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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning?

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning displays a mixed reputation based on the variety of customer experiences detailed in the most recent reviews. While some customers speak highly of their professionalism, prompt service, and the quality of gutter cleaning performed, others express frustrations with scheduling, communication, unexpected price increases, and service execution. Anecdotes of neglected additional services, such as repairs or proper debris removal, highlight inconsistencies in service offerings. Recurring themes of displeasure emerge particularly from the transition in clients from previously bought-out companies, indicating possible adjustments in pricing and policies under Ned Stevens which have not been well-received. Conversely, the commitment to rectify issues and quality workmanship when service is provided on time contribute positively to some dimensions of the company's reputation.

Positive Feedback

Several reviews commend Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning for certain aspects of their service. Notably, customers appreciate the professionalism of the crew, next-day service availability, and the company's willingness to address issues promptly. The option of a prepaid plan for quarterly cleanings is seen as a convenient way to ensure regular gutter maintenance. Additionally, when repairs beyond standard cleaning are identified, the solutions are generally considered affordable. The satisfaction of these customers largely hinges on professional behavior and efficient cleaning services that are performed as expected.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative aspects of customer feedback for Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning include communication issues, unanticipated price hikes, and perceived negligence in service delivery. Some reviews recount experiences of gutters left uncleaned without explanation, unscheduled services, and aggressive sales tactics. Noteworthy concerns also involve allegations of deceptive practices, such as falsely advertised Better Business Bureau ratings and unauthorized credit card charges. The reports of inadequate debris removal and damage to property, paired with unapologetic customer service responses, have evidently eroded trust for a subset of customers. These experiences underline a pattern of disconnection between service expectations and actual execution that could potentially harm long-term customer relationships.

Frequently asked questions about Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning

Does Ned Stevens offer a prepaid plan for regular gutter maintenance?

Yes, Ned Stevens offers prepaid plans for quarterly gutter cleanings, which can be an efficient way for customers to maintain their gutters throughout the year without needing to remember to schedule each service.

What should I do if I notice additional repair needs during a gutter cleaning service?

If additional repairs are identified during your gutter cleaning service, Ned Stevens will typically inform you of these issues. They offer affordable solutions for minor repairs, and it is recommended to address these issues promptly to prevent further damage.

How does Ned Stevens handle customer complaints or issues with their service?

When customers have raised issues regarding their service, Ned Stevens has shown a willingness to rectify these problems. Customers are encouraged to report any concerns immediately, and the company aims to provide a professional response to resolve such matters efficiently.

What are customers saying about Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning
Kristian Serrano
3 months ago
When my gutters were overflowing and causing water to cascade down my exterior wall and into a window, I contacted Ned Stevens. They told me about their prepaid plan for quarterly cleanings and that they could provide next day service to resolve my issue. Of course, I signed up so that I don't have to remember to contact anyone throughout the year. They did a great job cleaning the gutters and my issue was fixed. During cleaning, they identified an issue with one of my gutters being slightly pitched the wrong way. The cost to fix it was relatively affordable. The only issue I had was that the crew accidentally left an opening through which a squirrel had entered and taken up residence in our attic. Ned Stevens was extremely professional and courteous about making up for this error. Our exchange was pleasant and without conflict, and they have earned my trust as a loyal customer. I'm glad to have hired Ned Stevens, and I definitely plan to renew my service with them next year.
Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning
Supreme Jones
a month ago
So, I don't like to leave bad reviews but I'm this case, I feel the need to do so. I had been getting my gutters cleaned for over 10 years with Atlanta's Best Gutter Cleaners, until Ned Steven bought them out a few years ago. Through the customer service I saw a huge difference with between Atlanta's Best Gutters Cleaners but I still decided to continue with Ned Stevens. And I schedule my gutter cleaning every year with them. In December they called me, provided my price which was within my normal price range. They scheduled the appointment for this month January 29, 2023.They came out to my property to perform the gutter cleaning but they did not do the work. No door tag or reason for not doing the work. So, I called customer service and they returned my call the next day. I was blown away at what the representative told me. She advised that the gutter cleaners didn't do the work because I wasn't paying them enough for the cleaning. Then she told me that it will be doubled the price. Then she began saying how I never got the small repairs fixed which was recommended by them. But the main reason for not doing the job was due to the price. Note: my gutters do need some attention but they are still cleanable. Secondly, I am not getting any cosmetic repairs done on my home by a gutter cleaning company. I will hire the professions for that type of service.The representative explained that they were not going honor Atlanta's Best Gutter cleaners price because price because they were charging too low even though Ned Stevens had been cleaning my gutters for years after they took over the account. As though, I told them what I wanted to pay! SMH!I politely told them that I will get another company to do the work and requested them to take me off their contact list. Because they quoted the price during the scheduling, they should have honored the price and advised that they will be increasing their prices during the next visit. I believe they are using subcontractors and not in house employees therefore, I don't want to use anymore based on that. Unfortunately we try to support certain businesses but some people don't know how to conduct good business. With this type of service I don't see longevity for Ned Stevens.
Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning
Rebecca Backfisch
3 months ago
Signed up for their regular gutter cleaning service. This supposedly included small repairs and notification of anything bigger that might be needed. I was excited to have someone else "looking after" my gutters for me after having basement water issues in the past. Unfortunately, on at least 3 occasions, they came, cleaned, left, and took no notice whatsoever of problems with my downpouts. On one occasion I called them back out -- they did come, and did fix the problem, thus the 2 stars instead of 1. But on another occasion they came, cleaned, left, and when I did a walk-around upon getting home from work and seeing they found "no problems", saw that one downspout had rusted through above the elbow to the point that pinestraw (clogging the inside) was sticking out all over the holes. The rust was bad enough that I was able to grab the elbow and just pull it and the last remaining pieces of metal broke off. Then I was able to get up inside and pull out about 2 feet worth of leaves/pinestraw. I rigged a system the best I could to keep it from dumping rainwater directly at the foundation (right where we've had basement water issues) and then tried to call. I got interrupted, didn't finish the call, and unfortunately forgot about it (remember, I wanted someone else to think about this for me!) -- I happened to be home the next time they came out -- they were done in under 10 minutes, said not a thing on the door tag about the issue, and left (with it looking exactly as it still does in the pic). This time I did remember to cancel my regular service, but now they call me constantly trying to get me back. Not worth the inflated price -- the one I was willing to pay only because it was going to make my gutters "worry free". {In response to Ned Stevens' comments -- the photo taken here was from April 20, the same day of their service call. The gutter looked like this BEFORE the call -- ever since I "rigged" it after the PREVIOUS call. I took the photo right after I saw that they had come again and noted no repairs needed on the door tag. Why am I just now sharing a photo from April? Because Ned Stevens has only recently decided to call me non-stop looking for my business, inspiring me to share the reason I will NOT be using their services again.}
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