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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Blue Ribbon Sushi?

Analyzing recent reviews of Blue Ribbon Sushi, it is evident that the restaurant enjoys a strong reputation, especially known for its quality sushi and considerate service. Customers repeatedly praise the authentic and fresh taste of both sushi and sashimi, likening it to the experience of dining in Japan. The restaurant seems to have attended to dietary requirements well, such as avoiding cross-contamination for customers with allergies. These practices have not only garnered positive feedback but also a recommendation for those with similar dietary restrictions. However, the reviews have identified some areas that need attention, such as the waiting time even with reservations and the physical setting, which has been described as cramped and in need of renovation. The restaurant also faces challenges accommodating all customers comfortably, with references to the lack of wheelchair accessibility.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Blue Ribbon Sushi underscores numerous positive aspects of their dining experience. Patrons commend the excellent service, noting that staff are attentive, welcoming, and helpful in making selections and accommodating dietary restrictions effectively. The high quality of food is frequently mentioned, particularly the fresh sashimi, well-seasoned sushi rice, and original creations such as the spicy lobster roll and unique tempura. The ambiance of the restaurant contributes to the authentic experience, with the minimalistic Japanese decor and jasmine tea presentation being highlights for many visitors.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positives, certain negative aspects are recurrent in customer feedback. Some guests have experienced lengthy wait times despite having reservations, leading to frustration and, in some instances, guests choosing to leave. Criticisms have also been directed towards the physical environment of the establishment; the basement setting is perceived as dingy, outdated, and in need of refurbishment, which detracts from the dining experience. Additionally, space constraints are a cause for discomfort among guests, particularly for those who are taller or of larger builds, leading to comfort issues. Lastly, the lack of wheelchair accessibility has been specifically highlighted, suggesting that not all customers can experience what Blue Ribbon Sushi has to offer.

Frequently asked questions about Blue Ribbon Sushi

Can Blue Ribbon Sushi accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, Blue Ribbon Sushi takes customer dietary restrictions seriously, providing alternatives and ensuring that menu items are free from specified allergens upon request.

Is a reservation required to dine at Blue Ribbon Sushi?

While walk-ins may be accommodated, it is highly recommended to make a reservation, especially during peak times, as the restaurant can get quite busy and has been known to be full to capacity.

Is Blue Ribbon Sushi wheelchair accessible?

According to customer reviews, wheelchair accessibility is limited at Blue Ribbon Sushi, and prospective customers with mobility issues may want to inquire directly with the restaurant for specific accommodations.

What are customers saying about Blue Ribbon Sushi

Blue Ribbon Sushi
Jason Blanchard
2 weeks ago
This sushi restaurant is phenomenal. Thankfully we got a table for two without a reservation. It was a Monday night and we were visiting SoHo and NoHo for the night. The appetizers, sushi, and dessert were excellent. It reminded us of a great sushi restaurant my daughter and I visited in Los Angeles. We still talk about the food at that spot and will now be remembering the meal we had at Blue Ribbon Sushi. I really appreciate how much effort they put into finding alternatives or letting me know what I could or couldn't have on the menu, due to my dairy, gluten, and pork allergies. After they pointed out the items that had those items, I couldn't believe how much I've been consuming them at other sushi restaurants. My daughter and I highly recommend getting an excellent meal here. The sushi is memorable. Dietary restrictions: They made sure that I didn't order anything with gluten, dairy, or pork in it. And gave my alternatives when available for items that would contain gluten. I felt great after the meal, no digestive problems.
Blue Ribbon Sushi
Stephanie Mujica
2 months ago
I went to eat with some friends and we received excellent service, the waitress was in charge of helping us with our order about which was the best sushi. The cooks welcomed us in a very pleasant way. We ordered sushi, my favorite was California roll and the dumplings were delicious.
Blue Ribbon Sushi
Nicole Louie
2 months ago
Came here for a late lunch with a friend and had a great time. Luckily it wasn’t busy and the staff were super kind and attentive. We ordered a couple rolls and also the shumai. It was all very tasty
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