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What do customers say about Blue Sky Guttering ?

As of Apr 22, 2024, 9 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

did a fantastic job of repairing

Far superior to previous work done

Perfect service

immediate good and polite service

Overall an excellent service

Really good service with low prices

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April 22, 2024
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April 23, 2024

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Blue Sky Guttering 's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands appears to be largely commendable based on the collected customer feedback. Key elements influencing this reputation include the efficacy of gutter repair and maintenance services, professional and prompt service delivery, and adherence to a guarantee policy for the work performed. Despite the limited quantity of the reviews, recurring themes are discernible. Clients appreciate the resolution of long-standing leakage issues and timely responses to repair needs, particularly under the coverage of the company’s warranty. The courteous and efficient service from both the field technicians and administrative personnel like Anna also contribute positively to the company's image. However, there is a mention of possible reservations regarding the cost-to-value ratio for smaller properties and a temporary limitation in service availability for residential clients which may affect potential customers seeking immediate assistance.

Positive Feedback

Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands receives significant praise for their effective resolution of gutter-related issues, with customers highlighting the cessation of leaks following the company's repairs. The appreciation extends to the repeatability of quality service, even with subsequent needs arising from wear and tear. A noticeable testament to their service quality is the free repair carried out under the 12-month guarantee, signaling a strong customer service ethic and reliability. Both the technical teams and administrative staff are commended for their professionalism, punctuality, and politeness, enhancing the overall client experience. Furthermore, customer commendations include satisfaction with the clear and low-cost pricing, contrasting with the mention of the service being slightly costly for smaller properties.

Concerns and Threads

While much of the feedback is positive, there are infrequent but notable concerns. One customer expressed a subjective view that the price might be on the higher side for a small 2 bedroom property, indicating that the perceived value may not align with the cost for every client. Additionally, the company was reported as temporarily not being able to service residential areas, which can be a significant drawback for those seeking immediate assistance in their homes. This restriction could potentially deter residential customers from choosing Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands for their guttering needs.

Frequently asked questions about Blue Sky Guttering

Does Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands offer a guarantee for their services?

Yes, as reflected in the reviews, Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands offers a 12-month guarantee on their work, which includes free repair services if issues arise within this period.

Are the prices for services provided by Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands competitive?

The feedback shows mixed sentiments regarding pricing. Some customers find the prices low and clear, while others feel the cost may be slightly higher, particularly for smaller properties. It may depend on the specific service required.

Can I expect timely and professional service from Blue Sky Guttering West Midlands?

Based on customer reviews, the company is known for its punctuality and professionalism, both from the technicians who carry out the work and the administrative staff who manage the booking process.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Blue Sky Guttering

Blue Sky Guttering
Debbie Thomas
3 months ago
I have only praise for Blue Sky guttering. After being a victim of a cowboy, who knocked on my door, I needed the expertise of a good company to correct a problem. They achieved it, and did a fantastic job of repairing my leaky gutter. Thank you so much!
Blue Sky Guttering
Joe Kai
3 years ago
Highly recommend. They did an empty and repair on our guttering earlier this year - that for the first time in years stopped any leaking after heavy rains. Far superior to previous work done by others. Six months later (Dec), one section came loose from its wall fixings (due to age, wear and tear). They re-attended promptly and repaired this without charge - in line with their 12 month guarantee. We're grateful to the friendly professional Polish two-man teams who did the work, and their very helpful and efficient administrator (Anna) managing the booking process.
Blue Sky Guttering
Wijnanda B (Winnie)
8 months ago
Perfect service, we had an issue with the gutter, and they fixed. They give a guarantee on their work after completion.
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About Blue Sky Guttering

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Gutter cleaning in Birmingham and surrounding areas in West Midlands. Blue Sky Guttering Ltd specialise in residential and commercial gutter cleaning, gutter repairs and gutter lining. We were the first to offer fixed pricing on gutter emptying and gutter repairs’ and a 12 month guarantee on all the work we carry out. Blue Sky Guttering offer a transparent service and we pride ourselves on being focused on customer service and have built and maintain a strong reputation among a growing number of residential and commercial customers based on safety, trust, service, quality and competitively priced work. We are dedicated to provide a professional, safe, environmentally friendly, high quality and cost effective service to every customer.