer experience. However, there is a troubling instance of a reported staff dispute leading to an employee's dismissal, which has affected at least one customer's perception of the salon negatively, indicating potential concerns with staff management. Additionally, one review notes poor hygiene practices. While positive experiences are prevalent, the negatives require attention to maintain the salon's overall positive image.

Positive Feedback

Customers of Capelli Salon express a particularly positive experience with individual stylists such as Erika and Ana Maria, highlighting their ability to produce excellent hairstyling outcomes. A recurring theme is the personalization of services, echoing the stylists' genuine interest in understanding and executing client desires, which contributes to a feeling of unique treatment. Long-term client loyalty underscores the trust and satisfaction in the services provided. Reviews point out specialties like beautiful color work, precision in haircuts, and additional services such as hair masks and tinsel that leave clients highly satisfied. The salon's atmosphere is often described as welcoming and comfortable, and cleanliness is typically rated highly, which aids in fostering a pleasant client experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the feedback for Capelli Salon is positive, there are isolated reports of concerning negatives that could impact the business reputation if not addressed. A grave issue highlighted is an allegation of unprofessionalism within the staff, including an accusation of wrongful termination and disrespectful language. Such feedback signals a potential internal management issue that may affect employee morale and client perception. Another separate review criticizes the salon's hygiene standards, which is fundamental to the health and safety of clients. This kind of negative feedback, although limited, can be quite damaging and requires swift and careful mitigation by the salon management to preserve the trust and comfort of its clients.

Frequently asked questions about Capelli Salon

Are Capelli Salon stylists experienced with current hair trends and techniques?

Yes, Capelli Salon has stylists like Ana Maria who are knowledgeable, friendly, and stay up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques, providing clients with high-quality services and tailored recommendations.

Can I book an appointment with the owner for a hair service?

The owner is highly praised for his work, but currently, he is fully booked and not accepting new clients. You may want to consider booking with another stylist or joining a waitlist if available.

Does Capelli Salon offer additional hair treatment services suitable for special occasions?

Yes, clients have indicated that services such as hair masks and hair tinsel are offered, with hair tinsel being particularly popular for summer and special events.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Capelli Salon

Capelli Salon
Savannah Mcwilliams
a week ago
I was lucky enough to have the owner do my hair. I know he’s completely booked now and not accepting new clients. This is my second time there. I got an amazing hair cut that falls perfectly around my face and a partial highlight. My hair is the prettiest, lightest blonde ever. He took his time and truly wanted to make sure I was happy. I literally hugged him before I left.
Capelli Salon
Stefany Gesino
5 months ago
Erika is the absolute best stylist, and I cannot recommend her enough. She listens to & is genuinely excited to style her clients. Every time I leave an appointment, I genuinely feel like my hair has never looked better. I even gifted my mom a color, cut & style session with Erika for her birthday. Personally, I’ve been going to her for over a decade and couldn’t fathom going to anyone else! She is beautiful inside and out, and she makes all her clients feel the same!
Capelli Salon
Alexis Saenz
2 weeks ago
I am very unhappy with the staff at this salon, specifically ANA. She wrongfully fired an employee for no reason. This employee has worked very hard to get to where she is today and it’s unfortunate that she was treated so poorly when she was so passionate about her work. I know she’ll be better off without them but to get called “ghetto” is very unprofessional. I hope y’all take the time to reconsider the staff here as I found them very rude and inconsiderate.
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About Capelli Salon

Best Hair Salon in Dallas - At Capelli Salon provides a wide array of hair services. Our staff and services have placed us in the best of Dallas list multiple times. Known for our precision haircuts, hair extensions, hair color, Balayage, Shiseido Japanese relaxer, Great Lengths Luxury extensions, and keratin treatment amongst many others. Our staff is highly particular and professional managing the locks of some of Dallas's Elites!