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What do customers say about Boardroom Hairstylists?

As of Apr 30, 2024, 700 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 30, 2024
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April 30, 2024

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Boardroom Hairstylists's customer reviews analysis

Boardroom Hairstylists is depicted in recent reviews as a professional salon with a talented staff that excels in various hair services, including color treatments, styling, and cuts. Customers overwhelmingly share positive experiences about the salon's skilled stylists, particularly praising their ability to listen to and fulfill specific client requests. The overall customer experience is enhanced by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the salon, personalized attention, and the capability of stylists to offer tailored advice and maintenance tips. However, there is a notable concern regarding pricing transparency and satisfaction with specific services like bangs styling, which contributed to a less favorable client experience. Nonetheless, the recurrence of high recommendations points to a strong reputation within the community.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects from customer feedback include the high level of professionalism and skill exhibited by the stylists at Boardroom Hairstylists. Many reviewers highlight the stylists' attention to detail, ability to create vibrant and satisfying results, and their willingness to engage in meaningful consultations with clients to meet their needs. Additional positive notes include the salon's lovely atmosphere and the value added through personalized service touches such as providing styling tips and complimentary beverages. The reviews suggest that many customers leave feeling confident and well taken care of, leading to repeat visits and strong word-of-mouth endorsements.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, customer feedback uncovers issues related to expectations not being fully met in some instances. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with their haircut, particularly in the styling of their bangs, despite the stylist's attentive and communicative approach. A difference between the quoted price and the final charge also raised concerns about pricing transparency. Although these incidents appear isolated within a sea of positive responses, they are noteworthy points that could influence the decision-making of potential customers.

Frequently asked questions about Boardroom Hairstylists

Can I expect my hair color to match my preferences if I choose Boardroom Hairstylists?

Boardroom Hairstylists has received high praise for their ability to deliver vibrant and lasting color that aligns with client preferences. Their stylists are noted for their attentive listening and personalized service.

Will the stylists at Boardroom Hairstylists provide a consultation before the service?

Yes, the stylists are recognized for their meaningful consultations before commencing service to ensure clear understanding of client expectations for optimal outcomes.

Are there any transparency issues with pricing that I should be aware of?

While most reviews do not mention pricing issues, at least one client experienced a discrepancy between the quoted price and the final charge, suggesting that confirming the cost during consultation may be beneficial.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Boardroom Hairstylists

Boardroom Hairstylists
Pamper & Groom Salon Business Office
2 days ago
I absolutely love my hair! I went in for a Keratin Treatment and style. The staff was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Boardroom to anyone looking for dynamic salon services. I, myself will definitely be returning soon!
Boardroom Hairstylists
4 weeks ago
Gorgeous Color, Exceptional Service! I recently visited Boardroom Hairstylists for a color refresh, and I'm thrilled with the results. Ally listened to my preferences and delivered stunning, vibrant color. Her attention to detail and personalized service made the experience exceptional. I left feeling confident and received many compliments. If you're looking for top-notch color and service, I highly recommend Boardroom Hairstylists, especially Ally!
Boardroom Hairstylists
Alexis Greenberg
2 weeks ago
Boardroom is a lovely salon, and Sami is the absolute best!! She is friendly, professional, and very talented! Overall she is just a wonderful human :). I always love how my hair turns out and I enjoy our awesome conversations. The complimentary drinks are a nice bonus too!
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About Boardroom Hairstylists

Award winning Atlanta Hair Salon serving Men, Women & LGBTQ community since our inception in 1994. At Boardroom Hairstylists we aspire to help you be the best version of You. We offer a relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere that caters to a wide variety of clientele from professional to edgy. Our hair and color specialist know that every clients needs are unique. Our goal is to create a style that flatters you and your life style as well as your features. Our team of hair stylist are all hand picked by Donna and further trained in advanced certification courses to deliver a completely outstanding hair experience. Our staff is GOLDWELL, PRAVANA, Schwarzkopf, Redken, Wella, and Keratin Complex certified. We will meet all your expectations