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Published on
February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024

What customers think about Browns

Browns Liverpool appears to be held in high regard by most of its customers, with special praise often directed towards the attentive and friendly staff, as well as the unique and attractive decor of the restaurant. Recurrent compliments are bestowed upon specific staff members like Gary and Jason, who are mentioned for their exceptional service. The atmosphere is frequently described as welcoming and conducive to special occasions such as birthdays and celebrations. While the food generally receives positive remarks, particularly for its taste and presentation, there are certain inconsistencies reported in the culinary experience. The allergy care is a noted strength, alongside a good range of foods catering to various dietary needs. Notably, the management seems responsive to customer feedback during unsatisfactory experiences, which suggests a commitment to customer satisfaction. However, there are mentions of occasional issues with the food and facilities, including missing ingredients and the lack of wheelchair accessibility for the upstairs area.


Positive feedback for Browns Liverpool is predominantly centered around its staff's service quality and the establishment's atmosphere. Several reviews highlight the warm and professional conduct of staff members, contributing positively to the guests' overall experience. The restaurant’s decor is repeatedly described as beautiful and unique, enhancing the dining ambiance. The cuisine, especially dishes like the chicken schnitzel and the traditional English breakfast, is appreciated for its taste, presenting an overall satisfying dining experience. The establishment's consideration for dietary restrictions and detailed allergy menus is acknowledged as a significant positive, with staff taking care to accommodate guests with allergies and providing a range of gluten-free options. Additionally, the management's readiness to compensate for any service hiccups, by adjusting the bill where needed, is also a positive indication of customer care.


While many aspects of Browns Liverpool are praised, there are some recurring negative observations in customer feedback. Some guests have experienced aspects of the menu that fell below expectations; reports of missing ingredients and the size of servings, such as small scones and the absence of condiments, suggest occasional lapses in food quality and presentation. The absence of hash browns in an English breakfast and a suggestion to remove mint from mushy peas point towards a desire for traditionalism in certain dishes. The environment post-rush with uncleared tables and a lack of specific arrangements for children or wheelchair accessibility (specifically regarding the upstairs dining area) are brought up as areas of improvement. These criticisms, while not overshadowing the positive feedback, indicate room for refinement in ensuring a consistently high-quality customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Browns

Does Browns Liverpool have a diverse menu catered to specific dietary needs?

Yes, Browns Liverpool offers a diverse menu with a good range of food for various dietary needs including an extensive allergy menu and many gluten-free options. The staff is commended for their careful handling of dietary restrictions.

Can Browns Liverpool accommodate special occasions?

Absolutely, Browns Liverpool is frequently praised for creating a welcoming and well-suited atmosphere for special occasions like birthdays, celebrations, and holiday dining. Guests report that the staff contributes positively to the festive experience.

Is there parking available at Browns Liverpool and is it wheelchair accessible?

Browns Liverpool does not have its own parking facility; the closest parking building is a 6-minute walk away. The restaurant does not have a lift, so wheelchair access to the upstairs dining area is not available. However, the main floor can accommodate wheelchairs.

Latest spotlight reviews, questions and complaints for Browns

Steffy (Steffy)
4 months ago
First time visiting and it certainly won’t be the last. This is such a beautiful restaurant, the decor is lovely and unique. We were looked after by the lovely Gary who was so friendly and attentive, he couldn’t do enough for us. I ordered the chicken schnitzel which was delicious, the fried egg was cooked to perfection. I can’t wait to come back!
Melanie Ovens
2 weeks ago
Having allergies, the allergy menu and care were amazing. Good range of food for all allergies. Lots of gluten free options. The staff and service were friendly and exemplary. Drinks were lovely. Sadly, the food was not great that night. The fish was fresh but the batter not crunchy. Please take the mint out of the mushy peas. A classic doesn't need any fussy treatment. Would go again.. Dietary restrictions: One of the best places for allergy care. Staff took it seriously and were hyper careful. This is a refreshing positive experience.
Mark Tarnavskyi
6 months ago
I have ordered the traditional English breakfast as was really wondering how it will be cooked here. Canonically, it had black pudding, beans, mushroom, tomato, sausages, ham, egg, butter and toast. The contents were cooked well and tasted fabulously. I had poached egg even though you can have either this one, scrambled or fried. Despite being tasty, I felt like it was a bit not much enough for a full English breakfast (I wished I had more mushrooms and tomatos), likewise, it missed hash browns which, in my opinion, would make it trully fulfilled. Anyway, an overall impression was satisfying as I had been kindly served by a waiter and didn't find any bit of food repelling. Price is relatively low considering pretty interior and rich atmosphere. For the breakfast, I paid £10.45 (not including drink) Reasonable cooking waiting time Vegetarian options: Some vegetarian options available on the menu. Parking: It doesn't have its own parking nearby, because is situated in the centre of Liverpool. The closest parking building is 6 mins away of walking distance. Not free Kid-friendliness: There are no really any specific places or comforts for kids, though, it is suitable enough to take children with you there for breakfast, teaching them to behave politely in an elite place like this.
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