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A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc

A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc Reviews Summary

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March 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc?

A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc. generally appears to maintain a positive reputation based on the majority of the reviews provided. Customers commend the company for its efficient, timely, and professional gutter cleaning services, as well as the thoroughness of the cleaning process, including the cleanup of debris from roofs, gutters, and surrounding areas. Notably, repeat customers seem to have high expectations due to past experiences with the company, indicating a history of satisfaction with the services rendered. Customer service is praised for being communicative, and the ease of scheduling and payment adds to a convenient customer experience. Nevertheless, some inconsistency in service quality and follow-up for additional services is evident from the reviews, potentially affecting the company's image. Moreover, there are comments pointing out additional costs for certain repair services and a lack of upfront communication regarding fees. These instances, while not the norm among the feedback, could suggest areas where the company may need to improve its service offerings and transparency.

Positive Feedback

The feedback for A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc. is predominantly positive, with customers appreciating several key aspects of the service. The company's ability to schedule services promptly, often in alignment with seasonal needs such as post-fall leaf drop, showcases their proactive approach and sensitivity to customer needs. The thoroughness of the cleaning and meticulous debris removal from the property enhances customer satisfaction, leaving properties looking well-maintained. Furthermore, the professional demeanor of the crew, who work safely and efficiently, is frequently mentioned, instilling trust in customers. The convenience of the scheduling and payment process is also highlighted, with customers enjoying seamless interactions. Additional services such as securing loose gutters or installing gutter guards receive commendation for being diligent and adding value to the core cleaning service. Long-term customers note the company's consistent communication and reliability as reasons for their continued patronage. Such strengths evidently solidify the company's positive reputation in the eyes of many of its clients.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the general satisfaction reported, A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc. encounters some criticisms that highlight specific negative experiences. The primary concerns revolve around inconsistent customer service, particularly in the context of follow-up requests for repairs that are either not fulfilled or met with abrupt dismissals. The lack of a referral or quote for services that are within the company's capabilities is viewed as a shortfall in customer support. Additionally, customers have reported finding residue such as nails after service completion, which could pose a risk and reflects negatively on the thoroughness of the cleanup. Moreover, the company's transparency has been questioned, with a customer noting unexpected additional fees for the removal of gutter waste—suggesting that pricing and associated costs could be communicated more effectively upfront. This lack of clarity and the unaddressed aftermath of the service in some cases fall short of the company's overall positive feedback and could be crucial factors determining customer retention and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc

Does A Better Gutter Cleaning provide repair services as part of their gutter cleaning?

A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc. does offer minor repair services, such as securing loose downspouts, but customers have experienced inconsistency in the provision of repair services. It is best to discuss specific repair needs and confirm the availability of those services directly with the company.

Is there a fee for removing gutter waste from the property?

Yes, the company charges an additional fee of $10 per bag to remove gutter waste from the property. It is advisable to inquire about any additional costs when scheduling a service to ensure a clear understanding of the complete pricing.

What is the process for scheduling a gutter cleaning with A Better Gutter Cleaning?

Customers can conveniently schedule a gutter cleaning service with A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc. through their easy scheduling system. The company often confirms appointments a few days in advance, indicating a commitment to reliable service timing.

What are customers saying about A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc

A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc
Brian Lockwood
4 months ago
I used this company in the past and was very pleased with the service that's why I tried them again. Perhaps my expectation was too high. Last time minor repairs were made as a service. This time it cost me extra $50 to secure a down spout that was loose. Technician did a good job. Found a few old roof nails on the ground after the service. Good customer service, easy scheduling, if I had not had such a five-star service last time I guess I would not be disappointed this time.
A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc
Nancy Hennessey
2 weeks ago
I'm always nervous when any company comes when I'm not home. I needn't have worried. There wasn't a leaf or stick left on roof or gutters. They did a great job cleaning up, too. Will use again. Already posted a glowing review on my neighborhood FB page. Reasonably priced!
A Better Gutter Cleaning Inc
Dale Kubler
2 months ago
Just like clockwork, A Better Gutter Cleaning called to verify December appointment just a few days after all the leaves on my nearby trees had fallen. They spotted a gutter that was starting to break away from the house (loose) and solved a potential problem BEFORE it became a more serious issue. I love the fact that I now know my roof and gutters are well maintained and I no longer have to worry about gutters that are 3 stories up. On top of great gutter service, the cleanup is even better. They blew any leaves and such off my front porch, then did the same for the small front yard. To top it all off, they blew away everything in my driveway. The place never looked better. I just can't say enough about how good this service is. The customer support is also outstanding.
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